Monday, January 31, 2011


Hello Everyone:)

Well, it's 'Bloggers' Bodega' Day again!!!!!This is so much fun:) Where Tuesday is dedicated to sellers and shoppers on the Capers of the Vintage Vixens Blog.  If you own an online boutique, etsy or web site advertise here for FREE. Add your site below. Grab our button and let your readers know so everyone can have some fun. If you do this it will be world wide and you only have to sign up once. But don't forget to share with  everyoneon Tuesdays. has a few great items to share this week with you.

                               Start your own suitcase collection!     
                Well traveled leather suitcase.

Pinstriped inside. Top unsnaps down.
Store extra magazines, craft supplies, holiday decorations inside.

We love this pair of wall pockets! Very detailed and sooo pretty. Perfect for Valentines day.

                     Gorgeous colors. Just looks at those yummy flowers.
Do you collect watering cans? You can't always find them with the spout attached. This one is!

Have fun stopping by all of our favorite shops below.
'Till next time.....
~Debra XXX


  1. Hi Debra, That wall pocket is a nice one and the suitcase has a great look to it. Have a great week...........Julian

  2. Hi Debra,
    How are you doing? Great, I hope!!! The wall pocket is sooo pretty and so is everything on here!!!

  3. Hi Debra, love the suitcases, they are so much fun to decorate with... and your wall pocket is so pretty!!! I would love to join in on the Bloggers Bodega Day, sounds like fun!!! Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Blessins~~ Daphne

  4. Thanks Debra for the link-up!!

  5. I may have to link up sometime -looks like fun!

  6. oooo, I'm loving it. I am still learning but hope to link into the fun soon. :)

  7. I do collect watering cans, thought I might be the only one lol! Have joined the blog hop too!

  8. Debra, I SO Love this Blog Hop idea of yours to support Artists and Biz Owners thad have fabulousness to offer! I'm like a kid in a virtual candy store each Bodega Day! *winks*

    Thanks for stopping by and I do Hope when you return from your Europe Tour you share some of the amazing photos I KNOW you will be taking... of the Architecture, the Found Treasures... and everything else that will delight the eyes! I haven't been back to Europe since the mid 70's and at that time, alas, I wasn't that into photographing all the wonderful things I now wish I had preserved thru the eyes of the lens!

    In answer to your question... the little one on my Banner Mosaic is one of my eight Grand-Daughters... this is the Grand-Daughter we're raising... along with her older Brother. She has 3 younger Sisters who live in Mexico with Mommy and Daddy and 1 older Sister in Spain who is Married and the Mother of our 1st Great-Grandchild. I affectionately refer to her as 'Princess T' in my Blog adventures... she is my almost constant sidekick and the event planner for most of our Mad Hatter Tea Parties *winks*... quite the Diva already at age 5.

    Dawn... The Bohemian