Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Hello Everyone!
When I looked out at the clear dark sky last night, there were tons of stars. I was sure today would be sunny and June like. Silly me, it is another gloomy, cold, rainy day. So I thought of how happy I am to wake up to such a cheerful bedroom. I thought I would show you a few photos.

Our Master Bedroom is sort of a burnt orange color so I use lots of oranges and pinks. We have one wall
papered and the others are painted. I just love the different shades of pinks and corals and even browns together. I used to have lots of pillows on our bed. I need to add a few more again:) You know how much I love pillows.

This old dresser was bought at the market for about $20.00. I painted it and the drawers don't close all the way but it's ok, I like it. The handles cost more than the dresser but I love the colors together.

OK my appoligies for these two photos. I have no idea why it does this. Any way, this pretty victorian box used to hold fresh collars for women. I was told that people didn't bath very often so they would just change out their collars and cuffs.

I love vintage luggage. They are perfect in the bedroom to hold extra things like scarves, gloves, magazines...I just noticed that you can see my wallpaper in the background.(see it?) It has both cherubs and doves on it which really made me happy to find.

My big dresser is covered with bowls, pottery and ceramic hands that hold my vintage and new jewelry. I have to see it to wear it, right? Nothing expensive but so much fun to wear. I rarely wear just one necklace at a time;)
Well, I hope you enjoyed some color today. I didn't make the White Wednesday over at Kathleen's
Faded*Charm. But check her blog out and you will find lots of lovely whites I am sure. That is where I am headed for some inspiration:)
'Till next time...
~Debra XXX


  1. Hi Debra ~ What a pretty room. I love orange & pink together too ~ its a great combo.I bet our dressers look similar too ~ lots of bowls with lots of jewelry, etc. And lets not forget that no bed would be complete w/o a cat or 2 at the bottom:)

  2. I love your pink dresser and its knobs! I could spend all day looking at cool knobs for dressers, etc. I have a fondness for glass doorknobs, but antique-looking glass doorknobs. I love all your pictures!

  3. love your pink ruffled pillow...and the collar box...that is a stunner!!!

  4. I feel the way you do a lot of the time. No matter what the weather is, I feel snug and cozy in my bedroom. It's my favorite room!!

    I love the old dresser you found. The colors you painted it make me smile! And I am like you so much in that I keep my jewelry all spread out on my dresser. If it is put away, I forget to wear it...or that I own it!! ;-D


  5. Hi Debra
    I love all of the color and the ruffles were my favorite part. That dresser is so darling I have sold a few cute ones at Country Roads so far. Great idea about the jewelry at least you see what you have and wear it. Have a wonderful week.

    Love Kate

  6. Oh I love the pretties....always! your posts are so much eye candy. :-) I remember pillows like that and the satin-y fabric. Your bowl of jewelry and pearls is wonderful - makes me smile. My grandmother had so much jewelry all over her dresser. Fun visiting!!!!! Hugs.

  7. It's very pretty! I love the wallpaper and bowl with jewelry!!

  8. What a pretty bedroom! I love that ruffly pink pillow and I could just dive into that bowl full of jewelry!! Sure helps chase the greys away!! Julie

  9. Ohhhh my Lordie.... I love that round pillow!!!!

  10. oh that pink dresser.....can we all be jealous? it is fantastic and those knobs really make it pop!! i do the same thing you do and put lots of jewels in bowls and on platters. i have to see it to wear it too. i also lay it all over the room, bathroom, kitchen, name it. i am sure it drives my husband i love to be able to see it everyday.
    hope the weather gets better. it's somewhat cold and rainy here too.
    take care

  11. Hi Debra,
    love your bedroom. so romantic.
    I do too love pillows and seem to never tire of them. Your all-ruffles pink one is absolutely a must-have for every romanit, feminine, chic room!!
    Your dresser is fantastic. never considered owning a pink dresser but yours made me reconsider. It can add a truly special touch to a room which is already very special.
    Your red toile de jouy wall paper is sooooooooooooooooo beautiful. i adore it.

  12. You ARE a wild and crazy woman! Pink and orange...together. I wouldn't have thought it, but I love it!! Very Bohemian and chic! Love the dresser and handles another bright burst of color. What a great "wake up"!!

  13. Debra ~ I have to know what you got at the tag sale today, I hope some awesome finds. Its Friday and I am off t the Flea before it pours. Have a great weekend.

  14. Hi again ~ I think we should exchange email addresses at some point:):) Not too much luck at the Flea - it started raining so everyone was packing up. But on my home - I scored!!! The top to an old Tiger Maple sideboard or mantel (don't know which) thrown out with someones garbage. Thank God I brought my truck and left my dignity at home:)

  15. What a nice and colorfel bedroom you have! I like your pink dresser! I like pillows too!
    Hope you have a sunny week end Debra!

  16. It's a very cheerful bedroom to wake up in! I love those vintage suitcases. Been looking for some more myself.

  17. I can see why that bedroom would put you in a good mood even on a grey day.
    Love all the ruffles and the pink, very girly.

  18. I love your bedroom!

    I'll have to tell you about my sleep-talking on Ambien has to do with pink and orange, that's all I can tell ya! ;-)

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  19. You are truly a girl after my own heart. I so LOVE that color combo and the pillows too!!!!!!!