Monday, February 22, 2010


Hello Everyone!
I hope your weekend was great. Don and I decided to go to the Hartford Flower Show on Sunday. They didn't have many garden set ups but the ones that they did have were pretty. I did take some pictures. There were many sellers there which was fun:)

I thought this was so pretty with the fence, tiles, pots and flowers blue. What a happy space.

This was an interesting water feature.

I love hostas.  This out building was very nicely landscaped. We are looking for some different bushes to plant in the front of our barn to replace all of the big bushes there now.  We did find Witch Hazel.  It is interesting all year long.  We loved that, so we will get it in the Spring.

Topiaries!!!!! Two of these babys came home with me:)

This planting was connected with the pond in the next picture.

This picture does not do it justice.  It was so wonderful and artistically done. It looked like it had been there for years.

OK!!!! Now  for my other favorite part of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can not tell you how excited I am that the above antique hutch (photo with cell phone) will be in our home on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We looked at it months ago and the measurements that were given were not the measurements that we got on Sunday. I asked if we could measure it one more time. My husband was sure it would not fit but it does!!!It is perfect!!! It is a very large antique kitchen cabinet. I didn't want new cabinets in the kitchen. I wouldn't appreciate them and living in an old barn they would look out of place. I wanted something exactly like this and it was just fate:) This week I will have to empty all of the cabinets that we have now and then Don and I (?) will take them down and replace the floor in front of it. He says it is a big job. But I knew it would be, it always is;) I am up for the challenge!!!!!He was concerned that we will be losing counter space but I only use the one now for decorating as I use our island for preparing meals. When it is all in I will post pictures so that you can see how imperfectly perfect it is. All I will change is the handles on the doors to old glass handles. I am counting the days until Saturday!!!

Well that is my exciting news for the weekend. Hope you did something fun! Talk to you soon:)
~Debra xxx

Friday, February 19, 2010


One of us will probably be sleeping in;)

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I am so excited to tell you that I have been give the 'SUNSHINE AWARD'!!!!!!Yes, it's true. Robin from Robin King Designs was sweet enough to award me with it:))) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
Now, with this award I need to:
*Post the award on my blog.
*Link the person I have received the award from. (I am going to have Nicole help me with that because I still do not know how)
*Pass the award on to 12 of my favorite blogs and share the link to their blogs. (Again, help me Nicole)
*Let the bloggers know I have awarded them the award.

Here is my list:
JUNE  - Laughing With Angels
CAROL - Maynard Greenhouse
JANIE - Blondie's Journal
KATE - Salvage Dior
ANNE - Fiona and Twig
DEE- French Bleu Vintage
RENE - Miss Gracies House
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LAURA - Nana's House
SHERI & SOPHEE A- Pawsh Poodles
KATHLEEN - Faded * Charm
JULIE - Life Is What You Make of It
JILL - Gypsy Brocante
LYNN - Vintage Nest
 LOVE you all!!!! You make blogging so much fun!!!!

~Debra xxx

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


                            My little studio in the woods.
                                                                    or this?
                                     Why she re-decorates the house!!! That's what she does.
I decided to put my frog collection down in the solarium.

I have been wanting to do this for a while now.  So, when I got out of work I started working on arranging and rearranging and arranging again.

And then there was the living room wall. I spent hours on it and still am not thrilled with it but it will do for now;) I think I need a larger shelf for better proportion.

Another part of the wall.  I bought this picture last week.  Isn't it adorable? Someone wrote 'baby Stuart' on the back of it but I can't find out anything about it. Does anyone know the real name of this little guy?  I framed it with an old pink papered frame.  It is so pretty. It is embossed with roses.

Of course my personal body guard is always here to help me. Sssssshhhhhhh
Well, that is what I have been up to today. I have decided to combine this with White Wednesday. Don't forget to check out more White Wednesday fun over at Faded Charm hosted by Kathleen.
If you saw the rest of the house you would just shake your head.  Oh, it's ok, Don does it all of the time.  At least he does it with a smile:)He just looked over my shoulder and called me a 'blogging maniac'. That's just crazy talk!
I will be over to see your White Wednesday.
'Till next time......
~Debra xxx (aka the blogging maniac)

Saturday, February 13, 2010


              THE ONES YOU LOVE.

~Debra XXX

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hello Everyone!

