Wednesday, May 27, 2015


As I was driving to work this morning, admiring how beautiful Spring is this year, I reminded myself, as I often do, of how blessed I truly am. I wanted to breath in every second of the gorgeous morning. The trees are almost through leafing, the flowers in the gardens are blooming, the birds are singing and enjoying my feeders. Just the perfect day.

 We spent the weekend at the lake.  There is nothing quite like having family and great friends to spend time with. Another blessing.
 This is where memories are made. Don fished with the girls in the morning and caught a fish right away.  We all slept at the cottage and were up very early. Don surprised me with coffee in bed and made everyone his specialty eggs and bacon.
 Fibi tried to catch a large bass that was protecting her eggs. The girls are growing like little wild flowers.
                              Teo was there to help them out if their fishing poles got tangled.
 Our newest baby love, Silas enjoyed sitting with Stella. He is already a little ham loving his photo taken.

 The kids spent the day in the lake never even testing the water to see what the temperature was. They just ran to the end of the dock and jumped in. lol
                     The raft was big enough to hold a bunch of them.
             My son Deg is a great Dad. He has so much fun with Si.
                                                      Maci, my little mermaid.
                        Liz is a great Mom too. So devoted and fun.
              Sara and Erin came and brought yummy smore cakes.
 These girls are making memories. They will remember the time they spent at the lake and how much fun they had.
Hope your weekend was a great one. We are all blessed to be celebrating Memorial Day. Thank you to all Veterans for keeping us free and safe. And also to their families. God Bless each and everyone of you.

'Till next time.............
.~Debra xxx