Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hello Everyone,

Well, they found Norma but sadly it is not good news. Manny called this morning to let me know but I didn't want to post it until it was public. Since I posted about her a couple of days ago, I thought it only right to let you know how it ended. I couldn't even wrap my mind around what the family is feeling right now. So sad, so evil. Thank you again my kind friends for your thoughts and prayers. You are all such wonderful people. Bless you:)

Body Found in Moreno Valley is that of Norma Lopez Authorities in Riverside County have confirmed that the human remains found 2.5 miles from Valley View High School in Moreno Valley are that of missing teen Norma Lopez.

The 17-year-old went missing last Thursday after her summer school classes. A decomposing body was located in a rural area nearby, and an autopsy conducted this morning confirmed it was that of Lopez, announced an official from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department during a press conference. The family was the first to be notified, and have asked for privacy as they mourn the loss of Norma.
Early investigation revealed personal effects belonging to Lopez near where she disappeared, and the FBI has been to the scene to collect evidence, reports KTLA. The case has now been changed from that of an abducted person to that of a homicide. "We will continue to follow every lead that we have," pledged the Sheriff's Department.


  1. This has made me sick and sad at the same time. I'm so sorry for her family and friends. These things, no matter how many times you hear, are horrible. The family will be in my prayers.

  2. Oh Debra,
    I wept when I read this. Have been praying...
    The family will be in my prayers. I can't imagine the grief and hearts torn over this. I truly can't. I am so sorry.
    We live in a world broken by sin, and much evil abounds...All will have to answer to God for their deeds one day, even if they never do here.
    Justice will be served...In the meantime, let your precious relatives know that many are sad over the news and remembering them. May God comfort them. thank you for letting us know...

  3. My heart is broken......and breaking for this poor family.

    I'm praying....praying....


  4. ...oh dear Jesus...please send this broken hearted family justice, closure and peace...

    I live in the community where Brianna Denison was from ~ another victim of a senseless tragedy
    and there are no words to express the sorrow...


  5. Debra ..I just finished reading the local article a few hours ago ..but they didn't confirm it was her ..I am so sad to here it is. How sickening and so sad. It's hard to even imagine the evil that is our there lurking.

    My heart hurts for her family ..their grief must be so Great. I will hold them up in my prayers ..that God May give them the peace that passeth understanding to endure this tragedy that has struck their home and their hearts. And that the predator that's out there will be caught and true justice will be served upon him.

    With Sincerest Sorrow...


  6. I am just so saddened by this. I am thinking of you and sending out prayers to Norma's family.


  7. My thoughts and prayers go out to all who loved her! HUgs!

  8. I'm so sorry you and your family are having to go through this. What a terrible end for this poor girl. I hope whoever harmed her is caught and brought to justice. You will all continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Take care. ♥

  9. Oh I am so saddened to hear this. Will keep this dear family in my prayers for comfort and peace.
    It must be hard for you to write this, but thank you for letting us know.
    All my thoughts and prayers,

  10. I saw this on the news and myheart froze..So sad for such loss..My heart goes to the family..what they must be going thru....

  11. Debra,

    Just quickly going through the internet, not intending to really read, or comment, but I had to stop and say how sorry I am and how painful, painful this is for the family. Only God knows what He will do with this and I will pray that He may show the family His plan. I am so sorry.


  12. How horrible! I'm so sad for her family!


  13. I am so sorry Debra~ and angry as all Hell. I keep editing out my wishes for the sick bastards that did this, because it is meaningless and now is not the time. God has his plans and we must have faith. So I will just say I am heartbroken over it.

  14. This is so horrible and sad. I cannot imagine her family's grief. They are in my prayers. Thank you for letting us know.

  15. Debra,

    I am so sorry to read this news. I will pray that all of the family will somehow find the strength to get through these next horrific days and the long years of grief ahead.

    It is hard to grasp the concept of such evil and sorrow in a world meant to be of wonder. For the family's sake I will also pray for a quick resolution to all the questions that they have about the who and the why.

    It is just so awful and so very, very sad.

    I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.


  16. Hello
    This is just so sad, I am so very sorry. Such wickedness in this world, so much more do we have to cling to our Heavenly Father. Please know that I am praying for the family and that this person is found so no other family has to go through this.

  17. Debra I am so sorry to hear this news today. It was actually on my AOL page this morning so I read the news earlier today. I am devastated for this family. I cannot even pretent to know whay they are going through.
    Sending you a big hug tonight

  18. Dear Debra... I am SO very sorry to hear this terrible news... our Hearts and Prayers go out to you and the Family of this beautiful young Woman whose life was cut short in such a cruel way.

    May the Lord give you all a Peace during this difficult time and may the perp(s) of this crime be caught and punished for the terrible evil they have done.

    I had stopped by to say thank you for visiting and joining my new Blog and saying such sweet comments... but when I read this post it just touched my Heart so deeply and I hardly know what to say. God Bless you.

    Dawn... The Bohemian