Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hello Everyone,

Let me preface this post by saying it was hot, it was raining and the camera put 10lbs on my face. OK with that said...Whenever I have ever seen someone famous I have NEVER EVER bothered them. Well, Don and I were at Brimfield today having fun and pretending that it was not raining. I look up and who is walking towards me? YES!!!! RACHEL ASHWELL!!!!!!!!!! So I say" Excuse me, can I just say hello?" You are Rachel Ashwell right?" (Don said he heard me say "Hey aren't you going to say hello?".) He is deaf in one ear. Anyway she said "Yes I am and this is my friend Amy (I think that was her name). I told her how much I loved her, her style and how I have all of her books and how I wanted a donkey (just kidding) and was talking VERY fast because I thought I was being rude and didn't want to take up too much of her time. THEN...I blurted out " can I have a picture "?and she said "of course".  She was sooooooo gracious and polite and sooo pretty! I think I just scared her into taking a picture with me but she did and I AM SO EXCITED to have met someone that has been such a huge inspiration to me. I love her story of how and why she started Shabby Chic and have followed her through her blog, tapes, and books.  I always said I would love to meet her.  Then I do and don't even talk to her. I don't know what happened to me. Its like someone body snatched me.

Wait to you see who else I met in the next post!  Oh what a day I had:)

'Till next time....
~Debra XXX AKA           Rachels BFF LOLOLOLOL


  1. AAAhhhh ~ Debra, that is so funny. I can't believe I didn't go today. My girlfriend was broke this week (me too) so I let it slide. @#$% I think you both look so happy and fabulous. Im glad the rain didn't stop you. Ok - spill the goods - what'd ya get?

  2. I think you look absolutely darling and good for you, you recognized her in her "disguise". Great hat she had on! What a treat!

  3. woo hoo! What an event! How cool is that??
    You will display that one I am sure!! Waiting for your next post!!! :-)

  4. Oh Debra you look adorable in your bohemian dress i might add. This is a major score! and you'd better frame that and put it in a prominent(sp?) place. like over the
    Gee, do you think she was trying to hide in that big hat of hers?
    Now how are you going to top this one?
    Can't wait to hear more!

  5. That's Awesome ~ You Both look Great!

  6. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction regarding a close-up of your headless angel statuary - she's AWESOME!! I have some of Rachel Ashwell's books myself but there's no way I would have recognized her under that hat. You look great, and I love your hippie top!!

  7. lol You're the best... even when you're acting like a tool... hahaha What if you really did say "Aren't you gonna say Hi?" LMAO She probably thought you were famous and didn't want to be rude.

  8. You are both lookin' pretty good to me. What a nice experience for you......I too, am a fan of hers.



  9. Debra,

    This is too funny! Carole sent me over your way, telling me about this post. I'm so glad you talked to her however briefly and you'll always have this picture.

    I'm sure she was tickled also. Who wouldn't want to know that she was appreciated? good for you! I would have just stalked her afraid to speak...


  10. How funny !!! Great picture!!!Iknow just how you feel... I will probably do the same thing..She will be appearing OCT 2 in" Remmanets of The Past" show in Nipomo CA.. I go there as a assitant to a jewelry artist which I help...and I will be also embarrased and talking fast and asking for a picture.. My friend says she will have to watch me so I don't stalk her :-) She played such an important role in my life..her style and books were always such an inspiration...

  11. That is awesome! I would have been a blabbering fool & terrified to ask for a picture!

  12. Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllllllllllllll.......... I am SO excited for you!!! You're adorable standing next to her!!!

    Whoo hoo! What a day you had! I can't wait to hear who else you met!

    ;-) robelyn

  13. Oh how exciting, I think you booth looked great!!! Blessings~~~ Daphne

  14. How exciting!
    And I think she's pretty darn lucky having met YOU. :-)

  15. well..if anyone deserves to meet rachel, it is you!! if she could see how much time and effort you put into your love of collecting, selling, creating and defining your style, she would be honored i'm sure!!! how exciting!!! oh....and the photo of you is awesome!! you and rachel both look sweet and happy....
    cheers to you.

  16. Awesome!!
    You both look cute! I met her once at a flea market too!!
    Have a great weekend,

  17. firstly, I think you looked beautiful. secondly, OH MY! Rachel herself! what a treat- i would have been speechless!!


  18. Lucky you Debra!! While I was out photographing barns you were meeting the queen!!! You both look so nice and I love the picture!!

  19. That is awesome and your pic is great! I miss her show.


  20. Wow! That is so cool! She is truly an inspiration! I have enjoyed her style and design for so many years now! You are so lucky to have met her and let her know how she has impacted your life!!

    You look great!!

    Have a great week!!