Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hello Everyone and Welcome to our first

Every Tuesday we will dedicate this blog to you: Sellers and Buyers. We are so excited about it!!! This is how it works: First grab yourself a cup of tea and sit back and get ready for some fun.

For those of you who have an online boutique, etsy, or other web-based store you can advertise here FOR FREE! At the bottom of this post you will notice the "linky". Click on "Click Here to Enter", fill in your store's web address and image. Then "Get the Code" and post it to your blog every Tuesday! It is a Blog Hop so your site will advertised on blogs World Wide!

For you who love to shop, this is where you will find the best deals and most unique things. From vintage to antique to handmade. Something for everyone and sure to be lots of fun. And if you like it... let your friends know :-)

Our site is www.MAISONSTGERMAIN.com. It is an online boutique that my daughter Nicole and I run. We have so much fun with it and if you are ever looking for anything special, do not hesitate to let us know. We get around:) Here are our features for this week:

 Brownfield & Sons large piece. With its creamy white and brown tole this would look beautiful filled with fresh flowers from your garden.  Or fill it with wooden spoons for the counter. So many different things you can do with it.
11 x 11 1/2, 8" mouth. $45.00
 Small chip on top in back (see photo). Other wise great condition.
 Love the roses and the curled handles.
 Great detail.
 Sweet birds.

 We sell vintage and vintage inspired products on Maisonstgermain.com. We have made these 6" button wreaths for it and an upcoming show we are doing. They are perfect for that special little place you need a little white. $9.00.

 This tray is just great! 9" x 15". Tile like, wooden frame and handles.Great for jewelry on the vanity or to serve up a little snack.
 Pretty rose:) $14.00
 We also made these pretty 4" notebooks. Just the right size to keep in a purse or by the bedside. Many to choose from. See our site. $6.50.
Have fun!!That's what Tuesdays here are all about:)
~Debra xxx


  1. Hey Debra..thanks for doing this I appreciate it very much...I hope I done it right first time I have ever done something like this...as you can see I cheated a bit..lol hope it is ok that I used some of your wording...
    Have a Blessed day...

  2. Thank you, Debra, I think this is a wonderful idea!

  3. Fantastic idea....i have many goodies i'd love to sell - but don't want to open an etsy store! thank you for sharing - i'll have to do a post next week! xoxo

  4. Congrats on your fun new linky! I just browsed through your web page - I'm droolin' over that vintage canister set! Glad I found you today! -diane

  5. What a great idea! I hope you don't get the snow that's predicted for your area. Thank you for stopping by to say hello. hugs ~lynne~

  6. hey! Thanks for stopping by! My friend box is there...it may just have been hiding at the moment when you were visiting. : )

  7. Hi Debra! What a great idea! I just love your fur babies on your side bar! Too cute!

    Glad you enjoyed my squirrel post. We are getting MORE snow right this very minute. You might be as well. I see you are in CT. I'm just north of you in MA.

    I'll add your shop and blog to my sidebar. Thanks so much for visiting!


  8. What a cue idea! Those are some great things.I love that jar. The pattern and color are gorgeous.

  9. This is a fantastic idea for both Sellers and Shoppers!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  10. Oh Debra, I'm so glad you too have decided to design your own version of an MP Belt! I'm still in the planning and collecting phase of mine... today I JUST scored the item I'll be using for the Buckle when I hit a Thrift Store after Church. I was so excited, someone had broken off the lid of an oval Silver Jewelry Box that has cut out design and has a Harp playing Cherub and a Red Velvet Background behind the cutout design! PERFECT to repurpose as a Buckle... and since the item has been broken (they'd been asking $4.99 before someone broke it) and I was just salvaging the lid and leaving behind the bottom (which was still quite lovely as a lidless Velvet lined Silver box) the Gal only charged me 99 cents for the lid! *whoo hoo* I know Robin had used old Silver Hair Brush backs to make her buckles but I didn't have the Heart to tear any of my Antique Vanity Sets apart so this was serendipity to find the perfect item for my project! I have 1930's ruched Velvet Trim I plan to use, Belgian Metallic Trim, and I'm still deciding upon what else to construct it out of... we'll have to share our finished projects when we get them made... I must warn you though... I'm not the most prolific Artist... so I shall only work on this when I'm "on" so that it turns out exactly as it should... no hurries, no worries since it's not a commissioned piece so I have no deadline! *wink* Dawn... The Bohemian

  11. I hope to participate in this idea soon.

    But for now, I've been awarded with a Stylish Blogger Award and I'm passing it on to you. Please check out my most recent post to see about accepting and passing it on. Totally up to you if you choose to participate, this post was hard and alot of work! As Uncle Ben in Spiderman says, "With great power, comes great responsibility." Ha! Anyway, just wanted you to know in case you didn't already, I really enjoy your blog.

  12. Hi Debra ~ Thanks so much for this opportunity. Im having fun looking around at all the great "stuff". My computer is being bad this week and Im having a hard time linking up - but will do so shortly. Thanks again.

  13. This is an awesome idea! Thanks so much for the opportunity!