Monday, January 24, 2011


How sweet is this? Susanne from has awarded little 'ole me with this 'Stylish Blogger Award'. What a wonderful surprise! Thank you Susanne:)
I am supposed to tell you 7 things you may not know about me, so here goes:

1. I used to own an Old Fashioned Pet Shop:) I sold lots of reptiles (yes,even snakes), birds and furry animals. No dogs though. And I only adopted out kittens to good homes. I used to own prairie dogs and a sugar glider myself:)

2. I live in an Antique 1700's Barn with Don and a bunch of pets (surprise) and love it!

3. I am a news junkie. I listen to talk radio all day and watch cable news at night. Love to hear other peoples opinions.

4. I am dyslexic.

5. I never run out of creative ideas and must always be creating something. Hence the never ending piles of projects;)

6. I actually flew a 4 seater plane TWICE  by myself  (with the pilot sitting next to me;) He was so excited I didn't crash the first time, he gave me another shot at it.

7. I am very spiritual. I think it has something to do with going to Catholic School;)

8. I have a hidden tattoo;) Yes, even Catholic girls have tattoos.

Ooops that was 8 but I needed you to know I had a tattoo;)ha ha
Well, I hope that wasn't boring.

Now I am supposed to award this Stylish Blogger Award to 10 people. This is hard for me since there are so many of you I'd love to know more about. So, if you are interested in sharing 7 or 8 things about yourself, I would be thrilled to read your post:) Please join. This was easier than I thought, and really fun too. (at least for me;)

DON'T FORGET : Tomorrow is BLOGGERS' BODEGA!!!! See you then:)


  1. Why am I NOT surprized at you owning a pet shop? Congrats on your Award ~ you greatly deserve it (especially for telling us about the tattoo) wooohoooo:)

  2. LOVE IT!!! And the tattoo part is so funny.
    Congrats to you as YOU DESERVE IT!!!
    If you get a chance, I'm having another giveaway, yep, my 3rd one so far this year.
    I'm in the giving mood.
    Hugs to you, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  3. Yes..the tattoo part is cute! Fun getting to know you! xoxo

  4. *giggle*
    you SO have to tell what the tattoo is now...

    I LOVE knowing these things about you!!! I have to fill my etsy shop so I can link up and not feel all "empty"!!!

    Now - tattoo story please....

    ;-D robelyn

  5. Congrats on your stylish blogger award!!

  6. Congrats on your well deserved award, it's fun to see interesting facts about all our Blogland Friends. Thanks for stopping by my Bohemian inspired Post... I'm glad you enjoyed those fab photos as much as I did, those are the images my dreams and inspiration are made of!

    Dawn... The Bohemian