Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hello everyone:)

Exciting news.......we got all of the signatures we needed from the town and today we picked up the keys to our new shop.
I took some before photos to show you how it looks now. We are going to make this space fabulous!

This is the back of the shop. Sorry it's so dark. We are going to start ripping up the old dirty carpet tomorrow.

 A better view of the back of the shop. Needs a little work doesn't it. Does anyone need a desk?
 This shot is the front of the shop. Just look at that great big window. LOVE it and can't wait to take down those curtains and pack it with vintage gorgeousness. lol
 The shelving will also come down. There is a lot of rug to be torn up. I was so tempted to do it today but we didn't have time.
The back of the door. We will paint it a pretty teal like the front door. 
So you see, we have our work cut out for ourselves. But boy are we excited!!!We have such a vision for this space and can't wait to get going working on it. Paint party on Saturday!!!!

Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes!!!I love you all, you know that. I accidentally hit the delete button on my Ipad instead of publish on some of the comments but read them all. You are all wonderful and I so appreciate you:)

'Till next time............
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Monday, June 18, 2012


Hello Everyone!!!!
First let me THANK YOU all of you who came to our 'Vintage Yard Sale'! It was a huge success and it was so much fun to meet so many great people.

We also got to meet Gio who came all the way from Ohio to go junking and stopped by bearing gifts! LOVE her!!!!!!! Patrice and Linda also stopped by:) Thank you ladies. You know we love you!!!!!

OK, Now for our latest caper.  Do you see that little store front below? Well that is the new home of Maison St. Germain!!!!!!! YES, Nicole and I decided to take the next step and open up our shop in in our town of Woodbury. We signed paperwork today and once we are done with technicalities we will get the key and start working on the interior. 
We can not tell you how excited we are to be part of this country shopping plaza. Not only is there a yummy  bakery and Chinese take out, but my favorite Antique shop "Farm Fresh Antiques" is there. 

I couldn't wait to share the news with you all. I will be posting our progress getting ready to open. We will be painting the front and door and also need to do a little trimming:)  I look forward to any input you may have. You know I appreciate your ideas. 

'Till next time............................
~Debra xxx and Nicole

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hello everyone!!!  

Don't you just love the month of June? I seem to get a new spark of energy in June. So I am going from room to room cleaning and rearranging things. You know how much I love change. And it is more fun to clean and change things up a bit in the process. I not only have a cleaner barn but a fresher look too.

 I love all of the creams on the sofa. The little table was once tall but Don cut down the legs for me. Lots of plants as always.
 I used a chicken feeder to put some succulents in. If you do this for the outside you will have to put holes in the bottom if the rain can get at it.
 I added this white hook hanger to display a wreath. And an oil painting I collected. Old tins line the back wall.
 I hung this architectural piece and added a plant. I may add another plant. Our comfy chair to curl up  and read in. As always, lots of layering:)

I use old handles as candle holders. Love the number tags that hang from them.
Nicole and I are having a VINTAGE YARD SALE this Saturday from 8:00-3:00 @ 139 Judson Avenue,
Woodbury ,CT, weather permitting. Here is a sample of what we will have. So far the weather looks great. It should be a fun day. If you're in the area, stop in, we'd love to meet you:)

So, what are you up too?

`Till next time......................
~Debra xxx

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Hello everyone:)

We are back from our Son and Daughter-in-law's (second Daughter) Wedding and vacation in Turks and Caicos!!!!!!! We had sooooo much fun. More than I can ever imagine.
 Marci and Deg got married on the beach by a Minister. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and so were they!
 I love this picture. They are so happy which makes me happy. That's really what we want for our kids isn't it?
 Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous, LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!
                                                         Proud Mom and Dad:)
                                                                      Marci's family.
                                                                     Our family.
 And let me tell you that before the trip I was not really a 'beach person'. But, this trip has totally changed me. I now love the beach. The colors of the water were incredible, the sand so clean. It was being in paradise. Walking up and down it every day was so calming.
 There were 17 restaurants to eat in. Between all of us we tried them all. This is one of them. Very romantic don't you think?
 There was beauty every where we turned. Our houseplants here are their hedges. Enormous!
 Our Sushi chef had everyone singing while he cooked. Delicious!!!!!
                                         I know.....breath taking isn't it?
      Bougainvillea of every color just drips with beauty everywhere.

    Fathers-in-law.  Can I just tell you how much trouble these two are;)
                               One of the places to stay on the resort. Just look at those palm trees and the color of the building:)
 Marci's Mom owns a florist and she has the best designers. These are actually silk and they brought them for the Wedding. They looked and felt like real flowers.
                          Another area to stay. Just step outside the doors and walk on the beach.
                              Ooooh and there was shopping too!!!!! 
      The staff was A+. The nicest people ever. They even  danced at the Wedding.
 No computers, no phones... I simply just had to relax, which felt a little strange at first but I kinda liked it. Brought a fabulous new book and some decorating magazines to enjoy. 
 We stayed in this area. Can you imagine waking up to such beautiful colors and gorgeous flowers every morning?

                                 Some of us played Chess.
                   While others swam and snorkeled. Lots of fun!!!!!
          Then there was volleyball. The staff against the visitors.
                                                                The Italian Villa.
 The French Villa. Nicole spent every afternoon here at a French Cafe drinking coffee and watching all of the lizards run around. I need to find one around here. I miss it!
And I leave you with this.......the girl can clear a floor with her dancing:) True story. My Daughter, love this girl!

Now that I am back I will be able to get back to blogging. I missed all of you! You brighten my days.

`Till next time..........................
~Debra XXX