Monday, January 31, 2011


Hello Everyone:)

Well, it's 'Bloggers' Bodega' Day again!!!!!This is so much fun:) Where Tuesday is dedicated to sellers and shoppers on the Capers of the Vintage Vixens Blog.  If you own an online boutique, etsy or web site advertise here for FREE. Add your site below. Grab our button and let your readers know so everyone can have some fun. If you do this it will be world wide and you only have to sign up once. But don't forget to share with  everyoneon Tuesdays. has a few great items to share this week with you.

                               Start your own suitcase collection!     
                Well traveled leather suitcase.

Pinstriped inside. Top unsnaps down.
Store extra magazines, craft supplies, holiday decorations inside.

We love this pair of wall pockets! Very detailed and sooo pretty. Perfect for Valentines day.

                     Gorgeous colors. Just looks at those yummy flowers.
Do you collect watering cans? You can't always find them with the spout attached. This one is!

Have fun stopping by all of our favorite shops below.
'Till next time.....
~Debra XXX

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hello Everyone:)

Hope you are having a great evening. I have enjoyed all of your blogs today. For those of you I haven't gotten back to, I will very soon:) You all really make my day. I LOVE when you take the time to comment:)

Well, you may have heard that we got more snow. Yes, about another foot last night. We even had thunder and lightening. Now the reports say there is more snow coming on Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday! Seriously there is very little room to put any more.

 This is the back of the barn. We don't have gutters but were planning to put them on next year. It has been so cold that the icicles keep growing. I have noticed gutters on houses and businesses that were destroyed by all of the ice.  Maybe we won't get them after all;)
 This is the side of the barn. Can you believe the ice? It's a little scary to step under them while entering this door.
                        A man and his toy!
 He was outside 'playing' in the snow from 9:00 until 4:30 without a coat!
 In other news.....Fergie and Dante go to work with me every morning. They love it and so do I. They really help out a lot. But I have noticed that Dante has been making some clerical mistakes lately.....
..... Well, wouldn't you know it......He needed glasses!!!! LOLOLOL
                        Very handsome don't you think?

Have a wonderful weekend:)

`Till next time....
~Debra xxx

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


                      Hello Everyone:)

Well, I am unable to go anywhere because of the snow again so I have been busy cleaning while switching things up around the barn. It is a good thing I can work from home.Don't think for a minute I haven't tried the old "Traffic and the roads were terrible this morning" routine. It sooo does not work.

I am joining Kathleen at Faded*Charm. Check out all of the whites on her great blog.

This little cubby is just perfect for my small white pitchers and other ironstone. I am always fixing them because one of my Granddaughters insist on pushing each pitcher way into the back so I can't see them;) lol I need to get to the bottom of this and find the little culprit. Maybe I can get her to dust them;)
I found this large dough bin at Brimfield years ago. I use it to hold pretty white linens.
Polished wooden balls and duck pins in a wooden bowl. I like the look.
I moved my stack of suitcases into the middle of the room. I LOVE suitcases for their look and storage. Do you collect them too? The dress form is wearing a cheerful red bow for Valentines Day.
Oh, great tower of suitcases.......
I moved my favorite pink door next to the sofa in the living room. It's one of my favorite pieces! White, pink and chippy....just perfect:)
I have decided to store some of my Holiday Decorations in these suitcases. I am going to make some pretty tags to attach to the handles that label the contents.
                        Aren't they handsome?
We are expecting more snow tomorrow. How swell;) I will  have to get busy on changing the other rooms a bit:). I am on my way over to visit you now to see your pretty whites. HAPPY WEDNESDAY!

`Till next time.........

~Debra XXX

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hello Everyone!
Thank you to everyone who joined Bloggers' Bodega last week:) For those of you who are new, Tuesdays are dedicated to shop owners and shoppers. This is THE place to advertise your online site,etsy, or online boutique such as ours for FREE. Lots of fun for everyone. More information on this on the page below header. *****You only have to add your site once and it will be up every week!!! Easy:) But don't forget to share the news on your site so everyone will know and can join in the fun! And don't forger to grab our button.
 This week has the cutest pair of vintage blue French ice skates.
LOVE the color! I have never seen a blue pair before. Have you?

