Monday, December 9, 2013

OHHHH it's beginning to look a lot like Chrismas.....

Every where you go.......lalalalalalalalalalal

Well, we finally got our tree and it's up and decorated! We went to a great tree farm here in town and had SO MUCH FUN!!! Deg and Liz came along to find the  12 footer of their dreams.

Here if the tree whisperer ready to cut down our blue spruce Charlie brown tree:)
                              You go whisperer, you go. ha ha
 Done! just like that. It only took us about 8 minutes to find the perfect one. We like the skimpy old fashioned ones these days. We used to get the fullest we could find, one actually looked round, but we are loving the simpler ones lately. It reminds me of what people may have had way back when, when their weren't Christmas farms or were there always Christmas farms? Hmmmmm
 Here is the 12 footer the Liz and Deg found. It is really gorgeous!
                                  Look who has the saw. lol
                                     Oh, what a gentleman.
 It wasn't an easy fit on the cart because it was so big. It was lots of fun seeing the trees that people picked. I am sure that people were laughing at ours. But I love it.

                                  Just look at the bottom of their tree!

 This year Don took over putting the lights and decorations on the live tree. I was so happy as I am not really good at decorating live trees. So! I went around the house adding other trees and decorations. I thought I'd share some with you:) Love this cute little pink tree. Decorated all in silver and set in an urn set next to a huge mercury glass acorn.
                                 So pretty:) see I told you that I like skimpy trees.
                                    These were set inside of the urn at the base of the tree. Lots of sparkly ornaments.

                                           And of course a sparkly high heel.
 These are some of my bottle brush trees. They sit on top of an antique bakery display case on my kitchen island.
 This is my mantle in the kitchen. Don surprised me with a huge tray of pointsetias this year.
    I redid this chair a few  months back and decided to keep it. LOVE it. The Santa pillow is from my dear friend Robin. Very talented lady;)
 Most of you know that I have many statues in the barn. This is one of them in the kitchen. So cute.
 Here is another one. This one sits on my island too. She is decorated like this year round.
 I love cars and trucks.
always have. I used to have the most matchbox cars on the street when I was growing up. I would sit for hours playing with them. I bought this old truck a couple of weeks ago and knew I would put a Christmas tree in it. You may see this truck in some of my  future paintings:)
 OK, this is my very favorite tree. I bought it in MA years back at a craft show. It is so primitive and beautiful to me.
 You remember this chair that I redid. Well this year it sits by the Christmas tree waiting for Santa to take a rest in.

 I like white lights, Don likes colored lights, so this year I said the tree is all yours do what you ever you'd like and of course he did colored lights. He really does such a pretty job.
 This is his stocking from when he as a child. It says Donald on it. So happy that we still have it.

The dress forms have wings.

 This is the only live tree that I have decorated this year. I saw it at Stop and Shop and thought it was adorable. I did it in mostly golds, but fun ornaments at that.
                          This is the tree topper. Isn't she lovely?

                                                                Too cute!
 Here is my newest statue. She is quite large and I adore her. I fell in love as soon as I saw her and couldn't find out the price quick enough.
 I draped her with a long strand of  antique mercury glass beads.

                                                More of my bottle brush trees.
 This tree is in the library.  I still need to find some more old teal and blue bulbs to put on it.
                                                                  Don's tree.
                                     We need to add a tree skirt.

          OMG!!!! is this not the cutest tiny chair you have ever seen. Little mittens, bloomers and a santa hat makes it a perfect display.
                              Paper Whites!!!! The more the better I say!

I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season. We had a dusting of snow today. Still have Christmas shopping to do............You all know what I mean.

I should be able to blog more now. So happy about that:) Miss talking to you all. Enjoy your week.

