Monday, February 22, 2010


Hello Everyone!
I hope your weekend was great. Don and I decided to go to the Hartford Flower Show on Sunday. They didn't have many garden set ups but the ones that they did have were pretty. I did take some pictures. There were many sellers there which was fun:)

I thought this was so pretty with the fence, tiles, pots and flowers blue. What a happy space.

This was an interesting water feature.

I love hostas.  This out building was very nicely landscaped. We are looking for some different bushes to plant in the front of our barn to replace all of the big bushes there now.  We did find Witch Hazel.  It is interesting all year long.  We loved that, so we will get it in the Spring.

Topiaries!!!!! Two of these babys came home with me:)

This planting was connected with the pond in the next picture.

This picture does not do it justice.  It was so wonderful and artistically done. It looked like it had been there for years.

OK!!!! Now  for my other favorite part of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can not tell you how excited I am that the above antique hutch (photo with cell phone) will be in our home on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We looked at it months ago and the measurements that were given were not the measurements that we got on Sunday. I asked if we could measure it one more time. My husband was sure it would not fit but it does!!!It is perfect!!! It is a very large antique kitchen cabinet. I didn't want new cabinets in the kitchen. I wouldn't appreciate them and living in an old barn they would look out of place. I wanted something exactly like this and it was just fate:) This week I will have to empty all of the cabinets that we have now and then Don and I (?) will take them down and replace the floor in front of it. He says it is a big job. But I knew it would be, it always is;) I am up for the challenge!!!!!He was concerned that we will be losing counter space but I only use the one now for decorating as I use our island for preparing meals. When it is all in I will post pictures so that you can see how imperfectly perfect it is. All I will change is the handles on the doors to old glass handles. I am counting the days until Saturday!!!

Well that is my exciting news for the weekend. Hope you did something fun! Talk to you soon:)
~Debra xxx


  1. Sounds like a great day...and I love topiaries too.

    I have a lot of cabinets in my kitchen...dumb built~ins from the builder but I did add an old hutch that was a built~in in someones house a long time ago.

    It takes up one is pretty beat up and I paid a lot for it ~lol..last week I removed the vinyl and have now created an ever bigger~SHABBY~ mess.

    Yours looks great and I can't wait to see...doing the floors seems like the tough husband cannot do that kind of stuff :( Is your cabinet a blue color?

  2. YOu had a 5-star weekend! The flower show was a perfect outing for spring fever, and the cupboard - such a great find! I am tickled pink for you! Can't wait to see the pictures of it in its new home!
    In joy,

  3. Love the gardens! Makes me want Spring to get here fast!!
    I can't tell you how excited I am for you. That hutch is amazing!! I'm so happy it will fit, and that you love it. That kind of stuff is so exciting to me.
    Thanks for you nice visit!
    You have a great week, and you will be counting down the days til Saturday.

  4. Super-beatufiul post!

  5. Luv, luv, luv the cupboard!!! Can't tell what the exact color is, but I know you'll post more pictures soon. Congrats on your score!
    Cindy at Lakewood

  6. Thanks for stopping in at my blog ..I would love to see that kitchen floor ...Red and White sounds just delicious !!!

    I love your new Kitchen Cupboard ..and couldn't agree more cupboards would not be appreciated chose wisely .

    Can't wait to see the end result ..

    Blessings ..Sara of Sweet Magnolias Farm

  7. OMG!!!! I am soo pea green with envy!! I LOVE THAT CABINET!! Perfect color !!I have always wanted something like that in my kitchen ..I would have sooo much fun decorating behind the glass doors!! what a dream cabinet..You must take a picture once its in its home...I think you will treasure that piece always.. I would!!!

  8. Oh My God Debra ~ That cupboard is gor-ge-ous!!! I don't care if I had to rip a wall down to get it in the house. I'm sure it will be perfect in your house. I so wish we could do over our kitchen ~ but we keep toying around with moving so my husband won't commit ~ Bummer. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Its a good thing too, because it just started snowing again:(

  9. You know how to get my attention Debra. You can take me to a garden show any day.
    That cabinet is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad it fits.

