Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hello Everyone:)

Hope you are having a great evening. I have enjoyed all of your blogs today. For those of you I haven't gotten back to, I will very soon:) You all really make my day. I LOVE when you take the time to comment:)

Well, you may have heard that we got more snow. Yes, about another foot last night. We even had thunder and lightening. Now the reports say there is more snow coming on Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday! Seriously there is very little room to put any more.

 This is the back of the barn. We don't have gutters but were planning to put them on next year. It has been so cold that the icicles keep growing. I have noticed gutters on houses and businesses that were destroyed by all of the ice.  Maybe we won't get them after all;)
 This is the side of the barn. Can you believe the ice? It's a little scary to step under them while entering this door.
                        A man and his toy!
 He was outside 'playing' in the snow from 9:00 until 4:30 without a coat!
 In other news.....Fergie and Dante go to work with me every morning. They love it and so do I. They really help out a lot. But I have noticed that Dante has been making some clerical mistakes lately.....
..... Well, wouldn't you know it......He needed glasses!!!! LOLOLOL
                        Very handsome don't you think?

Have a wonderful weekend:)

`Till next time....
~Debra xxx


  1. Your Shep looks so cute with the glasses. I like the pictures of the icicles - pretty!


  2. YOur dog with the glasses looks so cool-wish mine would let me do things like that!

  3. Those ice daggers look lethal, be careful walking under them! We have heard all about your weather and I feel for you. At least your hubby is having fun!

    Your dog is precious...he looks like a little old man!


  4. LOVE THE GLASSES!!!! That is the best picture ever!!!! You have to submit it somewhere!!!!
    Happy New Weekend, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters and sick n tired of being sick n tired of the snow)

  5. So much snow!! Watch out for those icicles! They really hurt when they fall and hit you (known from experience)!!!

    Stay warm!


  6. We're in CO, but our winter is nothing like yours right now! About your Euro trip - I pack as much as I can into suitcases and the rest is mailed (ouch). When they go through my stuff in customs it's always funny - underwear stuffed into tea cups - whatever works! You can always pay to have an extra suitcase and that is totally worth it to me - much cheaper than int'l shipping costs! Hope this helps! -diane

  7. Those photo's of the barn are amazing. We are getting the same weather forecast here in Va. that you have in Ct. We do not have as much on the ground right now as you do. I guess we missed the bullet on some of the storms. I love the picture of Dante in glasses. Priceless!!! You must send that photo somewhere to be seen by many. Thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comments. Enjoy the weekend. ~~Sherry~~

  8. Wow! That's a ton of snow! We've had several snows, nothing that large though! While the snow is so beautiful, I get tired of it very quick! Craig was outside standing in the snow stripping furniture a couple of days ago! It was a funny sight! Wish I would have taken a picture! We only have 8 weeks before our next show and we need to work outside! Glad you have someone to work with you!

  9. Oh my...oh my...this was so much fun!! I mean first a barn with so much snow (come this really Hollywood snow?!). I felt like I was in Little House on the Prairie! But to end it with that gorgeous German Shepherd with Glasses!!! Fabulous picture!! Dante is absolute perfection!! I have been blessed to share my life with two German Shepherds... just lost the second one to cancer last summer...dear Harry... miss him so much... But we have our little Edward cat now...Hummm, I wonder if he needs reading glasses? :)
    Thanks for this!

  10. Don't envy you for all the snow! It is a lot of work... but fun for the kiddies and puppies.
    Your pups are darling and I love the glasses.
    Wishing you a stay-warm weekend

  11. have had a huge laugh at the photo of your assitant Dante and the glasses, classic!!! Wow it sure is cold over there with all those icicles, here in Victoria, Australia its been sooo hot I still have all the windows open to cool the house down at night! Enjoying hearing the frogs croaking out by our pond though.

  12. The snow looks beautiful and with thunder and lightening!? I love noisy weather!

    Btw, Dante looks very sophisticated in his new glasses.

  13. Still a fabulous Post!!!
    Hope you had a great weekend!Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment about Harry...

  14. Oh Debra, your fur baby photos made me smile! Thank you for your kind words, encouragement, thoughts and Prayers to my Post... I go through phases where the 'missing' is strong, it is nice to have a medium to release it into and unburden my heavy Heart from time to time so that it can once again be lighter. Your snowy scenes are wonderful to look at virtually... but I'm definitely a Desert Gal after all these years in the Sun! *wink*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  15. I am so ready for spring..betcha you are, too!

  16. I just caught this Debra ~ too funny!!! Dante looks soooo cute and studious. How are you coping these days with all this yuck....I mean snow?

  17. hi Debra,
    I know this is an older post but in looking around your blog, I loved every post but this one just SPOKE to me! Okay, all I have ever wanted is a big red barn. Still don't have one so I love looking at yours. But I especially love your little buddies, especially with glasses:)
    Thanks for stopping by today. See you around...