Saturday, June 28, 2014


Hello everyone!!!
Well, we moved out of our tiny first shop into a shop that is more than double the size and if you liked our last shop we think you will love our new one. We LOVE it!!!!!!

 We filled a red wheelbarrow with lots of pretty flowers and they are thriving:)

 Brought out old sign that we made out of a headboard. I mean what else would we have made it out of right?
       Very popular with visitors. would be perfect in a garden.
                          You guessed it, lots of fun colorful happy color.
 We are changing the end area of the shop tomorrow with a large cabinet. Should be pretty. We made little rooms in the shop. That is the garden room.
                               This would be part of the living room.
 Love that new geranium color that we painted the dresser. I have to have something in my house painted that color!!!!!!
 We bought this waterfall vanity. It is gorgeous!!!!!!Nicole painted it a fabulous pink with white trim. It was sold today.
                               This is the area that we will be doing a bit of changing tomorrow. Yes some things never change lol.
                                                       Fun, inviting, vintage.
 We didn't use much black in our last shop but we had so many things in storage we put this little dining room together and are happy with how it came out.
 Don't you just love the wall colors in this shop? Swoon:)

                       This is our kitchen area. Lots of fun treasures to find.
                                            Here is a better photo of the kitchen. We sell lots of vintage dishes.
 What do you do when you have a lot of brooches? Well you put them on a chair that you recovered in retro fabric, that's what:)
 OMG we made a toddler bed out of a baby crib. I absolutely love how it came out. Look at all of those scrumptious quilts:)
           A great gray desk and an awesome painting by Nicole.
 Fabulous bed with great colorful pieces. The little purple is sold. So is the rug:)
 This rug really made the room but it didn't take long to sell. And we know the special lady that bought it is going to enjoy it.
                                                         Wonderful dresser.

My new favorite color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This would make the darkest room happy. And that is what Maison St. Germain is all about - happy.  We have such a passion for what we do it just oozes out. We are non stop with ideas. We hope we inspire everyone who comes in:)

Hope you enjoyed our little tour of our new shop.
We do have one more room too!!!!!!! It is packed with vintage clothes and it looks like a dream closet:)

Hope to see  you soon.
'Till next time.................
~Debra XXX

Thursday, June 12, 2014


 Well we finally got to go to the COUNTRY LIVING FAIR and we were not disappointed at all. It was so much fun, that I wanted to go back and look at all of the dealers again. We even had a dress code: cowboy boots and a dress/skirt. We fit right in:)Julie even danced with the country band. (omg?)Her talents are endless.
 There were only two animals there and they were both miniature donkeys!!! Do you think this is a sign that I may be getting one. They were so sweet.

 I left my camera in the truck at the beginning and so I don't have those photos to show you but there was so much inspiration in one field that it was overwhelming! I met a bunch a people I knew too, which lead to lots of big hugs.
 Julie wanted this table but the lady wouldn't budge on the price so she had to spend her money on other fun things for her new shop. We found some really interesting wholesalers that we will be using. Brought some things back with us too.
                             The displays were so much fun too.

 I l
Nicole had a lot of fun too. She came home with some great finds


 And here is my friend Patrice!!! Her set up was so adorable and she looked like she was having a ball.

Loved these chicken paintings.

 Everyone loves whites, count me in!!! I can't wait to go to next years show. I may not take 'her' though. lol Would you? lololol I carried her for 9 months and look how she turns out. ha ha                                                                                                                                                                         
"Till next time......................................
~Debra xxx

Monday, June 2, 2014


Hey everyone:)

How are you all doing? Well , I hope. Some very fun things to share with you.

                                            Some have the life don't they.
 Guess who stopped by for Memorial Day???????? Yes the one and only gorgeous FiFi and Mark. They photographed our little lake cottage that we bought a year ago.
 Fifi brought tons of the most gorgeous looking and smelling flowers for the shoot.  This woman is like the energizer bunny. lol  She came in like a little lamb and when she left I swear my little cottage was hit by a tornado. Ha Ha. I've been through this with her before so I knew what to expect. She has such an eye for display, it's truly amazing. The work that goes into shooting a house is amazing.  And the cottage was much easier to do her thing then my barn. Which probably made her happy. They joined our picnic with family and friends and it was really a great day.
                             Mark was busy too. Wow can he photograph!
 That's Don's vintage ski boat. I came home one day and there it was in the driveway. (wait until he comes home one day and sees my miniature donkey in the back yard. lol There shouldn't be a problem right?
Flowers for the shoot.
The second exciting thing I wanted to share is that Nicole and I will be moving our shop to a much larger one. It is so awesome and so much fun (and work) to put together. The colors that were there were awesome as our shop is all about color. Oh we have lots of whites too but everyone needs a bit of color in their lives. It is a happy place to be. We even have an office:) We are finally able to empty our storages and bring things in that no one has ever been able to see  before because our shop was just too small.
So everything left in our shop is all on sale!!!!!!! Now is the time to stop in for the best deal. What doesn't go we will pack up and bring to the next shop. What has been happening is that people are coming in and seeing things that they like and say they will be back and someone will come in after them and scoop it up. I guess you snooze you loose.
I don't have any photos yet but when I do you will be the first to see them because it is so pretty. We are spending endless hours in both shops but will be out of our old store by June 30th.
Well, now I have to attempt to clean the house, the poor neglected thing.
Talk to you soon.
Oh, we are going to Country Livings show on Friday. Maybe I will see some of you there!!!!!!
'Till next time,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
~Debra xxx