Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Well, we had our GRAND OPENING on Saturday and was it AWESOME!!!
THANK YOU  to all of you who called, commented, emailed, and stopped by to see us! You have really touched our hearts. I haven't had a chance to email back on the comments or emails but know that I have read every one and appreciate it sooooooo much!

We LOVED meeting so many fun people! We laughed all day.  The feedback we got was amazing. We hope to keep a fresh look and always bring in interesting things for you. And just wait until the Holidays....we have such fun plans for the shop.

 We have had "MAMA" with us for all of our shows. She is our mascot. We stood her outside to welcome everyone:) Our 'greeters' Maci and Fibi  we so helpful:)
                                      This is the outside of our window.
 OK, I tried to take more photos of the shop to show it to you but this little sugar munchkin wouldn't let me without her running into the shot. Little ham!
 See?  We painted our 'La boutique' in the front of the shop.

                            Love our little BEAUTIFUL BABY BUGGIE BLOOMING CART:)

                               We served coffee and yummy cookies from the bakery next door:)

 Our counter is an old work bench. We prettied it up and it is perfect for our shop.

                          MMMMMMMMMMMM look at those cookies.

         Lovely flowers from our friend Linda:) Thank you Linda!

Hope you enjoyed our pictures of the shop:) Thank you everyone once again:)

'Till next time.....................
~Debra xxx & Nicole

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Hi everyone:)
Hope you are all enjoying the Summer. It it going by way to fast again this year or is it me?

Well, as you know Nicole and I are opening up our little dream shop, Maison St. Germain, La Boutique. It is VINTAGE STYLE WITH ECLECTIC FLAIR. We enjoyed doing it so much online and now wanted to actually open up a store front. It will be a bit more personal for us to actually meet our customers in person. Something we really look forward too.
We just love everyone who stopped in to peek and the wonderfully kind and encouraging words.

SO!!!!!!!! We will be having our 'SOFT OPENING' tomorrow on Wednesday!!!! AND our GRAND OPENING on Saturday July 28th 12:00!!!

I wanted to show you some more photos of what we have been very busy creating. Now remember it is only 640 square feet so we have to pack a lot of personality into one small space. We are so happy with how it turned out and it will be changing weekly:)

As I mentioned in a previous post, we hand painted diamond on the floor and used lots of color throughout the store. Oh, we still have 'whites' but with lots of pops of color:)
Our VINTAGE VIXEN clothing line too:) And vintage clothing, shoes, scarves...............Something for everyone. Nicole wears vintage almost every day and would be more than happy to help you with finding a great outfit.

Hats, mirrors, furniture, home decor and more!

We re purposed many things too. We just love doing that.
The men even have their own masculine area:)
We turned this antique crib into a settee with a feather/down covered mattress. Sooooo comfy. After working long days on the shop, it sure was temping to crawl into and take a little nap:)
                  Vintage hats, sunglasses and jewelry makes it a fun shop.
Kitchen decor and chic feeders. I use my chic feeder at home as a planter for chic-n-hens.
                        Isn't this oil painting gorgeous!!!!!! We just love her.
           An assortment of fabulous lampshades made with vintage trims.
We will have coffee and cookies on this great little white table on Saturday and hope you pop in to visit:)
   Hope you enjoyed the photos and can't wait to see you!

'Till next time...............
~Debra xxx and Nicole

Thursday, July 12, 2012


OK, OK, LOL I have gotten so many requests for photos of the shop! I just got home from being there all day and wanted to give you a sneak peak as to the flavor it will have. Very eclectic vintage, because that is who we are. So there will be something for everyone:)
THANK YOU for all of the encouragement and kind words. You are all amazing and we appreciate it more than you'll ever know:)

 Fabulous periwinkle pie safe with screen on all 4 sides and glass shelves. Soooo pretty! Kitchen utensils sit in an old wooden box.
 We taped up the windows as to add to the suspense of our opening. The front window will change a bit before we open but this is it right now. We have some other ideas for it. As you can see we are trying to pack a lot into it as it is only 640 square feet.
 Pretty lampshades anyone? A great cot for visitors. I have one in our children's guest room and it is perfect when all three of the girls stay over.
 Love this adorable cabinet with original paint. I would have definitely kept this one for myself:)
 We have lots of dress forms for displaying our wares. They are so much fun to dress up. Cute polka dot bowls.
 Can you see our painted floor????????? LOVE how it came out!!! Still have to put one more surprise on it.
We have two of these great swivel stools. And of course we have linens.
                             Lots of kitchen goodness!!!!!!

So what do you think so far? Love to know! Any suggestions? Our new friend and neighbor (who by the way has the best antique shop around) has been giving us some wonderful tips. She and the other neighbors in the complex have been the best!!!!! We are so blessed to be surrounded by wonderful people!

I will post more photos soon.  Right not I need to do about 5 loads of laundry!

'Till next time..................
~Debra XXX

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Hello everyone!!! 

I am loving Roses and milk glass these days:) Who knew they would look so pretty together.

 My girlfriend Robin gave me these gorgeous Roses. I have never seen Roses so ruffly. They make me want to go into the studio and paint them:) I just love them.
              And look at the color. Awesome! They got bigger and bigger every day. Truly amazing Roses. I wish I knew what kind they were because I'd love to grow them in the garden.
 I bought these pretties from my friend Joe and his family at Stormville flea market last weekend.
 They won't be selling flowers any more at the Sunday market because their business is so busy. I am happy for them but will miss them. Good luck guys!
                                                             They smell heavenly.
 I had these pretty milk glass vases in the guest room. It was time to bring them down and enjoy them in the kitchen. I arranged them on a large ironstone platter.......
                                                    and filled them with Roses.
                                 I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July:) 

'Till next time...........
~Debra xxx