Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hello Everyone:)

Are you enjoying the heat? I am. While I was doing things in the yard yesterday, I couldn't help but think, wouldn't this horse barn be perfect for the donkey I have always wanted? Or 3 sheep? There is a huge area for them to graze. I think it would be so much fun to own a donkey. To drive up my driveway and see him waiting for me. I just need to convince Don that we really 'need' one. I will need a good reason like "we can use the fur for clothes" or" I think they give milk". "Yes, that's right donkey milk, you have heard of it haven't you?" I might have to work on that a little more;)

Pink coneflowers and grasses are thriving.

Here is the perfect quiet place to watch my donkey.

Look even the bees are enjoying the heat.

The Phlox and purple Rose of Sharon are in full bloom too.

Well, time to go back inside and order some Donkey books on Amazon. I will need a lot of information;)
Wish me luck!

'Till next time....
~Debra XXX aka The Donkey Whisperer:)


  1. Your yard and garden are gorgeous! I like the donkey idea. Better yet, goats. You can get rid of the lawn mower!


  2. We have a ranch here near harmony that rescues
    Donkeys , horses to live thier life out...I hear donkeys are GREAT watchdogs... they gaurd your property and livestock...I read that somewhere...tell him you need more security near the house! :-)

  3. A donkey huh? I think you'll have to do some real research on that one. Maybe you could use him for tours around your lovely historic town. Maybe antique shop tours? I like the idea of sheep....now they give milk. Think of all the yummy cheese you could make and the sweaters you'll be knitting.
    Love your garden shots....and the framing is really cute.
    Hope your garden got a good soak!

  4. I'm so jealous I can't have a donkey. That would be so very cool Debra gosh my Gracie would love having one.

    Hope that you have a terrific week


  5. Hahahahah! You are TOOO funny. I love it. And yes I am with you...I have always said if I get my dream farm while still here that I wanted one of those miniature donkeys. They are just sooo cute. How about they will eat all the weeds?????
    hmmm.. a long shot...but one more thing for your list...(probably eat all the grass too!) shriek.
    Your little spot to watch Mr. Donkey is beautiful. Thanks for the enjoyable post. Keep us posted on the Donkey tale....

  6. I'm laughing so hard... you donkey whisperer. LOLOLOL

    I always wanted those fainting goats - how FUN would that be?!!?

    Your gardens are GORGEOUS!!! It's too hot even for the flowers here - I'm living vicariously through yours!!!

    ;-) robelyn

  7. Marlene is right. Some people have a donkey to protect their sheep from coyotes. So work on getting a couple of sheep first. You know, to reduce the amount of lawn mowing required. That's practical, right? Then you'll HAVE to get a donkey to protect the sheep. Yeah, that's the ticket!

  8. I think a little donkey would love living on your property. It almost sounds like a children's book - "A Donkey in Connecticut." I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your headless angel statuary!! Did she come that way or did she "lose her head," so to speak. somewhere during her travels? I'd love a closer look at her sometime (hint hint).

  9. A friend of mine has a donkey ...His name is Nelson!He is the cutest thing ever and is sooo sweet! He follows the kids around just like a dog!
    I'm a new follower!

  10. OH MY GOSH Debra!!! It's so beautiful out there. Hey girl...if you convince the man that donkeys give milk, I have some property to sell him as well!!! I say sheep would be just the thing for that pretty little barn...I have always wanted sheep. But alas, the man used to herd sheep with his grandfather when he was a young boy and has no use for them.
    I love that angle in your garden!!!!!!!!!!

  11. We vote for a donkey... and we're 5. And I see you have been experimenting with Picnik... nice nice!


  12. I know a thing or two about donkeys... They are very smart. They are the second smartest farm animal, the pig being the smartest. They are used by farmers to give companionship and protection to other livestock. They can be easily trained to do tricks. They are very loving and sensitive to people. The milk thing....well, I have seen human babies given donkey milk when they were allergic to cow milk, but it was from a mother donkey with a baby.

    Oh, a female donkey is a Jenny. A male donkey is a Jackass. A donkey and a horse hybrid is a mule, which cannot breed.

    Good luck! A miniature donkey would give much pleasure to your family.