Monday, August 30, 2010

Hello Everyone:)
How was your weekend? We had a fun one....Nicole and I had a tag sale on Saturday.  Our goal was to make enough money to buy bunk beds for the girls -we did:) Then it was flea marketing on Sunday morning. Don and I took Stella and Maci to Quassy Amusement Park on Sunday afternoon. It is about 10 minutes from our home. We had a ball!

The first ride the little sugars wanted to go on was this. It goes way up then drops down a little at a time. Can you see the fear in their eyes;)

Don went on the Carousel with Maci for the 3rd time. This time she picked the lion.
Stella playing actress and throwing kisses to the crowd.

They drove a boat, flew a Betty Boop plane,

and road a big chicken!

Last was  the train around the park to cool off.
After riding all of the rides at least 3-4 times each we were ready to head home.
But not before some ice cream.
Hope you had an adventurous weekend!

'Till next time..............
~Debra XXX

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hello Everyone:)

I have been purging and getting things ready for a tag sale we are going to have this weekend. It really feels so good to get rid of things. I will probably have one more tag sale before the end of the season.
So this means moving things around for a new look. For me it's fun. One of my favorite things to do.

I wish I could find the 'before' photo of this cupboard when I bought it. It was so dirty and looked really bad. But  I saw potential and thought it would be the perfect piece to keep some of my vintage linens. I found the trim at one flea market and bought the cupboard at another. Love when that happens.Don't they look great together.  After a nice paint job I moved it to out 1st floor foyer. I love how it came out:)

I put my blue collection on top of it.

Added a basket of flowers.
I love this little sweet girl dressed in soft pretty colors. She is perfect next to the cupboard.

This bench is one of the treasures I bought from Maine. I was looking for a table to cut down the legs for in front of the sofa but when I saw this and it was only $25.00 I knew it was coming home with me. The old blue wooden box holds the kid's books, they love books like me;) When Stella was a baby and I babysat we would lay in bed and I would put the TV on a learning channel for her and I would read. She wanted to do the same. So we would lay there reading and watching TV and she still reads every night with a little flashlight in bed before she falls asleep. Nicole recently found a pile of books under her bed. LOL I love it:)

I decided to put my gorgeous millinery flower head piece on this bust on the bench. I just love this piece so much!

I bought this big brown and white bowl a while ago at a market. Sometimes the things I bring home have to find their own purpose. It is large enough to hold some of my books and look pretty all at the same time, who knew. Have you seen the 'Junk Books' yet? I have three of the collection.

Don bought me this fabulous antique lantern. I fell in love with it. It is just so different. Back in the day they would put wicks down those little shafts, fill it with kerosene and light them. Now, I know it is a lantern but wouldn't this be a great piece to put flowers in? I was thinking something pink:)
Well, I have to get dinner going  and then I'm off to price all of the tag sale things tonight, so I gotta go.Hope you enjoyed my post today. What are you up to?

'Till next time......
~Debra XXX

Monday, August 23, 2010


Hello Everyone! Hope you are all doing well.  Guess where I went this weekend.  Yes, the Madison Bouckville Flea Market. It is four hours from our home so we had to get up very early to get there when it opened. Here are a few pictures that I wanted to share with you from there.

Don't you just love burlap on this style furniture? I don't know what it is but it just makes me happy to look at it. Call me crazy, but I find such beauty in it. Enlarge for a better look.I could have a whole room with furniture like this:) Boukeville consists of   a huge field that holds many dealors, you have to pay to get into that one. Then there are more fields on both sides of the road filled with more dealors and those fields are free. Lots of walking,lots of  water and lots of fun.

This was such a cute booth. The nice lady who owned it was sweet enough to let me take some pictures to show you all.

She had lots of great vintage things, including photos which I bought from her.

Just look at this pie safe?  Why I didn't buy it is beyond me. It would have been a perfect match to our kitchen hutch. I think it is even the same color. Maybe I will see her at another market.

And, she had a pretty assortment of vintage lace. Unfortunately, she didn't have any business cards left. But if she sees this post she can always let us know how to contact her about any up coming shows she will be at:)

A dose of cuteness! That orange sticker says SOLD. I have never seen so many dogs at one market before. All kinds, shapes, sizes and all very well behaved. I discussed this with mine when we came home. They fell asleep.

Oh, and there was also this band. And boy could they sing. Always love to see the American Flag too:)
What did you do this weekend? Did you go to Bouckville this year? I will show you what I got from the market in a future post. I have plans on doing some repurposing with them first;)

'Till next time....
~Debra XXX

Monday, August 16, 2010


Hello Everyone:)

Hope you are all fabulous!  Don and I got back from a trip to Maine last night. My first time there and it won't be my last. Kennybunk is gorgeous, as are other parts. We went to some Museums, lots of Antique Shops and a couple of Flea Markets.  I thought this was interesting. In Maine, they don't use carts for flea marketing like we do. I had so many funny looks and comments. (Although it may have been the tie dyed dress now that I'm  thinking about it, hmmm) One man saw me and said, "I hope this is not what the future holds for us". LOL, but  I just smiled, strolled along and didn't have to carry a thing. I'll bet I started a trend and people are shopping for their own carts this week;) The people are very friendly in Maine. We met so many and can't wait to go back.

