Tuesday, March 10, 2015


It really felt like Spring today. The sun was out, blue sky, and it was actually in the 50's. I'll take it. It put me in the mood for some Spring color and a project.

 The nurseries are starting to open  here in town and one of my favorites is 'The Garden'. Everything is always displayed so lovely and it's a fun place to shop for seasonal decor and fabulous plants for inside and out. What a selection!!! While Maci and I were out on Saturday, we decided to see what they were up too and we were not disappointed. I picked up some burlap and some picked cotton. I love those two together. Then I sat down and put together this simple but rustic wreath. I was happy with it and had to hang it right away. So on my bakers cabinet it went.

                     I also picked up some pretty flowers this weekend and put them around the barn.

 African violets were on sale so I brought these pretty ones home. They are enjoying the sunshine today.
 I have been looking for daffodils for weeks and finally found them. Such happy little flowers. I put them in an engraved old tea pot....
                                                         ...... and some on my counter. This old scale usually holds a little bunch of flowers for me. It makes doing dishes just a bit more cheerful;)

Have you put any Spring flowers in your home? It is amazing how a little bunch of daffodils can brighten ones day.

'Till next time.......................
~Debra xxx

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Nicole and I have been so busy around the shop lately. We have some pretty new things to show you.  Spring will be here in 12 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whhhoooohoooooo  
Now, I know we live in New England but OMG it has been a tough Winter. The snow was pretty but the cold and ice were unbelievable.
SO, we have decided to bring in Spring in a little bit early. And so far our customers are enjoying it:)

                                                                     Some new paintings.
 Feed sack purses.  We bought these last Spring at the Country Living Fair. So adorable.

 This was a fun piece to redo. It comes in two pieces, great knobs, nice detail. Perfect!
                                                           A bowl of sunshine.
 This fabulous round table goes from this size to very long with two leafs. Love the legs on this one.
 Ladies, do you have your cowgirl boots yet? Spring dresses are right around the corner and what better to wear them with but cowgirl boots!
                                                                      Fun old buttons.
                                                                    Cutest little stool.
                             Do you love wooden boxes as much as I do?
              You don't need a horse to display horse ribbons. They are fun and affordable @ $6.00.
                            Our pretty new scarves are in with lots of fun colors to choose from.
                                This display just screams SPRING!!!

                One of our favorite dressers. Complete with mercury glass knobs. So sweet. This would even look great in a powder room or end of hallway.
 Now this piece is special all the way around. It was once a child's doll dresser. It was handmade with the drawers crafted out of old food crates. I could see jewelry in this baby.
 Made some new lampshades, vintage fabrics, millinery flowers and trim. Fronts and backs are both decorated.
                                              Let's have a tea party in the garden. Start collecting now and you will be ready when your flowers start blooming.
                     How cute is this very versatile dresser?
I love that you can put a dresser in any room you choose. They are awesome pieces to have and the ideas are endless. Here we are using it as a buffet.
 Painted wooden trinket bowels. Fill them with jewelry, keys, wrapped candy, change, wow, stop me now because I can go on and on. lol
                      My favorite silver plate piece in the whole shop.

                 Love this drawer. Hung or stood up, its a great find.
 The fabulous vanity is going to the cutest little girl. It can grow up with her and she will have it for her little girl some day. Great memories in the making. That is what vintage is all about, isn't it?
                          Great design on this dresser.  With tin on top drawer.
 "Uh, hello, I'm Miss Spring". Look at that pretty coneflower color and those fabulous glass handles. You have to be happy having this piece in your home.
                        Cute, cute, cute little wooden dandelion stool.
                                          KANTHA QUILTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                             Hand painted wooden frames with millinery flowers. Very sweet.

                        Vintage coffee mugs with flowers. Who new?
 Oh, this one:) Fibi is one of our shop greeters and does a bang up job. Just look at how cute she is.

 A green wooden tool box filled with bundles of old cookbooks.
                                     Field of poppies and wild flowers.
                                            White birch in the thick of it.
                                                               Summer morn'

 This tulip light can be set on a table or hung from the ceiling. This would be pretty over my kitchen sink. lol

                                                                     Stack 'em up.
          I love shutters, especially cool shutters. This is a cool shutter.

                Mirrored top table. Perfect for jewelry and makeup.

                                         Florentine, who doesn't love  Florentine.


                     I have been busy in the barn as well. Here is a little of what I have been doing.

 This pretty statue is sitting on a hand painted wooden trunk. I was so excited when I bought it.
 I moved our antique crib out of the window and over by the pond to display my plants. They are happy with the move. Change is good.
                   Yes, yes, that is a laundry bag, but it really wanted to be a pillow cover in my solarium.

 Is anyone out there so addicted to burlap that they display it in their homes until they use it like I do?   I know there has to be at least one more person that does. Humor me?

Well believe it or not that's all I have for today. Hope you have a beautiful week and I will be by to say hello on your blogs.
'Till next time..............
~Debra xxx