Thanks for stopping by.  Today I have decided is 'Teal Thursday'. I love, love, love all shades of white. I have rooms dedicated to it. But I need color too and Teal is one of my many favorites. I have an eclectic way of decorating but it all works. How do you decorate?

I found this huge sign at the flea market. We almost didn't get it in the SUV. Here are some of the fans I collect. I love the different shades they came in and the different styles of the blades and cages.  I would love to have them all wired together so that I can just flip on a switch in the summer and have them all cooling the house. Besides moving around the air, it would look really great too.

Some of my linens.  If I find a linen that I love and it has a few light stains on it, I just dye it. They come out so pretty and you can coordinate it to your own decor.

My sofa with comfy pillows and a quilt to keep warm.

This old cabinet was perfect just the way it was except for the knobs.  I changed them out and now it is perfect!

A painted teal chair near the phone and a pillow that I made.

I bought this pretty wreath from Homegoods and have it up all year long. I just love the colors.

Do you have teal in your home? I'd love to hear about it.

'Till next time.....

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hello Everyone,
I am a little late today with White Wednesday. So without further  delay........

My favorite Son brought me back these shells from his trip to Jamaica. So pretty.

When I saw this dove statue I knew I had to have it. A little tribute to my 2 doves:)

A cherub waits for Spring.

Our master bedroom is in the loft of our barn. This window looks down into the sunroom/solarium. I found this gorgeous piece of Antique lace and just tacked it up.

If you love these like I do go now to Anthropology.  Now they are on sale !!!!!!!!!!!! But don't forget to come back:)

Three more of my vintage alarm clocks.

I love this sign from FIONA AND TWIG. Anne is a doll and has a great blog and online shop. Check her out too.

And......don't forget to also check out Kathleen of 'FADED CHARM' for a huge list of White Wednesday posts.

'Till next time...........

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Hello Everyone!
Nicole and I  set up at an Antique and Collectible Show on Sunday and had soooooo much fun!!!!
Here are a few pictures of our booth.

Pretty plates and other kitchen needs.

I was sooo excited to meet Carol of the very famous blog 'Maynard Greenhouse'. What a great person and what great style this lady has.  She came with two adorable friends who seemed to be enjoying the show too.

                         Vintage hats were very popular.

Also gloves and purses.

Glass knobs and pretty vases were also a hit. Hope you enjoyed our booth. For those of you getting more snow tonight (we are) stay warm:)  I will bet we will be having a lot of White Wednesday photos of it tomorrow.

'Till next time.........

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Greatest...

yes you... the greatest mom in the whole WORLD! Here is the Queen picture I promised to put up for you. I bet your wishing you never told me I can post on your blog. lol
Your blogette friends should know how fabulous I think you are every now and again ;-)
Love you,
nicole xoxoxox

White Wednesday

It is White Wednesday again. Be sure to check out 'Faded Charm' where Kathleen hosts it and has a huge list of White Wednesday Blogs to follow.  Lots of loveliness.

This is a chair I covered with a vintage burlap bag and one of the pillows we sell at

I was so excited to find a dealer at the flea market that sold me these metal flowers.  All different and all beautiful and at $1.00 each I was thrilled.

Two vintage millinery flowers pinned to our sofa.

An old wooden bowl filled with twine.  It was filled more than this but I have been using a lot of twine lately.

One of my 'girls' fluffing her feathers for the camera.  I have two female doves and they both love the swing. I have seen them jump on the swing and when it goes back and forth they coo like they are enjoying it. They do it over and over again.  Very funny:)

Hope you enjoyed my little bit of white.  I will be over to say hello and check out your whites too.

'Till next time........
~Debra xxx

Monday, February 1, 2010


Oh, yes it's true......I heart you!  This is to everyone who stops by to say hello or just have a look....

and to those who take the time to leave a sweet comment.......

And to those of you I have visited.  You all give me great joy. 

When I first started to blog, I never thought I would have so much fun.  And I never thought I would meet the MOST warmest, sweetest, inspirational, creative, funny people...but I did.

You have no idea how much your comments have meant to me.  I love learning about every one of you and learning from you too. Every day is like a holiday for me. You take time out of your busy days to create the most beautiful pages to share with each other. Some days I cry, most days I laugh out loud and there are days when I am in awe of you.

So for this I say.....

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I heart you!

~Debra xxx