Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Good Morning Everyone:)

I hope your day is starting off to be a beautiful one. Today is Bloggers' Bodega so grab yourself another cup of coffee or tea, sit back and enjoy browsing our fabulous shops:)

Welcome to all of our new advertisers and also to our shoppers!!! We are so happy that you stopped by.

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~Till next time.....................
~Debra xxx

Monday, January 30, 2012


When Cindy Adkins emailed me a couple of weeks ago and told me that she was writing yet another book, and she wanted to include Nicole and me in it, I had tears in my eyes:) Cindy is a best selling author (as well as an artist and designer) and the thought of her including us in one of her books is amazing! We are in very good company too. The other women she chose for her book are some of the most talented women out there!

Cindy has been a Guardian Angel to Nicole and myself. We are so blessed that our paths have crossed through blogging. Not only is she full of energy and super talented, you won't meet a kinder, giving and special woman.  She is a constant reminder why blogging is so fabulous. We are proud to call her our friend:)

Her blog features all kinds of free seminars and tips to help everyone who either blogs now or would like to start a blog. She is  helpful to so many people. You will immediately love her when  you read her books or blog.  

So stop over and check out her fabulous blog and her LAUNCH PARTY and to order this book, you can get it on Amazon. You will have so much fun!

'Till next time............................
~Debra xxx and Nicole

Friday, January 27, 2012


Hey Everyone:) 
In my last post I showed you my latest project. Well , I am excited to tell you that it is now done!  Although it only took me a day to paint, I had to wait for some label holders to come in. I am so thrilled at how it turned out!!! As some of you have guessed, yes, it is an old  counter with 20 drawers!
 I have wanted something like this for so long, but they are just so darn expensive. Just goes to show you that if you are patient, it will come. lol

Don and I were in an antique shop and I saw it and couldn't stop looking at it. I'd go up a few more spaces and then come right back to it. Crazy right? Finally I couldn't stand myself anymore and had to ask if the seller was firm on his price. Guess what, he wasn't!!!!!!! Score! So I took Don by the hand, lead him to it and said   "go ahead, talk me out of buying this". He is really good at that;) But this time it didn't work and before I knew it, it was being loaded in the truck:) :)

Next stop was Walmart for something Don needed. I headed straight for the paint dept. and picked up some 'Vanilla' paint and some brushes. It is really a pretty shade of white. All the way home I envisioned it in the kitchen in the perfect spot and what I would keep inside of it. I will now even be more organized.( I hope;) I am sooooo happy I could dance:)

 20 white drawers drying on my farmhouse table.
Standing tall like soldiers.

Dante could hardly contain his excitement.
 I put all of the drawers in and added label holders.
                                        And here it is!!!!!
 It is in a sunny window and my plants are lovin' it. The kitchen even looks bigger even though this piece replaced a small desk. I love when that happens don't you:)

Some of you may know that I make chandeliers. I hung this one to see if I would like it there. I do, so it will be taken down and repaired.
 It is raining today but this wonderful piece adds a bit of sunshine to the room:)
                            Look at all of this storage!!!
                                    An old wooden box holds some of my favorite plants.

                                                     I hope you have enjoyed my little project. It was a lot of fun to do:)
What are you up to?

'Till next time....................................
~Debra xxx

Monday, January 23, 2012



Don and I went to an Antique shop this weekend.  I found something that I have been looking for for a while:) I'm so excited!!! I smiled all of the way home.  I am working on it today.

