Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hello my friends!  Guess what was delivered today????Thats right, these little cuties.

I had to order a minimum of 8 chicks. So I ordered all girls. (I already have 2 crazy roosters and 2 hens)
 I ordered 2 black silkie bantams, 2 silver sebright bantam,1 black sumatra, 1 buff laced polish,1 white crested black polish bantam, and 1 silver laced polish chicks. The Post Office called me the minute they arrived and I quickly went to pick them up. I could hear their peeps the second I walked in. They will all have the fancy feathers on top of their heads. I am hoping that my other 4 get along with them. They are just so cute and so soft. I can't wait to show my grand daughters. In case you need a dose of cuteness, I mail ordered them from mypetchicken.com.

Things are going well in the garden. I spent a couple of hours weeding today.

I felt I was being watched;)

I planted some pretty lilies.

I thought I was going to have some help from these two but Fergies was exhausted....(from sleeping)

....and Dante was busy doing other things.

Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday. It is finally a gorgeous sunny day here. Tonight it will rain again and water in all of my plants,
'Till next time...
~Debra xxx


  1. Congrats on your mail order chicks! And, wow... gorgeous pictures! I really love the last one!

  2. those chicks are so adorable!!! how fun...your garden is looking so pretty...i love the colors of your lilies...

  3. Cute pictures of your Fergies and Dante. They both look like real sweeties. Beautiful photos of your garden. Your new chicks are so precious. ♥ Do you have eight names picked out? And what about Mr. Froggy? Does he have a name?

  4. You made me smile with the chickens. Years ago when I worked for the Post office, we used to get the chicks in the mail. They would be squaking up a storm! Most people don't realize they come through the mail!

  5. Love all the babies!! They're soooo cute! Garden does look good!

  6. OHHHHH, I remember having fluffy chicks. How I miss it... Now I shall have to go and check out the website...
    And oh my gosh, I can't believe how much Dante has grown since last I saw that pup.... Amazing how fast all babies grow...
    Such a beautiful dog.
    Please give them both a hug from me!! Loved your post! Hugs to you.

  7. Oh the chickies are so cute! This year we actually had 4 al natural!!! it really happened. I have 4 delivered and I am their mamma, I love it. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  8. Chickens in the mail? They're just adorable, hope everyone gets along. Your garden photos are wonderful, and the pups are such cuties. Great photos!

  9. Hello Debra, Your garden looks os nice and green with all the rain showers. And your pups look like they are having fun watching you weed the garden. Thank You for stopping by. Have yourself a great week...Julian

  10. Oh my GOSH!!! Those lil' babies are the cutest fuzziest things ever. I hope Fergie and Dante are good herders. There is certainly lots of action goin' on at Le Maison de Vixens these days. Your flowers are lovely - and yes, its raining again.....

  11. Debra, your new babies are so darling. I miss the chick stage. Hmmmm...nope, hubs would kill me if I got more.
    Your garden is so beautiful. I loved every lovely picture. I love seeing other's gardens. I feel a special kinship with gardeners, don't you?
    I have missed the best posts here and I must go see what you have been up to while I have been away.
    hugs to you!

  12. Stunning photos today!! So happy I stopped by!

  13. I don't even know which furry creature is the cutest! LOL I love them all - and want to play ball with Dante! GORGEOUS photos!!! When you get done with the rain, could you please send it my direction? hee-hee

    :-) robelyn

  14. Oh Debra
    I love your new chicks they are so stinkin cute! My FIL raises them too here in Cali which is quite funny but he loves em. Your garden looks great as well. Have a wonderful weekend


  15. Aren't little creatures the best.......this includes those sweet doggies of yours.


  16. I stopped by for some tea... but apparently you do not serve any on your blog. lol Can't wait to see what the girls name the lil chicks!


  17. Your new babies are so adorable! Your granddaughters will love these little chicks. What a great garden you have. Thanks for your visit and the sweet comment you left on my bedroom. I am off to check out your archives.
    xo, Sherry

  18. Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting my attic retreat....I love your little chickies, they're just so adorable.

  19. Mail order chickens...that puts a smile on my face!
    Girl, I am so in love with your home and your photos! They are fabulous!
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving me such a sweet comment...it led me back here and of course I am in love! :)

  20. Oh, so cute...makes me miss the day....lovin' seeing all the pics of your garden!
    THANK YOU for the sweet words...you're the best!

  21. Darling!
    You have quite the menagerie at your house. And your photos are just stunning!

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!