Sunday, November 11, 2012


Hello everyone:)

As promised, here are some photos from our shop MAISON ST. GERMAIN. We have been decorating for Christmas. Yes, already;) This way we can enjoy the shop and when it is time to decorate our own homes we won't be stressed. We are even playing Christmas music. At home I don't decorate until the day after Thanksgiving. But in retail it is different. I don't really mind though. Christmas is such a beautiful holiday. The meaning of Christmas and all of the decorating that goes along with it makes me smile all season:) I can  never have enough of the Christmas spirit.

 Our shop may be small but it is big on personality! It is jam packed with vintage items and vintage Christmas. We have hundreds of ornaments, some vintage some hand made. All gorgeous. Something for every ones budget too:) The ornaments above are hand beaded from the seventies. Each one is amazing and unique. No two are alike. We loved putting up this vintage silver tree on a cornflower painted vintage chair and covering it with this fabulous collection.
 These one of a kind fabulous glittery red skaters came from Patrice of Sentimentally Me. Patrice turns everything she touches into pure gorgeousness!
                             Lots of little 'FOREVER TREES' from MAISON ST. GERMAIN. Some sit in vintage cups, others in vintage creamers. Always unique and festive.
 OK, who doesn't love a pink tree? Nicole decorated this tree with about 100 vintage ornaments. It came out so pretty you really need to see it in person.
 Of course our dress forms are dressed for the season as angels. This one has paper pattern flowers attached to her tutu.
 When you come into the shop, expect to spend a bit of time in here. You have to look up and down and under because we have to be creative about displaying things and work with the space we have. But that is half the fun. I know that when I go into a shop I enjoy just relaxing and looking for that favorite treasure to bring home. The thrill of the hunt:)
        The 'girls' all dressed for Christmas will welcome you as you enter the shop.
                                  Pretty pink hand beaded ornament.
                        Trees, decorations and candy mold Santas.
                                                         Sheet music ornaments

                                                     Gorgeous sugar wreaths.
                                                       Trims and pretty boxes
                                                        Doesn't this look fun!

                                              We have unique wreaths too.

     Look at all of the work that went into this one ornament.
                                          Will you be having a Vintage Christmas this year too?

"Till next time.........................
~Debra xxx and Nicole

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Hi everyone:)

Well, we had our first hurricane of the season and now our first snow. My heart and prayers go out to those who have suffered loss during these storms. We lost some trees, a fence and power for a few days but it pales to the loss that some people have suffered.I hope for a quick recovery for them all.

The weather has been quite busy here in New England. We only got a couple of inches of snow and it was so pretty. But I'm just not ready for it yet.
 I ran outside early this morning to shoot some of the snow in the gardens before it all melted.
      This is my favorite photo. Love the snow hat and scarf:)
 Under that snow on top of the pumpkin is evidence that the squirrels thought it was tasty. The took bites out of most of the pumpkins in the yard this year.
                My last 'pot head' that still needs to come inside so it doesn't crack.
                Our white bench outside of my little green house. 

This little statue has seen better days but I just think that he is so cute.  I will keep him around for a while longer.

                     Hope you enjoyed some snowy photos:) 

Next I will show you some pictures of the shop.We have already decorated for Christmas and are adding things daily. Our theme of course is A VINTAGE CHRISTMAS! Can't wait to show you.

'Till next time..........
Stay warm
~Debra xxx