  10. That is one gorgeous cabinet , lucky you .

  11. Wow I thought you would only come back with a few plants shotzkies(sp?) haha
    Can't wait to see how it looks at your house.
    Thanks for the tour of the show...wish I could have gone. Maybe I'll go with you next year!
    Was the wire/iron lady there?..gardeny stuff?
    I love seeing Balleks Nancy Ballek and her staff.
    You should get withhazel...such a cool plant but it's hard to sell because it flowers so early.
    ok sorry for the long comment!

  12. Oh Debra, that cabinet is fabulous. I would covet something like that in my kitchen. And it's has so much warmth and personality. Our home and garden show was this past weekend too but I had other places to go and things to see. Come and see what I did this past weekend and also there is a thank you for you. xoxo

  13. Are you kidding me!! Those cabinets are amazing! I went to Round Top last October & fell in love with some like that. If I'd had a truck....Your husband is a sweetie. I love the topiaries too, the garden pics make me wish for spring. Lisa
    PS Your comments make me blush!

  14. What a wonderful cabinet...!! The color is awesome! Isn't it great when things just fall into place??!!

  15. The topiaries look great. I can always find a place for one in the garden. And congradgulations on your treasure, that is a beautiful hutch. Im glad you like the pictures on my blog and Tallulah she is a ham. Have a great day. Julian

  16. what a blast! personally, i could take or leave the garden stuff...but that hutch is fabulous!!! take "during" pics too! so we can fully appreciate the process! can't wait to see it all fixed up and finished!

  17. Gorgeous piece!! We're so glad is going to a good home!!!!

  18. It was fate. This kitchen cabinet/hutch will be perfect in your barn home. Congratulations. Can't wait to see it in place. xo, Rosemary

  19. Oh Dear God Debra ~ please ~ no more snow!!! We must get that cabinet this weekend!!! I think it must all be some cruel joke by the Weather Channel. Dee xoxo

  20. Beautiful garden pictures, and LOVE your new furniture piece.

    Thanks for coming by.


    barbara jean

  21. Oh, I can't wait for spring and those garden photos make me want it even more. And...what a beautiful addition to your home that cabinet will make!!! I really can't wait to see pictures and you live in an old barn?? How neat is that?

    Have a great day.

  22. Bonjour Debra,
    Looks like so much fun and your hutch is just beautiful. I was sure I became a follower awhile ago but I see I did not - oops. SOrry this has happened several times now - perhaps I need some ginko! I'll take care of this right now.
    Good week to you!

  23. Hi, Debra,
    That garden show looked wonderful to me. I am really longing for spring. I don't blame you for taking some of those lovely topiaries home. I absolutely love your new cabinet!! You will have so much fun filling it up with pretties! You asked about the rose painting on my blog. No, I did not paint it, but I can give you a link to the lady who did if you should want it. My e-mail is on my personal info page. Have a happy rest of the week! Vicki

  24. Oh, I love your cupboard too.. I love the drawers down below. I had drawers put in my kitchen. There wonderful for pots and pans, you can see everything at a glance. and the glass doors can show off your fav dishes and serving pieces. My husband and I have done a lot of projects together too. It's always a little crazy at times, but the finished job is so rewarding and special..Have fun Chrisy

  25. That hutch is incredible! Wow, how excited are you right now? Great find! :-)


  26. Hi Debra,
    How exciting about your kitchen cabinet!!! I cannot wait to see that finished project, I love when things work out that we have longed for:) So very happy for you. Have a terrific week, thanks for putting a smile on my face today!!


  27. Love the topiaries and I do hope you post pics when you get that grand hutch home! Marcia

  28. Me again,
    I just wanted to say thanks, you inspire me too!

  29. Good Morning
    Oh, the garden show was so beautiful what a treat. And your cabinet is fabulous. I am so glad you found just what you wanted... it will look fabulous, can't wait to see the new kitchen

  30. I just found your blog and I'm lovin' it. I too would have brought home a (or two) topiary!

  31. Not too long now and we get to see that fabulous cabinet in your kitchen....woohoo! Can't wait!

  32. HI Debra
    I popped over from Carole's to say hello... Loved your booth at the show.. so many gorgeous pieces.. too bad I am too far to travel and see for myself... and congrats on getting your antique hutch... I'm sure it will be worth all the effort.. .. Julie