Wednesday, April 28, 2010


As promised, here are more photos from our buying trip for Now all I have to do is put everything on line. 

This booth was owned by the sweetest woman.  She loves the color teal too! I bought some teal rick-rack from her. Oh that reminds me, We, Nicole and I are going to have a free giveaway soon. More on that soon:)

Isn't this a great chair? Love the color and the scrolliness of it.

A different color for everyone.

This booth was one of my favorites. Those bee skeps are very old, the owner told me.
How pretty would this be in a bedroom. Such a great color and detail in the painting. Someone is talented:)

What a cute way to display pins.  Although I just noticed that they are all bugs and some are spiders.  Would you wear a spider pin? I'll pass on that one.

There were tons of bottles.  I so want to try my had at doing something with them but I passed because the space in the truck was getting low and I had to keep my priorities straight. Like that FABULOUS LAMP SHADE I showed you yesterday!!!!

Have an extraordinary day!!! Thanks so much for stopping by, my friends.

"Till next time...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hello Everyone! Happy White Wednesday to you.  We just got back from a buying trip for (and me;).So today I am sharing with you some pictures from the trip. I will post more on Thursday.

The absolutely scrumptious lampshade was screaming my name and I answered YES!!!!!
                Just look at all of that gorgeous lace and ribbon.
It is in fabulous condition and do you know the best part? It was only $25.00!!! I danced all the way to the truck. It came with a lamp too but it is new. I will use it until I find the perfect vintage one. This shade is huge and I know it should be in a bedroom but thats not how I roll.  It is in my solarium:) I kept turning it on and smiling. I think my dogs think I'm crazy (since they kept following me into the room and watching me)but I LOVE it!!!!!

A gorgeous statue. No room left in the truck for it.

I had the wrong lense on the camera so the picture is very close but this is for baptising babies. It was very beautiful.

I missed my Fergie and this van made me laugh.

OK, just check out this ironwork.  Can you believe it?!!!

I am amazed at how work was put into this building.

Old bottles in wooden cases.

This was such a pretty booth. Lots of primitives.  I hope you enjoyed my White Wednesday. Stop over to FADED*CHARM to see lots of gorgeousness. I will be over to say hello:)

"Till next time....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Hello Everyone!

It was so nice out today that I snuck out for a little while to continue my garden cleanup. Here are a few things from the garden.

After this pretty bush blooms it turns to green and then has an apple like fruit.

Purple flowers on the wall.

I am not sure what this white tiny flower is called, but.....

it looks like a blanket of snow:)

Oh, yes, this one....this one just got done chasing a black crow. She is now in need for a 45 minute nap.


Looks like someone is already moving in. 

Waiting for the perfect tenant.

                                              Even the bees are enjoying the flowers.
                                     Hope you are enjoying your day.


Monday, April 19, 2010


I just love our little town of Woodbury, CT. I'm on my way to take a walk. Would you like to come along with me? I will show you some of the great places Woodbury has to offer.

Woodbury has lots of history. We are known as the 'Antique Capital of CT'. We also have some very famous Restaurants. Here are some places to visit.

We have little white Churches.

This gorgeous home is a real estate business. The owners have the flower boxes and front urns changed with gorgeousness for every season. See the tiny Christmas trees in the window boxes? Soon they will be surounded with lovely colorful flowers. It is one of my favorite homes to look at. The color is so beautiful and unique.

OOOHHH This is the Curtis House, Connecticuts oldest Inn. They have the most delicious food and the sweetest staff. They offer soup, salad, meal,and dessert for all one price. I have never left this Inn with an empty stomach.  The guestrooms all look original and are very charming.

This cemetery is soooo old. Some of the head stones are illegible. But it was very interesting to read the ones that were.

This is the King Solomons lodge. I was told that it was built by hauling wood and materials up all of those stairs to build this building. Amazing!

This great little place is The Red Barn thrift shop. Always a good place to find treasures.

How I LOVE this awesome barn!!! It is for sale or lease and if I could buy it I would do it yesterday. I have so many ideas for it:) This picture doesn't do it justice. It is built with old barn wood that is brown with red paint peaking through. Stone walls surround it with pretty landscaping and plenty of parking. Any takers?

Well, thats our little walk for today. I hope you enjoyed it. It was about 5 1/5 miles. We will all sleep well tonight;)

'Till next time....

Friday, April 16, 2010


Do you love pillows as much as I do? Whenever I am in a store, you can usually find me looking at pillows. They are a quick way to brighten any area.

I found these beauties at Home Goods and are now my very favorite:)

     The one in the middle is from Pier 1, the other two I made.

Cheerful pillows in our bedroom. Who wouldn't wake up in a good mood with such rich color smiling at them?

I put pillows everywhere. I love to create new ones. All sizes. I tuck small ones is baskets, on shelves, layer them against larger ones. I like to experiment with different kinds of fabrics and embellish them with the unexpected.

How about you? Are you a pillow lover too?

Have a extraordinary weekend!


Thursday, April 8, 2010


Do you have signs in your home? We do. Quite of a few of them I might add. I love advertising. Here a some of my favorites.
This one is on the front of the barn. Makes sense right?

This is also on the front of the barn. We had it made at a fair. It says 'Old Barn New Beginnings' in French.

In the nursery.

The guest bathroom.

I love this little saying. It is such a great saying to live by.

Oh, I'll bet you know who this one is for;)

This is a sign from my little pet shop I used to own. Some day it will be an antique. It was a fun little place:)

In my grand daughter's guest room. Yes that is Elmo.

I had this saying made for our bedroom. This is my favorite:)

What kind of signs do you have?

'Till next time...