Thursday, November 12, 2015


Hello everyone:)
I am so excited to share with you some pictures of our third location of our shop Maison St. Germain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had our Grand Opening on Saturday and what a great success it was. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to share in the excitement with us.
It took us about 6 weeks to move and open again. Wow, were we busy. In our town of Woodbury, CT we have the best friends and business people. They would stop in to offer  encouragement,  help, boxes, coffee.....Thank you so much! The business people in town are so friendly and helpful. We are always sharing each others shops with customers. If we don't have something that you are looking for or want another great place to shop  we suggest other shops in town. It is a great community.  And family, well what can I say, thank you and WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Since this large space of 3000sq ft of fabulousness was so open, we had the challenge of having to make it warm and cozy. I think we succeeded to do that.  We had soooo much fun doing this shop. What a great space we had to begin with. Nicole and I love it!!!

 Of course, everyone who knows us, knows to expect the unexpected here. Lots of really different things and really great furniture.
                                        Fun vignettes, and lots of color:)
  Don, my Son Deg and friend Ryan built us a little village of a clothing boutique within the shop. Each door has a handmade sign of all 4 of my Grandchildren. We carry vintage clothes and NOW new clothing too!!!!
 We have many handmade items and lots of gifts. Check out those beaded ornaments and Kantha quilts. So yummy.  We need more color in our lives!!!!
           Love all of the fun colors.  It is such a happy place to be:)
               Oh no! an empty space on the wall lol I'll have to fix that. ha ha

 We love the industrial 10ft table and the armillary. We carry something for every style home. Vintage is a style that is so versatile. And Maison St. Germain does  ECLECTIC VINTAGE right;)
 We have a great selection of vintage furniture. Every piece is carefully picked out by us and made into a one of a kind treasure that any family can live with. We paint furniture for customers and we now carry pretty knobs to add to their pieces. One can come in with an item that needs a little love and pick out a color and new knobs specifically for their home. We love to transform old, outdated pieces into special pieces that have the great bones of the past with the fresh new look for today's homes.
                                                     Love that little farm table.
                                    We have a fabulous selection of hand made lighting!!!!!
 We also paint signs!!!! It is so much fun to design a vintage sign for someone and see the smile on their face when they see it:) And we love the photos that customers come in to show us with things they have purchased from us.
                       Excuse the broom lol . That is our counter enclosed with lace.

 We love to mix different styles to give an idea that it can be done in your own home. Industrial with cozy hand made quilts, mixed with vintage furniture. I'm in Heaven!
                 The Urban Bohemian clothing boutique! So much fun.                            A ladies dream closet!
                             Hats, gloves and scarves. We have 'em:)

Delicious cookies and coffee to enjoy while you stroll the shop.
I hope you've enjoyed seeing our shop. If you're in the area, stop in and say hello. We would love to see you:)
'Till next time.......
~Debra xxx

Monday, September 28, 2015


What is making you smile today? A few of my favorite things.

                      Books, books and more books. So much knowledge just waiting to be had:)
                                             Someone who loves me for me.
                        Our shop, always evolving and surprising us:)
                                   Decorating around the barn, comfy sofas and lots of books.
                                              Vintage furniture and pretty rugs.
                                                                Whites and silvers.
                                                                       Lovely art.
                       Cyprus and statues wrapped in pearls.

                                                                 Vintage  Prettiness
                                                                 Sleeping beauties:)
                                                               Decorating for Fall!!!
                                  Paper baskets and yo-yo quilts, so yummy.

                                                           Kids and pinatas.
                                                                       Memory making
                                                                     Sons with their sons
                                                            beautiful mermaids

Till next time.......
~Debra xxx

Saturday, September 19, 2015

OUR NEWEST CAPER and it's big one.

We have been soooo busy as many of you have, I'm sure. Want to know what we've been up to?????  Well this is our newest caper:)    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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`Till next time.....
~Debra xxx

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Hello everyone:)
I've been very busy working on redoing our mudroom. I have cleaned, deleted, painted and redecorated it and am almost done. I was excited to show you what I have done already. I hope you like it.

 This is going down stairs into the mudroom. I painted the top portion of the stairs a pretty blue. The bottom I had painted and plastered a while ago but I still really like it, so it stays. These are the original barn stairs. LOVE them:) I hung only my favorite vintage photos back up and gave the others away. That is a wool tube that was used to transport wool.
   I have collected over the years select mirrors for this wall.
                                    Another view looking up the stairs.
I love fabric and paper covered boxes. I only have a few, but they are enough to make a pretty display on top of a cupboard.
 If you look closely you can see that this great wreath is made of 100s of tiny paper flowers. It is really amazing all the work that went into this wreath.
When I bought this cupboard, it was such a mess. I saw potential in it. I added the bow appliques and painted it cream and blue. It now holds my linens.  The needlepoint suitcase in front of it is a new find. I have never seen one like this before. Again, so much talent and work. Love that.

 I found this fabulous piece of teal tin and nailed it to the front of a shelf for a one of a kind. Old pitchers sit on top while straw hats hang from the bottom. I am going to add millinery flowers and vintage trim to them.
                 A small bench made from a bed awaits us to sit and take off our boots.
           Fergie was supposed to be helping me but.......................
                  A wooden cubby was perfect for flower pots, some vintage, some just pretty.
My Granddaughter Stella and I collect ribbons. So far we have horse , chicken and cattle ribbons. We sell the horse ribbons in the shop. I love to read the backs because some have notes written on them by the horse owners or judges.

 The cutest size hamper. I decorated it with vintage linens, ribbon and millinery flowers. It is perfect for glove and mittens.
 This area is the last place that I need to work on. I hung the old tin that I bought from PA. It came out of a church. The armoire holds jackets and coats, scarves in the drawer. The wood on the side of it will become hand painted signs and the cabinet to the left will have to find a new spot or new home.
                                                  Pretty detail and knobs.

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for stopping by.
'Till next time.......................................................
~Debra xxx