Monday, March 31, 2014


Come celebrate SPRING with me won't you?! Yes we woke up to some snow on the ground again this morning but the sun just came out so it should be gone very soon.

I needed some fun color in the kitchen so I went to my picked up these pretty dyed flowers. I collect silver plate vessels and arranged the flowers in three of them. I put them on the old French farm table and it looks so pretty. 

Love this color blue. Will have to incorporate that into my paintings.

                                       This Hydrangea is gigantic!!!! Gorgeous!
                          Yellow lilies also added just the right color for the pretty tea pot.
 You  know how much I love plants. That is one of Jennifer Lannes paintings. Soooo pretty. And I don't know if you know this or not but I love old cars and trucks. I had the most match boxes on my street and happily played with them daily. I saw this big truck and just knew it was coming home with me:)
 I wanted to show you this awesome handmade spoon chimes. It has such a soft sound. Lots of work went into this one.
                                                            Happy happy:)

                This is the little old stool that Fibi sits on when she comes over.
 The photo is blurry but look how much work and pretty fabrics that went into this little piece.
 More plants including Mexican oregano and a mini ficus and some of my kitchen collections. Also another one of Jennifer Lannes paintings. Just love them. They have such a charm to them:)
 The top of the chestnut beams holds some pretty bottles. That is a really old dish drainer.
Oh, I am so excited to show you this house plant!!! It is a succulent that has daisy like flowers. I don't have the best luck with ivy but this one is  a bit tough. So far so good.

Well, that is my spring so far inside. I hope it is getting warmer where you are. This Winter was a crazy one. So cold. I can't wait to get out into the garden and spruce it up it is such a mess.

What are you doing  to bring a little bit of Spring inside????

'Till next time.....
~Debra xxx

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Hello Everyone!
Such exciting news to share with you! You know when you follow a blog or read a book or see someone on TV, someone that really inspires you? Well Jennifer Lanne has been one of those people for me for a long time.  I have loved her blog ART ON THE FARM and her art for years. Her style of painting is the style that I totally love. And Guess what? I of course, follow her blog but actually got to meet her in Brimfield. My girlfriends were supposed to prevent me from making a fool out of myself but you know me, I did anyways. 
Jennifer  had 3 fabulous Painting classes that Nicole, Liz and I went to!!!!!!!!Oh my God!!!!! Let me tell you that she is not only talented and gorgeous she is the sweetest person you will ever meet. Her hubby was there too and they make the cutest couple. He was just as gracious.
 This is the third painting that I painted this past Saturday. She is the best teacher and tells you anything that you need to know. This is my first landscape:) Seriously everyone who attends her classes goes home with an awesome painting done by their own hands.

I have been working on this painting for the shop. It's a biggie. But it's so fun and cheerful and after this winter I need fun and cheerful how about you?

Since I am still fluffing the barn I thought I'd show you what I'm up to. Have I ever showed you this awesome blue screen door. I picked it up in PA. The other side is my favorite but we couldn't attach it because of the stairs. I put some ruffled burlap on the bottom and hung a great tin that I bought from Brimfield.
I was bored with my mantle in the library so I changed it up a bit. Not really sure I'm loving it yet but I'll keep working on it until I do. I made the tin shelf and added lots of silver plated things to the mix.
I think it looks to busy and that is not the look I was going for so I will be switching this up once again. Seriously, will I ever be done decorating....................NO!

This is the first painting that I did in Jennifer's class. I love it! Thank you so much Jennifer for sharing your talent with us.  Oh! One more thing, her home, gorgeous!!!!! is going to be in a book. Check out her blog ART ON THE FARM for more info. I already pre-ordered mine from Amazon:)
Love this wire rack!!! Not sure if I showed it to you or not. It holds linens and iron stone. The wood on the side of it will become paintings or signs.
                     More fluffin' in the library! This was one of the first chairs that I recovered.
I'm not sure if I showed you this piece either, I should really go back and reread my blog before I post again. lol Anyway  It's not that old but I painted it for Don so he could put his secret recipe chili spices and his home brew equipment in it. He is a home brewer and I heard it's pretty good. I don't drink so I'll just have to take his word on that. Anyway it is the perfect piece for that place and sometimes it just feels good painting something for our home because I am always painting for the shop.

Yeaaaaa, my African Violets are starting to bloom. I collect old Hull and McCoy to put my plants in.
I do joke about our new table cloth being a drop cloth but it is actually true. I have been painting so much lately. And Finn must have been a painter in his last life because he can watch me for hours:)

Hope you are all having a great week. It's back to the shop tomorrow.

'Till next time................................................
Debra XXX

Monday, March 3, 2014


Remember my pink Christmas tree that became my Valentines day tree? Well Fibi and I decided that it should be our Easter tree too. I know it's a little early but if we didn't do itnow it would never get done.
                      Fibi decorated the whole tree and did a great job.
                             Making sure that every egg had it's special place on it's limb.
                                It makes the space look so Springish.
                       I bought these faux chocolate bunnies from Home Goods.
                     Feebs added some pretty eggs at the bottom of the urn.
                And of course an Easter bunny bonnet tops the tree:)
                           But not after she tried it on herself:)

Thank you Fibi, You did a fantabulous job!!! I just know that the Easter Bunny is going to love it:)

'Till next time....................................
~Debra xxx