Bloggers' Bodega

Bloggers' Bodega was designed 
for ALL our Blogger friends who have online shops 
and for those who love to shop them. 
It is absolutely FREE to join. Every Tuesday there will be a linky at the bottom of my blog post.

If you would like to join as a merchant, just add your site with a photo. 
Then just grab the linky code and post it to the bottom of your blog on Tuesdays. 
Your site will then be advertised on blogs
all over the World for FREE!!!
If you are a shopper, and love the Bodega- you are more than welcome to grab the linky and post it to your blog on Tuesdays as well.
We are positive that your fellow bloggers 
will appreciate your kindness and support!!!

Thank you to everyone who has joined so far!!!
We are so excited and have so many new and exciting ideas  that we will reveal soon!!
And as always, we appreciate your input :-) If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us!

Happy Shopping!!!
Debra and Nicole