Thursday, August 28, 2014

AND THEY'RE OFF.................................................

Well, it was 'the' day this morning. The day that the girls went back to school and boy were they excited!

 Stella in the back, Fibi and Maci. Poor May got stung near her eye a couple of days ago and Nicole sent a letter to school explaining that she doesn't usually look like this, ha ha Poor little baby.

 This is the first year that they are in the same school so they will be able to see each other in the hall ways.
 Stella picked out this little summery outfit with boots to wear to 5th grade. 5th grade???? I remember cutting the cord on her when she was born. How dare she grow up so quickly!!!!
               The always in style Maci, picked out this pretty dress and pulled it off quite nicely. 1St grade this year. Stop growing!!!!!!
 And last but not least, Fibi picked out a blue fancy bowed dress for her first day of kindergarten. She was so excited!
                     Look at the size of those book bags. And they weigh as much as my purse!
 There is daddy walking them to the bus. Lots of kissing going around this morning. I think we even kissed the bus driver.

                                               And off they go.  Happy and laughing !

Hope you kids are lovin' school this year:)

'Till next time ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
~Debra xxx

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Have you ever gone to the  Bouckville market? It is about 4 hours from our home so we left the night before. We walked for miles to find treasures for the shop and for our home. I only took a few pictures, but you will get the idea of the fun you can have there.

I think these campers are just the coolest!

 Even the  tents were pretty. Lots of styles of home décor there. Prims, shabby chic, traditional, modern, industrial........
 This was one of my favorite booths. All of the things I love. And the woman who owned it was a doll. I think her name was Colleen.
                              Look at how cute this little bird house is.
              This picture is for you Nicole. For some reason my kids love him. She has even thought of naming a son Elvis.  My son wants to get married by an Elvis.  I don't get it but if it makes them happy..................................
                   There is Don searching for the perfect treasure.
                           I loved this as an island or desk. And that color!!!!!OMG love it!
                                                       A man and his cave?
                                 I started to notice lots of dogs. Here are a few:
                                                      So cute and adopted:)
                                                Another shy adopted pup.
                                                                       Oh "good sit".
                                                  Nice to meat you too:)
                                        Oh these two are always playing.

Some don't even have to walk. Boy they have the life. While I dragging around my carriage of goodies these two are laughing at me:)

Brimfield show is in a couple of weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can not wait to go.
'Till next time...........................
~Debra xxx

Saturday, August 16, 2014

A NEW GRANDBABY LOVE????????? WHAT????????????????????

Yes, it is true. We are going to be Grand parents again BUT this time IT'S A BOY!!!! Silas is his name. AND it is my Son and Liz that are having the baby (not Nicole).LOL
Doesn't she look gorgeous!!!!!! Just a baby bump. I  absolutely love her. She is the kindest, sweetest, most thoughtful, pinterest addicted woman I have ever met. And she and my Son are the perfect couple. I am so thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have never seen Deg so happy in his entire life. And that is what we want for our kids isn't ?it?

                   Kate and her gorgeous little girl. Robin one of the best friends you'll ever meet.
 Tony, Michael, Erin and more friends. I understand that his might sound boring to those of you who don't know them but I wanted to share our happiness.
                    Gorgeousness! There was a contest which was who could make the best onesie
 THIS IS MY FAVORITE BROTHER Peter  ( well he's my only brother ,BUT if he wasn't he'd still be my favorite. I was so happy that he came to the shower that I cried like a big ole baby. (So did he lol)
A few gifts.
                                                        Mama and Nicole.
                                                                       Sarah and Liz.

OK now I know you are probably wondering where my Son is. So am I lol I was sent a gorgeous picture of Liz and Deg but couldn't download it.

I have never seen two people more happy about a pregnancy that they makes me giddy. Deg is totally thrilled. They are going to be awesome parents. I love them both and couldn't wish more love, health and happiness and hope that they remember to keep a sense of humor because if this little angel is anything like they were when they were little they are going to need it. HAHAHAHAHAHAH

'Till next time...................................................

Friday, August 1, 2014


Hi everyone:)
You know how much I love to show you photos of our new shop. Maybe give you a little inspiration. We are so thrilled with our new space. Can you tell?

 Look at how pretty a few old bottles filled with garden flowers can make a table cheerful. So easy and such a great impact.
 OOOOH Look at the size of this moth!!!! He was huge and I think he was eyeing up our vintage gown hanging on the door:)
                 Does anyone know what he is and anything about him?
      We put all of our silver together in our teal hutch. Soooo pretty and some really great pieces.
                    Does this bench with the color I used just SCREAM to RELAX or else? lol
                   Of course we have a galvanized tub of fabulous goldfish. And boy can they eat! What a fun project to do with the kids. In the winter you can bring it inside.
 This is entering our shop. Yes we changed it already and hung lots of pretty paintings. Check out that wicker chair in the corner. With the right cushion I could fall easily fall asleep in it.
                      This bust was so pretty that I had to bring her in.
 OK Nicole ALWAYS wanted to have a disco ball in the shop and oh do we have one. I have never realized how large they are. She is hoping it doesn't sell. lol I have to keep an eye on her or she'll take it home.
 Nicole painted this awesome table. It came out great and has that wonderful bottom shelf too.
                                  Comfy pillows and a vintage kantha quilt. Does it get any better?
 Oh how we love these old ice cream benches. This is one, the other one we will work on when it stops raining some time next week. There has to be about 6 layers of paint.
                                                               Comfy and large
                                                   Plant markers anyone?
 This awesome vanity and slipper chair WAS sold but things didn't quite work out so they are now for sale again. Absolutely gorgeous.
                                                A man bust and his painting lol
                               Love this yellow and pink combination of color and design of this table.
                               Our crazy chair filled with pins surrounded by vintage jewelry.
We well lots of china. We are very particular about what we bring into the shop. Very pretty.

I hope you enjoyed my little tour. Have a great weekend. It's supposed to rain here but hope it's sunny where you are.

'Till next time.....
~Debra xxx