"Till next time.......................
Debra XXX

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Hello everyone:)
Maison St. Germain has just celebrated its 1 year anniversary!!! I can't believe how fast it came. In fact, isn't this year flying by?
Our little 640 square foot shop may be small in size but it is big in personality and vintage goodies! Our FABULOUS customers know the routine when they come in to shop. Look up, under and over. One must walk around the shop several times as to not miss a single treasure since we bring in new stock every week:)AND speaking of FABULOUS customers, OMG do we love ours!!!!!!! Seriously, we have met the sweetest people. Some who have become dear friends already. We are truly blessed to have you visit us and to share in the excitement of everyday life and decorating. Thank you!
For those of you who not yet stopped in to check us out, I wanted to show you who we are with some pictures of the shop. Warning, there are quite a few pictures:)
When Nicole and I decided to open up a store front we wanted three things. One to have things in every price range. For everyone who comes in to be able to buy something and leave with a smile. Two, to be true to our style. No copying everyone else. WE LOVE VINTAGE and only bring in what we would put in to our own homes .We don't want to sell what the next shop sells because the there is no individuality in that and anyway we love our style and our customers seem to too:)
And three, be a friendly shop, one where people can just stop in to say hello and many of you do .Love it. One sweet woman came in one rainy day and said that she came in for some sunshine!!! She made my day:) We love meeting new people from here and out of state, even have had people from other countries visit us.
Oh and one more thing...we wanted to re purpose things to make them unique and given a new purpose in life.
So far, we believe that we have been true to these ideas. We hope you believe we have too.

We love chairs and redoing them too. Look at these beauties:) Painted our favorite 'vintage' colors and recovered. LOVE!

                                          Always lots of yummy vintage colors are always found here:)
                                                     Yes, there is a vanity under there.
Our little helper, Stella loves to help arrange the jewelry. Love you baby doll:)

OOOH This is our feed sack collection!!! While most people are sleeping at 3 a.m. I am creating:) "Hey, why don't we do a feed sack collection of furniture and accessories", I ask Nicole. "Sure" she says with a smile. (Love her) and we spend our entire 1/2 day off creating this!

                        AND it was so much fun to put together:)
We sell gorgeous vintage quilts handmade from vintage Sarees as well as hand stitched and beaded pillows. Nicole also sells them wholesale. If anyone is interested in buying wholesale for your shop just pop us over an email.
We love putting together gift baskets for weddings, birthdays......What better a gift than a hand picked vintage one, right? Very thoughtful and the receiver of the gift will always remember your kindness when using your special gift.

                         Spanish, painted  scones with crystals. Love this color.

We even carry vintage hats, purses and shoes.

                                                                Hand stitched quilts.

Love the color of this door. Wouldn't it make a fabulous table????? Also adore this cute dog sign.
These hand knitted wash clothes made by "The Crazy Aunt' are very popular and I know why....they are great. I have one. Not only are they pretty and usable, you can put them right into the dishwasher with the dishes.
                           Pretty dishes, all sizes and fun shapes too.
A vintage plant stand turned ice bucket holder. Would be great for a romantic picnic, no?
                                  Buckets, buckets, buckets...........................
                                               Pretty pink and white striped carrying case.

                                   Fun hand painted boxes hold so many things.............................

              Yes, yes, I know it's packed but I promise you, you can walk around;)
                          So many fun things. I just love our shop!!!!!

                               We hang little chairs on the wall as shelves. So cute and fun.
We have burlap bags!!! I will do a whole blog on the things we have made with them. The ideas are endless! Stop in and we'll chat.

Great market bags. Come in and say you read this blog and get one for $20.00!

Vintage clothes! We only buy clothes that one can actually wear now. Lots to choose from with great prices.

Since Don and I bought our little cottage, I have been eyeing these fish dishes:) Imagine setting a table with these????? Now that can be a lot of fun!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little tour. Thanks for letting me share.Believe it or not there is more, but you will have to come in to see it for yourself. I have to keep some suspense you know;)

'Till next time..................
~Debra xxx
Thank you Nicole!!!Wouldn't want to do this without you. We make a pretty good team don't we:)