Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Hello Everyone:)

Can you stand to look at just a few more photos of Brimfield???Oh great, I was hoping you would say yes!
This is my favorite thing that I bought from Brimfield. I bought it from the Tinsel Trading Co. It is a very old head piece just packed with yummy millinery flowers.

Just look at those flowers. I put it on one of my dress forms for now but who knows where it will wind up.  I just may wear it. lol

I just love looking at it. The muted colors are just so beautiful:)

Oh look, someone has more pillows on their bed than me;)

This woman is VERY talented!!!! I have to find her name to post. She had a gorgeous booth, well actually she had 3 booths - she is smart too:)Do you see those seats and the pillows in the back? Well, she sells those big squares so you can do your own thing with them. I bought 3 and they are really great. She said she will have more in September. I will be back:)

More fun things. Love the blues.

                                        This is a great desk.  It would be perfect for my lap top and it would hide all of my messy papers. I can not wait to go back to Brimfield in September. It will be the last one for the year. Then I will slowly go into withdrawal. Nicole and I may sell there next year again. This Summer is just flying by. I hope you are enjoying it:)

Well, I have to go now, I am being photographed by Don. He is threatening  again that he is going to start his own blog about me. Who know where those photos will show up;)He calls me a blogging maniac. That's  just crazy
'Till next time.....
~Debra XXX

Can someone help me, please. Nicole and I each have our own blog on the same blogger. When I go to follow someone it shows that she is following that person. Does anyone know how to get it so that it shows that I am the follower? Thank you:)


  1. Brimfield looks like a great place to shop! I hope you get the's perfectly chippy! I also love those pillows. This is my kind of place! Lots of treasures. I love your headpiece with the pretty faded flowers.

    We are not blogging maniacs...we spend way too much time perfecting our craft to be maniacs. Perfectionists???


  2. hahahah. I laughed all the way through your post, even while I was oohing and ahhing at your wonderful pics... First off, I would like to see you wearing the headpiece...Take a picture Don!
    Second, someone having more pillows on their bed than you also made me laugh, cause that was over the top!!!! LOL! You too funny! Thanks for a great post to smile and go gahgah over. Thinking of Norma's family, said a prayer for them today ...Blessings, Debra!

  3. What an exciting place to go!!

  4. i would be getting a rash by now if I was there shopping ....
    my heart is already beating faster than usual ...

  5. Hello Debra, I came across your blog and before reading all your older posts, went right back to FOLLOWERS and joined - for here I will def visit, follow and keep in my " must go" or" must see" or "must have" file..perhaps just make it easy on myself and call it the "MUST" file! thank you for sharing and looking forward to discovering more of what you come across.. warm wishes Colette (laBrocanteuse)

  6. Please let me know where Tinsel Trading Company is located in Brimfield and do you know if they are there at w wry Brimfield? I'm not going to get to go again until next May. The flowers are beautiful . And that desk is to die for, I think I'm in love.



  7. Great finds and I do recognize the booth with burlap and chairs....they were all over Brimfield those two. My friend bought a pillow there.
    I seem to always miss T Trading. I've heard they have great deals there. Will have to make a point of stopping there in the Fall.

    On the followers thing ...I think if you share the same blog address you might not be able to separate the followers.
    The only way would be to transfer her blog to a new one with a whole new address.
    I like the idea of Don writing a blog just about you....I'd be his 1st follower!!!

  8. Brimfield is definitely on my 'Bucket List'... I LOVE LOVE LOVE your vintage Millinery Flower Headpiece, what a 'score'!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  9. Good morning Debra,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was a shopper in Brimfield at the May show. My best friend and I talked for years about going to Brimfield and on a whim, she booked our flights. It was a dream week for the two of us. As soon as we got back to Texas, we made plans and booked a place to stay for next May. Thanks for the info on Tinsel Trading, I did shop in their space, more than once, LOL. I bought an old beat up, smashed top hat in the May's field and went looking for flowers to pretty it up. The ladies were so helpful, but I'm still looking for just the right flowers for it. As for that charming lovely treasure you found, you should so wear it. I'm certain it will look fabulous.



  10. Great pics. I loved those blues popping amongst the white. Nice. ~Mindy

  11. Crazy talk indeed!!! I would so love to visit Don's blog though, hehe! Let me know if he does it. LOL!
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment about my garden. Girl my garden has nothing over your's. I adore the space you have created for your self. Doesn't gardening just make ya happy? Me too! I know that you are having some major heat, but I envy your Winters for sure.
    I can't help you with the follower question. I'm a sorry blogger. I can't even figure out how to rearrange my blog yet. Still working on making some changes here. I usually have to wait for my blogger savy daughter to visit.

  12. Hi,
    I would so love to go to Brimfield, but alas I live so far away! :( Your floral head piece is fabulous, the colors are just lovely!
    I love all of your photos from Brimfield, it makes me wish I were there!
    Have a great weekend.

  13. The show looks like a lot of fun and so many booths to explore. Thanks for sharing....Julian

  14. Hello, Debra, my friend,
    This looks like a wonderful marketplace. No wonder you love it so. I am with you on those gorgeous vintage millinery. They are exquisite in every way. Enjoy your upcoming week~ Love and hugs~ Vicki

  15. So fun to visit you again... Oh I would love to go to Brimfield one day.... I love to go to Long Beach Flea Market out in Calif. You would really love that one too, At one time in my life I had 14 pillows on my bed! My husband hated it. I now have just 6. He seems to be fine with that. After 37 years we compromised...I just did a blue display in the shop you might like. I miss the ocean so much it makes me smile every time I walk by. Hugs Chrisy's Cottage