Monday, February 24, 2014


Hello everyone:)
I can't remember a time when I didn't collect something. When I was a child I would collect match box cars, rocks and leaves. As I got older, of course my collections changed although I do still collect pretty leaves to press in big books.
Is there anything more fun then the thrill of the hunt for different things to decorate your home with? Finding that special piece that no one else has. Something that you can not go into a mall and buy. A piece that will reflect you in your home. That's what I love about collecting. I decorate very eclectic. I don't want to have a home that looks like everyone elses. I buy what speaks to me. I want a me and hubby home.
This passion for collecting has not only excitingly  had our 1700s barn, yes we live in an old barn, to be published in assorted magazines and a book, but has turned into a fabulous vintage shop co- owed with my daughter Nicole. She brings her own style into the mix which is different than mine and so we have a very fun shop here in Woodbury, CT called Maison St. Germain.

 Here are a few of my collection. I wish I was a better photographer:) These are tiny books. There is something special about holding a tiny book in my hands wondering who originally owned it.
 They sit on a small green desk. That is one of the portraits that I did when I was doing pastels.
                              This is an old cupboard is hung and is filled with brushes, an old cigar box with nests and birds.
 This old pie safe is jam packed with frogs!!!!! Love them. Love the idea of them, how they were and are still used and the other things you can do with them. The metal ones are my favorite.

Suitcases!!!!!!! The things you can do with them!!!! I use mine for storing holiday decorations. And I love the way they look.
 I collect books, decorating and gardening are my favorite. Especially when I find old garden books. Our library is full of furniture that we either made or redid.
                           Vintage photos, many of my family:) Silver pieces and more books.

Oh do I love trophies!!!! And lately I have been hanging pretty plates. I'm not really sure who put the tiny trophy on the top shelf. lolo

 I believe I showed you this picture in one of my last posts. I collect old interesting frames filling them with architectural pieces. And love hanging old mirrors. I made the shelf especially for this space.
 Love collecting white vases. Bringing home fresh flowers and arranging them in one of them for the week makes me smile:) A box from Nicole holds many brushes. Do you ever wonder why we collect what we collect? I mean old brushes?????
 I don't like kitchen cabinets, call me weird. I love free standing furniture that does the job better for me. LOVE this old cabinet. Didn't do anything with it but clean it. I kept the original color. Why change perfection, right. The pie safe on the island is filled with all of my spices right at my finger tips. I store them in pretty vintage jars. The big white bowl holds some of my wooden kitchen mashers and rolling pins. All of our chestnut beams in this area of the kitchen are filled with dried flowers, herbs. So pretty.
                               OK, now many of you know I love statues and collect them, so here we go. This one is on the kitchen mantle.
 This one, LOVE the bee hive hat, sits on my library table that Don made me out of an old door.
         Guarding my cacti, wearing a vintage hat of course.
                           I know you have seen this one before but I'm sorry I just love her:)
                           Fabulous hat and old lace makes this statue that much more special.
                                         St. Francis watches over my fish pond and my plants.
                                                  CUTE! enough said:)
                           I love this bust! When I saw her I couldn't believe it. She is so beautiful!
                                           CUTE, CUTE, CUTE
                         Another favorite with the most gorgeous millinery hat from Brimfield.
                     Most of my statues are surrounded by plants, which is something else that I collect.
                                  This cutie is on my kitchen island. They are every where!

Also in the kitchen surrounded by plants. Look at those chubby legs.
 Vintage butter pats, Victorian shelf that is very slanted a piece of art done by Ronald J Sloan and another statue.
 Some of my white pitchers, a great bust with fabulous millinery flowers adorning her head. Those are some of Dons lanterns in back of them.
       There was a time when I was making tons of chandeliers, Here is one of them. I have them in every room.
                          More vintage photos and mirrors run up the wall from our mud room on the first floor of the barn.
                                 OOOOOPSY one is crooked.
Don collects lanterns and run the width of the solarium on the chestnut beams. That's my clock collection and architectural pieces and lots of feather down pillows:)

I hope you enjoyed some of my collections. What do you collect? Do you enjoy the hunt as much as I do. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!!!

'Till next time....................
~Debra xxx

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Hello everyone:)
Today we were home bound so I thought it was a good time to change some things around.
If you have been in our shop Maison St. Germain, in Woodbury, CT, you already know that we are always giving our little shop a fresh look by moving things around. Our homes are no different.
Can I tell you that this little black stinker, Finn, watches everything I do. It's like having two husbands. lol I just changed the settee a bit and of course he has to try it out.

 This is an example of what you can do with frames, mirrors and tin. I used to have game boards on this wall but this is more me right now. I made the pink shelf and added cream colored mirrors to it. You can see that frames are a work of art all by themselves. Add a little something in the middle and you get a unique look that reflects the things that you love.
                                                                       Just a fun wall now!
       I think children's little shoes are so adorable so I rested them on the shelf with small pretty tins.
                                                                      So old, so cute.
                               One of my heads with moss on her head sits on one of my beams.
 This is one of my newest paintings. We have some in the shop. and white collection of vases. I use them all at one time or another.
  Most of my windows have plants and pretty bottles on them. We also have pretty bottles in the shop. When the sun hits the blue and purple it is so stunning.
 I don't know why I collect the things I do so here is a collection of old brushes. I love every single one of them.
 Pretty and one of my favorite chicken ribbons. Stella, one of my Granddaughters collects ribbons with me . Have lots of horse ribbons in the shop.  We are looking for cow, sheep, goat,.......ribbons and it's fun when we are together when we find one.
                                   Here is one of my horse ribbons.
 I filled my old hanging scale with a succulent. And again we have one of these scales  in the shop:)
 French chair, fabulous red and white wool blanket, fun pillow, wooden box of candles and old rolling pins all in one place!
 Do you remember when we took out the cabinets and brought in this old farmhouse cabinet. I just cleaned it out and changed things around a bit and love how it came out. Favorite piece in our kitchen!!!! Those big chunky drawers are awesome.
                                  Ice skates inside of a wire cloche. The bottom is a wooden stool top.
                            One of my chandeliers that I created and my favorite  large statue:)
                                            A great wooden cubby filled with old white creamers.
                                                 Love this artist. All of his children are so beautiful.
             I have stained glass windows in almost every window. More fun bottles and plants.Love what the sun does to them.
                   Great teal screen door to my laundry room. I added burlap to the bottom. LOVE this door.
                       The smallest rack I have ever seen. I hung old doilies and dried flowers on it.

Stop in the shop and we will help you find some fun things for your home to make it 'you' and unique:)
Hope you enjoyed some of my changes in the barn. What are you up to? We are expecting more snow tonight so who knows what tomorrow will bring:)

'Till next time......................
~Debra xxx