Saturday, May 29, 2010


Happy Memorial Day everyone! While we are celebrating this holiday and our freedoms in this great country of  ours, I just wanted to thank our Military men and woman and their families. Those who have fallen and those who are serving today. If it wasn't for them we may  be a totally different country. I am very grateful because I love the United States!!!!! So THANK YOU!!! and LET THE SUMMER BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Debra xxx


  1. I hope you had a WONDERFUL week-end full of family and friends!!!

    Summer... summer has begun...

    :-) robelyn

  2. A Very Happy belated Memorial Day to you ~ It was SSSOOO gorgeous here all weekend. I spent the whole time outside gardening. I hope you enjoyed it too.

  3. I hope you had a great weekend with your family. Thank You for stopping by it was surprising to see the girls sitting together like that. Have a good day...Julian