Friday, June 25, 2010


Hello Everyone!
I hope you are having a beautiful day:) After a rough storm yesterday we are all sunny and warm today.

I wanted to share with you a little vignette I made. I found this glass case at a tag sale.  Then collected the other pieces. I layed down some moss first and then placed them on it.
I just love these change purses. Look at that tiny one. It could only hold a few pennies. The design on the dark brown one is so pretty and I love the top one too.
The very old childs shoes, I have had a while. They are really showing their age but I think there is something very sweet about them. And a vinette just wouldn't be the same without some pearls:) I hope you can put on your pearls, special walking shoes and take your change purse along this wonderful weekend and enjoy it to the max. You men can skip the pearls unless they look fabulous on you;)
'Till next time.....
~Debra XXX

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I AM REARRANGING....... AGAIN, ssssshhhhhhhh

Hello Everyone:)

SSSSSHHHHHH, I am supposed to be in my room cleaning it (I sound like a teenager don't I?)  but instead I am rearranging it. That is how I clean, especially if I have something new to decorate with. Does this happen to you? You find a wonderful treasure or two and rooms are dismantled, things are moved from room to room, your mind is going from  one space to another until the whole house is torn apart except for that wonderful treasure that you have just put in the perfect spot;) And then I stand back and smile and take pictures to post. Then I turn and look around and all I can do is laugh. I did it again and I am so happy that I did:)
Yes, the decorating took place on my little pinky - coral dresser. See the antique medicine cabinet? That is my new treasure. It is just fabulous, don't you agree?

I put some of my sparkly jewels inside.  The mother of pearl opera glasses were a gift from Don. They are really beautiful.

Here, I opened the door so that you can see them better.

This is one of my 'hands' that hold my jewels. Tarnished silver, dried white roses and a fancy compact add to my little vignette.

Of course, a bust with a pearl collar and a perfectly tattered perfume bottle.

This is the name of the company that built the little treasure.

One last look;). Hope you enjoyed my White Wednesday post. Check out Kathleen at FADED * CHARM for more lovely Whites. Now I have to go and clean my room before I get grounded;)
Hugs to all!
~Debra XXX

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hello my friends!  Guess what was delivered today????Thats right, these little cuties.

I had to order a minimum of 8 chicks. So I ordered all girls. (I already have 2 crazy roosters and 2 hens)
 I ordered 2 black silkie bantams, 2 silver sebright bantam,1 black sumatra, 1 buff laced polish,1 white crested black polish bantam, and 1 silver laced polish chicks. The Post Office called me the minute they arrived and I quickly went to pick them up. I could hear their peeps the second I walked in. They will all have the fancy feathers on top of their heads. I am hoping that my other 4 get along with them. They are just so cute and so soft. I can't wait to show my grand daughters. In case you need a dose of cuteness, I mail ordered them from

Things are going well in the garden. I spent a couple of hours weeding today.

I felt I was being watched;)

I planted some pretty lilies.

I thought I was going to have some help from these two but Fergies was exhausted....(from sleeping)

....and Dante was busy doing other things.

Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday. It is finally a gorgeous sunny day here. Tonight it will rain again and water in all of my plants,
'Till next time...
~Debra xxx

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Hello Everyone!
When I looked out at the clear dark sky last night, there were tons of stars. I was sure today would be sunny and June like. Silly me, it is another gloomy, cold, rainy day. So I thought of how happy I am to wake up to such a cheerful bedroom. I thought I would show you a few photos.

Our Master Bedroom is sort of a burnt orange color so I use lots of oranges and pinks. We have one wall
papered and the others are painted. I just love the different shades of pinks and corals and even browns together. I used to have lots of pillows on our bed. I need to add a few more again:) You know how much I love pillows.

This old dresser was bought at the market for about $20.00. I painted it and the drawers don't close all the way but it's ok, I like it. The handles cost more than the dresser but I love the colors together.

OK my appoligies for these two photos. I have no idea why it does this. Any way, this pretty victorian box used to hold fresh collars for women. I was told that people didn't bath very often so they would just change out their collars and cuffs.

I love vintage luggage. They are perfect in the bedroom to hold extra things like scarves, gloves, magazines...I just noticed that you can see my wallpaper in the background.(see it?) It has both cherubs and doves on it which really made me happy to find.

My big dresser is covered with bowls, pottery and ceramic hands that hold my vintage and new jewelry. I have to see it to wear it, right? Nothing expensive but so much fun to wear. I rarely wear just one necklace at a time;)
Well, I hope you enjoyed some color today. I didn't make the White Wednesday over at Kathleen's
Faded*Charm. But check her blog out and you will find lots of lovely whites I am sure. That is where I am headed for some inspiration:)
'Till next time...
~Debra XXX

Monday, June 7, 2010


Hello Everyone!

How was your weekend? Great I hope. We had some very windy storms and rain here in CT but still managed to do some fun things.

I love to walk through our garden and see what is blooming. It seems that everyday I find something I didn't see the day before. These red roses are so pretty. I am training them to grow up the arbor. Our New Dawn roses are always beautiful.(bottom photo) The winds really did a job on them. But boy is the walk way pretty with  pink rose petals:) I also have a yellow Trumpet Vine on this arbor. I thought it would look so pretty - pink and yellow both blooming at the same time. But, they bloom at separate times. So now I always have color on that arbor.
We have tenants!!! This year Mr. and Mrs. Black Capped Chickadee are renting.  I hear baby chicks every time I go outside. Across from them lives a family of Wrens. Same thing, lots of babies chirping. Isn't nature beautiful? And to think it is in my own garden for me to enjoy:) How lucky am I?
I found this gorgeous hand made lap quilt made of vintage fabric at the flea market.  It is so pretty! Love the color and the pattern. It is very puckerd as if the fabric was bigger that the quilt was supposed to be.  Then tacked down to make the puckers. It has inspired me to make one myself.

My favorite Flower Guys were at the market this week with these beauties.  I have vases all over the house with blues, purples and white flowers. They will last a week or longer. It just makes the house so much prettier with fresh flowers:)
 I am happy.
'Till next time....
~Debra XXX

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Hello Everyone,
I hope you enjoyed a great weekend.  If this weekend is any example of how summer is going to be, I will be the happiest woman ever. Parades, flea markets, fabulous weather, picnic with great friends.......The most fun yet:)

I am a little late today with my White Wednesday because I have been doing this:

These shelves were full of my cookbooks.  I never liked the way it looked so I finally did something about it. I will probably move a few small things around still but so far so good:)

I love moving things around. It always makes the space look so refreshed.

I bought these vintage shoes at the market on Sunday. Aren't they adorable. How did woman keep their feet so small back then?

Ok,I have no clue why this photo is turned sideways but you can see how beautiful this vintage dress is. I was going to make it into a top but it is just to unrepairable. I will make something pretty out of the fabric.

Just look at the gorgeous details on this dress!

OH, I would soooooo wear this gorgeous dress!!!

But again, it is not in wearable condition. I will however, hang it in my bedroom to enjoy daily:)
I will stop by to visit your whites today. And don't forget to wish Kathleen at Faded*Charm a happy 50th White Wednesday post!!!!
~Till next time....
~Debra xxx