Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Hello Everyone,
I hope you enjoyed a great weekend.  If this weekend is any example of how summer is going to be, I will be the happiest woman ever. Parades, flea markets, fabulous weather, picnic with great friends.......The most fun yet:)

I am a little late today with my White Wednesday because I have been doing this:

These shelves were full of my cookbooks.  I never liked the way it looked so I finally did something about it. I will probably move a few small things around still but so far so good:)

I love moving things around. It always makes the space look so refreshed.

I bought these vintage shoes at the market on Sunday. Aren't they adorable. How did woman keep their feet so small back then?

Ok,I have no clue why this photo is turned sideways but you can see how beautiful this vintage dress is. I was going to make it into a top but it is just to unrepairable. I will make something pretty out of the fabric.

Just look at the gorgeous details on this dress!

OH, I would soooooo wear this gorgeous dress!!!

But again, it is not in wearable condition. I will however, hang it in my bedroom to enjoy daily:)
I will stop by to visit your whites today. And don't forget to wish Kathleen at Faded*Charm a happy 50th White Wednesday post!!!!
~Till next time....
~Debra xxx


  1. I'm swooning over that dress ... I would find a way to wear it!!

    Lovely post ... thanks for sharing ; )


  2. Pretty things you found at the flea! I am so envious of someone who has all that loot available. We don't seem to have many junk sales, or flea markets out where I am.


  3. I sooooo want that pink dress!!!!! I can't blame you for wanting to look at it everyday!!!

  4. oh, my!!! i am so loving that pink ruffled number, that is totally gorgeous!!!

  5. i thought i was the only one that moved stuff around all the your shelves look awesome. dress...i'm in love. very fun.
    thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh Debra
    I want the pink one with the ruffles and I am not even a pink kind of girl but that is just too cute. Hoping that your week is spectacular my friend. Sending you lots of hugs from Cali!


  7. I love the new look of your cupboard. It is good to rearrange onece in a while and get a fresh perspective.

    Hope you are enjoying your week.


  8. Love all the goodies,,,,,great job with the shelf!
    Happy WW!

  9. That is a beautiful garden you have outside that door.........Julian

  10. The dresses are sooooo beautiful! I love them. I like your shelves too. I know what you mean about changing things around. Have a great weekend!

  11. Fun pictures, especially the last one! Look at that garden! I would also love to hang a dress like the ruffly one, just to gaze upon, once in a while. Lovely! xx Suzanne

  12. sorry it took me so long to come and visit you--but I sure am glad I did!! I LOVE your vintage clocks and that pink ruffly dress is just LOVELY!! I will stop by often now!! Julie

  13. Oh my yea, that pink dress with the ruffles. You may have to fight all of us for it. It's just wonderful! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  14. What a dreamy dress! Wow!

    And I love your clocks and little brooms all displayed together.

    Have a wonderful weekend!