 Vintage 1920's beaded purse. Gorgeous!
Clock Topper. I have one of these on my mantel.
~Debra XXX
Don't forget to 'grab our button':)

Monday, January 24, 2011


How sweet is this? Susanne from has awarded little 'ole me with this 'Stylish Blogger Award'. What a wonderful surprise! Thank you Susanne:)
I am supposed to tell you 7 things you may not know about me, so here goes:

1. I used to own an Old Fashioned Pet Shop:) I sold lots of reptiles (yes,even snakes), birds and furry animals. No dogs though. And I only adopted out kittens to good homes. I used to own prairie dogs and a sugar glider myself:)

2. I live in an Antique 1700's Barn with Don and a bunch of pets (surprise) and love it!

3. I am a news junkie. I listen to talk radio all day and watch cable news at night. Love to hear other peoples opinions.

4. I am dyslexic.

5. I never run out of creative ideas and must always be creating something. Hence the never ending piles of projects;)

6. I actually flew a 4 seater plane TWICE  by myself  (with the pilot sitting next to me;) He was so excited I didn't crash the first time, he gave me another shot at it.

7. I am very spiritual. I think it has something to do with going to Catholic School;)

8. I have a hidden tattoo;) Yes, even Catholic girls have tattoos.

Ooops that was 8 but I needed you to know I had a tattoo;)ha ha
Well, I hope that wasn't boring.

Now I am supposed to award this Stylish Blogger Award to 10 people. This is hard for me since there are so many of you I'd love to know more about. So, if you are interested in sharing 7 or 8 things about yourself, I would be thrilled to read your post:) Please join. This was easier than I thought, and really fun too. (at least for me;)

DON'T FORGET : Tomorrow is BLOGGERS' BODEGA!!!! See you then:)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hello Everyone and Welcome to our first

Every Tuesday we will dedicate this blog to you: Sellers and Buyers. We are so excited about it!!! This is how it works: First grab yourself a cup of tea and sit back and get ready for some fun.

For those of you who have an online boutique, etsy, or other web-based store you can advertise here FOR FREE! At the bottom of this post you will notice the "linky". Click on "Click Here to Enter", fill in your store's web address and image. Then "Get the Code" and post it to your blog every Tuesday! It is a Blog Hop so your site will advertised on blogs World Wide!

For you who love to shop, this is where you will find the best deals and most unique things. From vintage to antique to handmade. Something for everyone and sure to be lots of fun. And if you like it... let your friends know :-)

Our site is It is an online boutique that my daughter Nicole and I run. We have so much fun with it and if you are ever looking for anything special, do not hesitate to let us know. We get around:) Here are our features for this week:

 Brownfield & Sons large piece. With its creamy white and brown tole this would look beautiful filled with fresh flowers from your garden.  Or fill it with wooden spoons for the counter. So many different things you can do with it.
11 x 11 1/2, 8" mouth. $45.00
 Small chip on top in back (see photo). Other wise great condition.
 Love the roses and the curled handles.
 Great detail.
 Sweet birds.

 We sell vintage and vintage inspired products on We have made these 6" button wreaths for it and an upcoming show we are doing. They are perfect for that special little place you need a little white. $9.00.

 This tray is just great! 9" x 15". Tile like, wooden frame and handles.Great for jewelry on the vanity or to serve up a little snack.
 Pretty rose:) $14.00
 We also made these pretty 4" notebooks. Just the right size to keep in a purse or by the bedside. Many to choose from. See our site. $6.50.
Have fun!!That's what Tuesdays here are all about:)
~Debra xxx

Monday, January 17, 2011


Hello Everyone:)

Just a little reminder that tomorrow is the start of
"THE BLOGGERS' BODEGA"! Tuesday will be dedicated to everyone who buys and sells. That means all of you:) Everyone who wants to join, just needs to stop Capers of the Vintage Vixens, to add their website, etsy or online boutique to the FREE LISTING and spread the word on your blogs. The more the merrier, right? For those of you who don't have a site, stop by to see' the cream of the crop sellers', get some great deals and meet some awesome people. It is going to be soooooo much fun!!!

