Monday, January 27, 2014


It's interesting, where one can find inspiration. How do you pick out colors? My mind is always going....I found the perfect color for a new roof we were putting on our last home from the color of a beautiful horse grazing in a field.
So finding a color the way I found this one really didn't surprise me too much. 
Now you know how much I love whites, creams, grays!!!!! But without color I would just die, (dramatic, I know haha). This cabinet I have loved for over 25 years. I  installed the  tin pierced inserts and stained it, then painted it white as above. But as I looked at all of  the other happy colors in the room I decided that it needed color. So............ a few months ago, I bought a couple of rag rugs and just fell in love with their romantic colors. I went to them as inspiration. I found my most favorite color from one and snipped off a piece of it and off to the paint store I went. They couldn't color match it so I matched it to the paint chips and it is just perfect. Imagine, inspiration from a scrap of fabric on a rag rug. Who knew?
I didn't want the entire piece a solid color, just a bit to give it some more personality. Now the whole piece in much more interesting and I love how it came out. This photo came out darker, see next pic.
                   This shows the color better than the one above. Lighting I guess. Isn't it pretty? I am always painting for other people for our shop so it feels so good to paint something for our barn.
I think it compliments the rest of the room.  What do you think? Part of my fan collection sits on top of it along with Don's thingamagig. 
 I love to buy the girls books so I found a very large galvanized tub to fill it with them. I love to see them sitting and reading or looking at pictures:) I like to buy books and put them inside and not tell them and see the excitement on their faces when they find them:)
Mushy down filled pillows make the sofa a relaxing place to relax.

See how I just hung a pretty frame with another picture inside. Frames are so  much fun to decorate with. The lace lampshade looks so romantic when lit.
                                                             My Valentine tree.
    A very old bust with a vintage hat. Just look at those gorgeous millenary flowers. My favorite!
                            I love webbing, strange, I know but I do.
                                                         Comfy and lots of layers.

                                                 One of the pierced tins I installed in the cabinet.

Where do you get your inspiration from? Are you like me and get it anywhere and everywhere??? Some people say to look outside the box but I happily live outside the box. lol It's not such a bad place to live. I'm never bored and easily amused:)

'Till next time........................
~Debra xxx

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Happy New Year!
And boy is it going to be one of fresh and fun beginnings for our family. How about yours?
    These are  three loves of my life. Gorgeous, crazy, wonderful! Being a Grammie is one of my most favorite things in the whole world!!! I am so blessed with such a loving family.

A Princess who is going to be a police officer when she gets big.
  Have you heard the song, What does the Fox say?  Well, We bought the girls fox vests for Christmas and they loved them.

ONE OF OUR NEW BEGINNINGS THIS YEAR IS THAT 'MAISON ST. GERMAIN' IS MOVING!!!!!!The plans are in the works and so far so good. WE are soooooooo excited because we will be in a larger area and the space will work out better for our family:) More as soon as I find out which should be very soon!
 I wanted to share some shop photos with you in the space where we are now. We just sold this fabulous black shelf today.
 We make custom signs. A white shelf filled with pretties.
 I love how these vintage hanging lamps came out. I had sewed them on my down time in the shop. Refinished the old settee with canvas and vintage lace. Teal table underneath.
       I made one of these hanging lamps for the barn and I just love how it looks over my big chair.
 Pretty blue corner hutch filled with goodness:) Hand made lamp hangs overhead. Our last one left.
                                           One of our hand painted signs.
           LOVE this little red desk! Lots of fun things sit on top.
            You know that I love books and old books look awesome anywhere you put them. The old cabinet is totally wonderful. It can be used anywhere. It has a door.

 Kantha quilts, love, love, love them!!! suitcases..... Did you know that we sell Kantha quilts wholesale to businesses??????
                                              Old wooden cutting boards.

                  We set our tables at home like we do in the shop with mismatched dinnerware and silverware. Always special always pretty. Who ever said that they have to be the same to look fabulous. Celebrate everyday with pretty china, you deserve it!
  Large pot with pretty cover. Can you see this filled with fresh flowers from the garden? MMMMMMMMMMMMM
                                One of our paintings and pretty angel.
 We have  about 7 of these lights in the store and they are all 30% off. So pretty and this one with the bottom like that can even be used on a table instead of hung.
                This is what we do with chairs that need a little love.

                                 You can always find lampshades redone with vintage loveliness.

                             The girls made me valentine hearts for my kitchen door. Little artists. Who's got the happiest door on the street?I do, I do:)
 I love Paper Whites so after the holidays I was in a store and found myself 6 boxes of them for 1/2 price:) Oh happy days!
                         Moved some things around in my library a couple of days ago. I have so many books that I needed to place them around creatively since my shelves are filled. I love to go in the library and pick a few books out to take to bed to read at night when  I have some down time.
                                                                    Our library
                          I redid this settee a while ago. It  is also in the library. It's one of my favorites and I am noticing that our cat Finn is finding the wooden tassels fun.

                   Found this old stool and though it was perfect!
     This one too. I find beauty in the fact that it was handmade, and someone used it so much that it is shredded. And look at those big tacks. See the missing wooden tassels one the settee:/ Ohhhhh Finny.................We need to have another chat.
 I sometimes find these pretty coral and pink pillow covers. I love that they are flowers and have heard that they are actually for pj's not pillows.
 Don said to me the other day that we were going to fold the back truck seats down and go to Home Depot to pick up a few things. Oh and that they were having a sale on HOUSE PLANTS!!!! Totally a sweet thing of him to do:) So off we went and this is one of the few plants I purchased.Why do stores always get them in, in  the Winter? Anyway, I love plants and will pick them up whenever I see them.
 OK, so I loved this little pink Christmas tree so much that it is now a Valentines tree. I bought little hearts and painted white polka dots on them and  happily hung them with a big smile:)

I wasn't sure if I showed you that I hung this piece as a shelf instead of sitting on a cabinet. Put some of my favorite things in it.

So tell me what are you up too?  Are you moving things around in your home too since we have such frigid weather. I love to move things around while I am cleaning making everything clean and fresh. Gives me a big smile when I see it.

Hope you are all doing well.
'Till next time.............................................
~Debra xxx