                             It does need  a little lovin'.
                                        And I'm just the one to give it;)
Can you guess what it is?  These are before pictures. Stay tuned for after pictures:)
~Till next time.............................
~Debra xxx



Is anyone else having problems with their comment section. I can't seem to click on the comments to get back to people:(

Friday, January 20, 2012


One of the most fun things about collecting vintage items is how to display them. Re-purposing. Here are a few ways I have come up with to do that.
 I found this galvanized container at the market last year. I filled it with a variety of old bottles and fresh flowers. Since I love to have fresh flowers in the barn, finding different ways to show them off  is always exciting for me. It is so relaxing to snip the bottoms and arrange the different colors and shapes of petals.
 I love old cookie cutters. I also think they are pretty to look at when displayed together. So I used a very tall glass container for just that.
 Don't even get me started on tarnished containers:) You know my weakness for them;) When I buy them I usually give them a quick polish and then let them change over to being tarnished. These hold my old utensils. Just love them:)
 Who doesn't enjoy finding architectural pieces? One holds Rosary beads, one holds antique glasses and the other two hold small vintage books.
 I've shown you this before but it's worth another look. An old chicken feeder holds my Sea Onion plants. The way the bright curly tendrils climb up the side of the old crib makes me smile every time I walk by. 
 I keep my favorite vintage photos in a very large ironstone bowl. It is fun to sit on the sofa and go through them imagining what the lives in the photos were like.
 I stuffed this handled basket full of lovely pink and green silk flowers.
And last but not least, an antique bowl filled with mercury glass hearts. I fell in love with this small bowl with all of its crazing.

So, did you get any ideas? How do you display your finds differently?
I love sharing and being inspired by all of you.

One more thing. Thank you for all who commented yesterday about my kitchen. I tried to connect with you to thank you personally but there was a problem with blogger. So, Thank you!!!! I really appreciate when you stop by to browse and to those of you who leave comments:)

'Till next time......................
~Debra XXX

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Sooooo..... I was checking out Fifi's blog a couple of days ago and saw that she is coming out WITH HER OWN MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!! She even has a website for it: http://www.romanticprairiemagazine.net/ 

As if that isn't exciting enough, guess who's kitchen is on her header??????Oh yea...............MINE, well....mine and Dons':) It is the photo with the red and white painted floor. Can you tell that I am excited!!!!!! All I kept saying was "OMG"!!! Good thing Nicole was over to look at what I was screaming about because the dogs were looking at me very strangely;) WOW, was I surprised!!!!!!! I wonder if our barn will be in her new magazine?????Keep your fingers and toes crossed:)
Run over and check it out, it looks like it will be an amazing magazine. She is so talented and a really great lady.
Tell her I said "Hello":)

'Till next time........................
~Debra XXX

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Hey Everyone!

Just a quick note to let you know that Laura from 52 FLEA is having the best give away ever!!!!!
                     Stop over to her blog and sign up to win. She picks the lucky winner tomorrow!

Good luck!

`Till next time.............

~Debra xxx

Monday, January 2, 2012


Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

I am ready for 2012, aren't you? I'm so excited to see what it will bring us!!! You all know that this is OUR year, don't you?
I can feel it!
Can you???Already, it is turning out to be a busy year. But, 'fun' busy:) A Wedding, celebrations, and some exciting projects are coming up. It's all good.We wish you all a very happy, healthy and successful 2012.

 Nicole and I are going to revamp our Online Boutique, Maisonstgermain.com this year too. Even businesses need some fluffing now and then to keep things fresh:) Wait until you see what great things we have for you!
 Speaking of fluffing, I am all about that again. Since all of the Christmas decor is packed away, I am cleaning and moving things around. We will be in all Winter so a change is always nice. Plus, you know me, I am always welcome to change.
                      Love my Iron Stone and vintage alarm clocks.
               Graters, kitchen gadgets, silver and funnels:)
Why would a woman collect funnels, I ask you? LOL
 This fabulous piece was used as a horse feeder. That is what I was told. Not sure it's true but now it is a wonderful cloche, don't you think:) I had all of these great little whisk brooms hanging on my shelves. I took them down and put them on a tray until I decided what to do with them. But now, I kind of like them there. Don't you love it when that happens?

What have you been up to already this 2012? Have you taken your Christmas decorations down yet or do you keep them up longer?

'Till next time...................................
~Debra xxx