Can't wait until tomorrow!

"Till then,

~Debra xxx

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hello Everyone:)

Happy White Wednesday! I am writing this on Tuesday evening and getting ready for a really really white Wednesday. We are supposed to get 1-2 inches of snow an hour, I hear. Also lots of wind and white outs. Should be an interesting 24 hours. Buy hey, this is New England and this is how we roll:)So you know what I will be doing tomorrow. That's right, watching  Don plow the driveway from inside of a nice warm home..............and then I will go out and shovel. Can't let him do all of the hard

 I am joining Kathleen at FADED CHARM for White Wednesday. Stop buy her blog and check out all of the gorgeous whites. White Wednesday is always so much fun.
 I dressed my sofa in the solarium in its winter whites. Cozy, cozy:)
 I found some time to spend in the studio and put this little hamper together with vintage millinery flowers and lace. Isn't she  adorable? Also making some other things for a show that Nicole and I are doing in a few weeks. Can't wait!
 White wings and ballet slippers. Sounds like the title of a song:)
 Love this chair (I have two). Bought them from Maine. I love chairs! Do you? I am always looking for another one to recover or paint. Always lots of room to sit around here:)
 This is the window I will be watching all of the snow come down through. Love old pretty bottles. The first one has roses around the whole middle. I have never seen another one like it.
 Have you started decorating for Valentines Day yet? I have;)  Just little touches here and there.
 Now, who doesn't love little well worn baby shoes? Too cute.
I have a few plants;) and am always rooting new ones. Even little sprigs give a touch of life in a small space.

Please, if you can, read my last post. You might find it interesting, it is short;) We plan on starting next Tuesday but am having a hard time finding the "linky?" Can anyone help and tell us where it is? It is a major part of our idea. Thank you soooooo much in advance. I appreciate it.

Well, gotta go and check on the chicken soup I am making.MMMM  MMMMM:)

`Till next time.......
~Debra XXX

Monday, January 3, 2011


Hello Everyone:)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope your Holidays were wonderful! Lots of family and friends fun here. And sleep overs too!!! Including a 'blizzard party'.lol
Last time I posted I mentioned that I had something exciting for all of you. As you know, Nicole, my daughter, and I own the on-line boutique; We sell vintage items as well as vintage inspired handmade things. It is a lot of fun and we really enjoy it. We enjoy the whole experience of buying, selling, creating and meeting new people. Which got me to thinking; how can we share this experience of our site with more customers and help other entrepreneurs  too.

Well, I am very excited to share with you that this is what I came up with: Tuesdays we will start posting just a few of our new products on this blog. AND I am inviting YOU to advertise here too for FREE!!! We will put a Linky up and a button and all you have to do is grab our button for your sidebar on your blog and add your website to the linky. It is that simple!  It is a win / win for everyone. Those of you who do not have a web site or etsy will find the cream of the crop here. Those of you who advertise with us will find the cream of the crop customers! I know how much advertising can be. I also know how powerful we all are if we gather together and share. And I am all about sharing:)

We all sell different kinds of things, vintage, antique and handmade so there will be a large selection, all treasures..I really think it will be so much fun. I know that we post our businesses on our blogs but sometimes they are overlooked. Tuesdays will be dedicated to selling and purchasing and just getting to meet new people. Lets make 2011 an extraordinary one! What do you think? Are you in??? We will be up and running in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned. I would love to hear your input and ideas!!!

'Till next time..............
~Debra XXX

P.S. FEEL FREE TO SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!