We stopped at a row of Antique Shops and as soon as I saw this shop, I had to going into it first. It's called Queen Anne's Lace.JoAnne Lynch is the owner of it and was the sweetest person.  She was kind enough to let me take some photos. She is the owner of quite a few shops and really has an eye for pretty things. I love the name and her red sign for starters! Look at how cute it is decorated on the outside!

Just look at all of the great treasures she has. Love the green table.

This white dresser was great.

Love the ladders.

It was such a fun place to look around and shop in.  I bought some vintage quilt squares from JoAnne to sew some pillows for Wait until you see them! So if your are ever in Maine, Stop by her adorable little shop at 1755 US Route 1, Wells, Me. 04090 and have a look around. You won't be dissapointed:)

Now one more photo, you will not believe.

LOOK AT THIS HOME!!!! And I wish I could have gotten a picture of the garage. We pulled over to the side of the road to take a very quick photo of it. (I wonder if they would have let me have a look inside:) Kidding!  It had more details than anything I have ever seen. Totally amazing. And the name of this piece of art: THE WEDDING CAKE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!

'Till next time......
~Debra XXX

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Well.....she gets covered with mud, takes a little taste and then takes a dip  in a nice cool river, of course.Mud pies are the best you know:) Wishing you a refreshing day:)

~Debra XXX

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hello Everyone:)

I have some exciting news to share with you!!! My son Deg and Marci called me this morning to tell me that he proposed to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I cried like a baby which would have been fine except that I was in the middle of the flea market!!! I wanted to tell every one there;) We really love Marci and am so excited that she will be joining our family (even though we  consider her part of it already:) They make the cutest couple! CONGRATULATIONS YOU TWO!!!WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

'Till next time....
~A very happy Mother in law to be:) XXX

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hello Ya'll,

Today I am joining Brayton Homestead Interiors for a barn chick party. We are to post pictures of barns in our part of the world. Now,  many of you know that I actually live in an antique 1700's barn. I guess you could say that I am a real Barn Chick:) So, I thought this would be so much fun! I love turning old items into something new so why not a cow barn into a home, right? I took my grand daughter Stella with me yesterday to photograph barns and boy do we have a lot of barns in this little town. Hope you enjoy our picks. Don't forget to check out Brayton Homestead for more barn chick barns:) There is a celebration goin' on there!
I love this pretty red one. It would make a great home.


Love how this hay barn has faded to different shades of brown and gray. Barns seem to look better with age, kind of like Barn Chicks, don't ya think;O

The inside of our front door. A huge key does actually open this door:)

Another perfect barn to live in. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to decorate it!

A Barn Dog.

This barn is actually this color and I love it, don't you?

Another Barn Dog.

Barn Grampy with Barn Baby 'Fibi Pearl'.
Barn babies are my ultimate favorite.

Vintage door knocker
I love this little cute barn.

I hope you enjoyed some of the barns here in Woodbury, CT. This is where I keep my Barn Chick Boots, green, of  course;)

'Till next time......Heeee Hawwwwww (not really sure what that means but it sounds fun doesn't it;)
~Debra XXX

Monday, August 2, 2010


Hello Everyone:)
Hope you are all doing well. The mornings are getting cooler here but the afternoons are still hot. Our wells and flowers are hoping for some rain soon.

Nicole and I are revamping MAISONSTGERMAIN.COM.  We are changing hosts and will be adding a ton of things once we are done. The NEW Site will be up and running in a couple of weeks. Right now our old site is up but you can still order from it.

We are very exciting with the new host as it offers so much more and seems to be much quicker. There is nothing worse when you are trying to upload a photo than to have it take 15 minutes for each one. So it was time to move on. We had a photo shoot with 'Big Moma' (above) for the site. Isn't she pretty modeling one of our purses? She goes to all our shows with us.
I wanted to share a couple of ideas with you, that anyone can do . Maybe they will inspire you:)  I bought this long piece of tin at Brimfield. It had hearts cut out of it. I hot glued a piece of lace behind it (because the fabric I really wanted wasn't long enough) and then nailed it to the front of a shelf!And now I have a one -of -a- kind vintage piece. Of course I did have to redecorate my wall again;)

I love these baskets but wanted to add a little girliness to them. I had some pretty millinery flowers and vintage lace. Just hot glued everything in place, added wide ribbon on top and really like the results.
This is just way to easy. I bought this plant trellis for $1.00,already painted white. I hot glued some vintage lace to it along with a millinery flower. Then I picked out 3 of my favorite vintage photos and clipped them on with old clothespins. Who said it had to be expensive to be pretty;)
This is an example of the pillows we will be putting on the site. Made of vintage linens. All sizes and all different. I love making them so there will be plenty:)

Hope you were a little inspired to try something new. I enjoyed creating and really appreciated my hot glue gun:)

'Till next time.......
Debra XXX