Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I AM REARRANGING....... AGAIN, ssssshhhhhhhh

Hello Everyone:)

SSSSSHHHHHH, I am supposed to be in my room cleaning it (I sound like a teenager don't I?)  but instead I am rearranging it. That is how I clean, especially if I have something new to decorate with. Does this happen to you? You find a wonderful treasure or two and rooms are dismantled, things are moved from room to room, your mind is going from  one space to another until the whole house is torn apart except for that wonderful treasure that you have just put in the perfect spot;) And then I stand back and smile and take pictures to post. Then I turn and look around and all I can do is laugh. I did it again and I am so happy that I did:)
Yes, the decorating took place on my little pinky - coral dresser. See the antique medicine cabinet? That is my new treasure. It is just fabulous, don't you agree?

I put some of my sparkly jewels inside.  The mother of pearl opera glasses were a gift from Don. They are really beautiful.

Here, I opened the door so that you can see them better.

This is one of my 'hands' that hold my jewels. Tarnished silver, dried white roses and a fancy compact add to my little vignette.

Of course, a bust with a pearl collar and a perfectly tattered perfume bottle.

This is the name of the company that built the little treasure.

One last look;). Hope you enjoyed my White Wednesday post. Check out Kathleen at FADED * CHARM for more lovely Whites. Now I have to go and clean my room before I get grounded;)
Hugs to all!
~Debra XXX


  1. Love Love Love it!!! What a fabulous idea ;-)!!! I can't wait to see it in person!

  2. OOOOO I agree...FANTABULOUS!!!! Outstanding!!!
    I LOVE IT! What a find...AND it makes such an awesome display cabinet for all your treasures..
    Such LUCK! Gonna keep my eyes open for one!
    Thanks for show and tell. FUN!!!! Loved the sparkleys too! Hugs. (for Dante and Fergie too, don't forget!)

  3. I love mother of pearl anything - those opera glasses are too cool! And I love that your newest-find medicine cabinet has the old name plaque still attached. Why clean when you're obviously having so much fun!! Great photos as always, and I like the vintage background you've added to your blog.

  4. I think it looks fabulous!! I love all the jewels! That medicine cabinet it great!

  5. Beautiful WW post! I love the entire vignette! Precious little white display piece! Love all your hands, vintage jewelry, too!

    Just a quick reminder ~ the WEDDING BLOG PARTY is coming up this Friday, June 25th! Hope to see you there! It just wouldn't be a party without you! :0)

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  6. Oh debra
    I could play Princess in there for hours. How fun and what a beautiful display. Always so wonderful to stop by and see what you are creating I mean cleaning. Have a terrific week


  7. Hi Debra ~ I am SOOO jealous. I have been looking for that type of case. Oh it is gorgeous. Your display looks fabulous and I would NEVER tell that you weren't cleaning your room. I do the same thing, which is why cleaning in my house takes hours. I walk around the house with my new gem a hundred times until I find the perfect spot to proudly display it.

  8. That is a nice white treasure. Such a great idea using it as a jewelry box. I do the same thing when I get something new and start rearranging several rooms just for that one piece to be in the right spot.

  9. I share your same "rearranging" technique! Had to giggle. The new arrangement looks exquisite! Love how you've organized everything so beautifully! New follower here who is off to explore your garden! Happy WW!

  10. Love how you use the busts to hold your beautiful pearls! It is a treasure of a cabinet! I am sure it makes you smile each time you look at it!

  11. Love the little cabinet, I just posted about one too!!! Yours is fabulous! Oh my, I love it!!!
    Margaret B

  12. I've been hanging out on your blog for some time this morning just loving your pictures. You have a wonderful talent of display and then photographing with beautiful lighting and angles. Just gorgeous.

  13. With such a wonderful piece of course you would have to get it settled into it's new home.

    I think we all rearrange that way. Here I call it my robbing Peter to pay Paul syndrome. Yes, I have a syndrome!

    My name is Suzan and I rearrange.


  14. LOL I thought that that's the way everyone cleaned house? Cleaning and re-arranging... it all goes together in my book! LOL AND! You can't really clean properly with a new somethin' to get you motivated!!!

    You have to make a trip to Mindy's store when she opens it up at her new location - she and David will have you cleaning and rearranging and cleaning and rearranging... seriously. Happens to me constantly... 99% of my house is courtesy of Mindy. I just don't get why she doesn't help me clean though... hmmmm...

    Okay - back to your cabinet - TOTALLY cool!!! Everything in it - around it and UNDER it is GORGEOUS!!!

    :-) Have a great afternoon!

  15. I need to rearrange somethings myself but lately I've been rearranging the garden. Now you've got me wanting to make my whites and bling bling look as good as yours.
    Hope you're doing ok in this humidity?
    boy I'm loving our new central air!!!!

  16. I agree...it's FAB*U*LOUS!!! Happy White Wednesday!

    Back Porch Blessings,

  17. I love your little medical cabinet...so cute! What great goodies you have. The bust of a girl is adorable and what great pearls and rhinestones you have.
    xo, Sherry

  18. Ha!! You just described the way I usually clean!! I get a new piece that motivates me and then I rip everything apart!! I'm thinking about doing just that in my craft room! YIKES!! I love your little med. chest and everything that's in it~~LOVELY! have a great day! Julie

  19. Oh that happens to me ALL of the time. :)Lovely vignettes.

  20. Okay - I'm back. But! I came back to tell you that I used you for inspiration last night and busted out all of my pearls to hang from my ceramic hand! LOVE it!!! So does the cat, but he and I had a discussion and now I'm back to just me loving it.

    Thank You for the inspiration - I adore you!!!

    :-D robelyn

  21. I wondered what Robelyn did with the hand she got from me...

    Indeed, this is the same way I "clean" house! The cabinet is divine!

    Thanks for stopping by. I'm liking your blog, here. ~Mindy

  22. Hi Debra, I luv your treasure chest of bling! But I have my eye on the little gem of the antique perfume bottle with the metalic on it that is a treasure. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend...Julian

  23. OMG love that pearl collar!! What a darling little display case. That's so perfect for all your pretty things!