Monday, June 7, 2010


Hello Everyone!

How was your weekend? Great I hope. We had some very windy storms and rain here in CT but still managed to do some fun things.

I love to walk through our garden and see what is blooming. It seems that everyday I find something I didn't see the day before. These red roses are so pretty. I am training them to grow up the arbor. Our New Dawn roses are always beautiful.(bottom photo) The winds really did a job on them. But boy is the walk way pretty with  pink rose petals:) I also have a yellow Trumpet Vine on this arbor. I thought it would look so pretty - pink and yellow both blooming at the same time. But, they bloom at separate times. So now I always have color on that arbor.
We have tenants!!! This year Mr. and Mrs. Black Capped Chickadee are renting.  I hear baby chicks every time I go outside. Across from them lives a family of Wrens. Same thing, lots of babies chirping. Isn't nature beautiful? And to think it is in my own garden for me to enjoy:) How lucky am I?
I found this gorgeous hand made lap quilt made of vintage fabric at the flea market.  It is so pretty! Love the color and the pattern. It is very puckerd as if the fabric was bigger that the quilt was supposed to be.  Then tacked down to make the puckers. It has inspired me to make one myself.

My favorite Flower Guys were at the market this week with these beauties.  I have vases all over the house with blues, purples and white flowers. They will last a week or longer. It just makes the house so much prettier with fresh flowers:)
 I am happy.
'Till next time....
~Debra XXX


  1. HI Debra ~ I think we were channeling the same weekend. Some of those storms were wild. We have a lovely family of wrens in a house that is precariously low to the ground (Calvin & Hobbes) every time I try to move it - they fly out and attack me. This morning Hobbes jumped a Wild Turkey at the birdfeeder. It was a riot - he was amazed at how big they are...and they fly. These cats have BIG dreams.Have a great week.

  2. Your garden pics are so dreamy! How lucky to hear babies when you go outside (I just love babies)! If you figure out how to make the lap quilt give us instructions...... it is amazing!!
    Have a great day!

  3. oooooh, your vases of flowers are SO beautiful...the lap quilt you found is TDF!!! the fabric is really stunning...and such a pretty color:)

  4. That's awesome about your Black-capped Chickadees!

  5. I love the sounds of my baby birds in their little homes. I adore birdhouses!!

    All of your flowers are gorgeous. Hopefully I will have some to cut soon!


  6. lovely the vintage shoes on your other post.

    Stopped by your daughter's blog and became a follower of her blog too :)

    I just had to you guys ever argue when you are setting up for shows and such? My daughter and I love each other to death but we are both stubborn and sometimes our tastes are a bit different....we tend to devalue each others items if it is not our tastes~lol

    talk soon~Sheri

  7. Hi Debra
    Great post love the black chickadees!!!
    I love the quilt that you got how beautiful. Its so hard to imagine that you have rain while we have sun. I need to travel more, so many bloggers like you that I would love to meet.
    Have a great week, sending you hugs!!


  8. Loved your pics. That quilt brings back some memories from the past! And the flowers are gorgeous! I Love chickadees...and their little noises/calls they make. So recognizable. I have a teeny tiny little Bewick's Wren in one of my houses and bluebirds in another - several other bird nests hidden in ivy. Have NO idea what they are. It IS fun! I love that they nest here, and just PRAY PRAY that my dawgs don't get the fledglings when they make their first flights...
    Yikes! Hugs to you. Lovely post!

  9. Gorgeous quilt and loved the photos of your garden! I love the idea of having vases and vases of fresh flowers all over the house - that would make me smile!


  10. Hi Debra, Your garden looks so pretty. I love to hear the birds chirping away. I spent the day yesterday out on the screened in porch painting the floor. It was a gorgeous sunny blue sky cool kind of day. I just enjoyed the painting while listening to the sweet bird song. xo

  11. I love all your photos - very inspiring. I just found out about a flea market in south Seattle. I'm anxious to go check it out. I love your pink pillow with the flowers on it!!!!!