Wednesday, January 26, 2011


                      Hello Everyone:)

Well, I am unable to go anywhere because of the snow again so I have been busy cleaning while switching things up around the barn. It is a good thing I can work from home.Don't think for a minute I haven't tried the old "Traffic and the roads were terrible this morning" routine. It sooo does not work.

I am joining Kathleen at Faded*Charm. Check out all of the whites on her great blog.

This little cubby is just perfect for my small white pitchers and other ironstone. I am always fixing them because one of my Granddaughters insist on pushing each pitcher way into the back so I can't see them;) lol I need to get to the bottom of this and find the little culprit. Maybe I can get her to dust them;)
I found this large dough bin at Brimfield years ago. I use it to hold pretty white linens.
Polished wooden balls and duck pins in a wooden bowl. I like the look.
I moved my stack of suitcases into the middle of the room. I LOVE suitcases for their look and storage. Do you collect them too? The dress form is wearing a cheerful red bow for Valentines Day.
Oh, great tower of suitcases.......
I moved my favorite pink door next to the sofa in the living room. It's one of my favorite pieces! White, pink and chippy....just perfect:)
I have decided to store some of my Holiday Decorations in these suitcases. I am going to make some pretty tags to attach to the handles that label the contents.
                        Aren't they handsome?
We are expecting more snow tomorrow. How swell;) I will  have to get busy on changing the other rooms a bit:). I am on my way over to visit you now to see your pretty whites. HAPPY WEDNESDAY!

`Till next time.........

~Debra XXX


  1. Debra, enjoyed the photos. I see you love the old suitcases too. That old seedbox is pretty cool. Of course I love the chippy old door. Guess you will have snow a while ,so enjoy your great house. judy

  2. Debra
    so sorry you are stuck inside. I really love the suitcases as well. They sure make a statement don't they. Stay warm and healthy. Oh btw the way love your new blog look!

    Happy WW

  3. I love old suitcases stacked- yours look great!

  4. I LOVE that stack of old suitcases! I have a few myself. They are getting almost impossible to find at the thrift anymore. Your dress form looks cute too!


  5. Hi Debra,
    Your photos are just fabulous!!! I am in love with your vintage suitcases and your dress form. They look wonderful displayed all together!
    I love vintage suitcases too, but your collection is awesome!
    Have a lovely day.

  6. wow, I only have a few, yours are gorgeous!!!

  7. The snow may not be swell but these suitcases surely are! Lusting after big time....


  8. Oh I love the suitcases....all the pictures and
    your Blog!

    Flora Doora

  9. Debra, I really enjoyed seeing your pictures. I love all your vintage items, your living room looks so nice and cozy!

  10. Great bunch of suitcases! They are fabulous for holding all sorts of stuff that needs to be stored! Only problem for me, I forget whats in what suitcase! Then I have to go through everyone of them to find what I'm looking for! I highly recommend some kind of labels!

  11. We haven't gotten snowed in yet but it is still early enough in winter for that to happen! Hope you get out and about soon!

    I really loved looking at all of your pictures. What a great collection of suitcases you have! I don't collect room, but I love seeing them and thinking of all the far off places they have traveled to! Good idea to store the Christmas stuff in them!

    Hope your week is going well in spite of the weather! :-)


  12. Hey you little house-bound friend...if I was to be snow-bound, I would want to do it in your beautiful place! I would somehow figure out a way to get some of those awesome suitcases into my car without you noticing.
    The picture of your tower is wonderful Debra. Such an awesome I just wish I was there to take a shot of you, taking the shot of them.
    hugs to you...

  13. Love love love the suitcases. Found you via Miss Mustard Seed.

  14. Great shot of those suitcases! Sometimes you have to get in weird positions to get a cool one.
    Yes the snow postponed my appt today.....darn and I hadn't chickened out! going tomorrow.....but it's going to snow again!

  15. I wish that I had a collection of old suitcases like yours! They are wonderful and look perfect in your home. I love the mannequin too.

    Stay warm and snug.


  16. Hey missy.....those photos today are too divine!!



  17. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this stack of suitcases...fabulous pictures--and so vintage!!!

  18. I'm loving your suitcases, and even better - my husband was sitting next to me while I was reading your post - I showed him that there are lots of people who have more suitcases than I do! -diane

  19. Love the it all so much I'm your latest happy follower!

  20. I love your suitcases. I stack mine and right now they store my seashell and summer accessories for decorating. I also stack vintage picnic baskets for storage. They are great for storing linens and extra pictures. Thanks for sharing your great post today. The snow here has set things at a slow pace here too. ~~Sherry~~

  21. GORGEOUS!!!!! Love the suitcase tower :)

  22. Loooove your 'tower' of old suitcases!!! If I collect them?? Definitely!!;))
    I adore your ironstone pieces, please don't ask my hubby if I collect them too ;) Your studio looks amazingly beautiful!
    Thanks for visiting,

  23. love it all!!!!! i am stuck in the snow too, but without a creative thought in site...haha. i'm busy preparing taxes (who knew they would be this hard), homeschooling kids that have been out of public school for over a week now, yelling at kids that won't listen, cooking, doing dishes, washing clothes, picking up polly pockets and dirty socks, and not having fun playing house!!! lol!! i know...i should go play in the snow with the kids, but i'm too cold. haha.
    enjoy your sweet house. i TOTALLY LOVE IT. i love that pink door and those suitcases are great. i have a bunch too, but my family complains they are in the way....oh well....
    thanks for sharing the inside of your home. i love your decor and posts about it!!!!!
    take care and stay warm.

  24. What a beautiful blog! I love that stack of suitcases. I used to see them all the time when I didn't want one. Now that I want some, I can never find them! LOL

  25. I love the vintage suitcases - all the variety of colors and stripes and handles - very cute! They evoke travel and adventure in vintage style.

  26. Ohh... so pretty...I love cubbies...I love perfect together! And what a great idea to put christmas stuff in the suitcases...i love them too:)