Wednesday, February 3, 2010

White Wednesday

It is White Wednesday again. Be sure to check out 'Faded Charm' where Kathleen hosts it and has a huge list of White Wednesday Blogs to follow.  Lots of loveliness.

This is a chair I covered with a vintage burlap bag and one of the pillows we sell at

I was so excited to find a dealer at the flea market that sold me these metal flowers.  All different and all beautiful and at $1.00 each I was thrilled.

Two vintage millinery flowers pinned to our sofa.

An old wooden bowl filled with twine.  It was filled more than this but I have been using a lot of twine lately.

One of my 'girls' fluffing her feathers for the camera.  I have two female doves and they both love the swing. I have seen them jump on the swing and when it goes back and forth they coo like they are enjoying it. They do it over and over again.  Very funny:)

Hope you enjoyed my little bit of white.  I will be over to say hello and check out your whites too.

'Till next time........
~Debra xxx


  1. I love your pillo, Debra! I am in love with every one I see. Now if I had enough places to put them!! I also love those metal flowers. Great deal. Did you buy them all up??

    Your dove is precious. Do you keep it inside or out?


  2. Oh my goodness Debra, I almost missed your white post, I think. How Awful!!!! I love all your pictures and what you have to share. I just L-O-V-E your Doves. (I want some!!!!!!) What a beautiful living white. Thanks so much for sharing and commenting and for your kind words for Justin ...hugging you for them. And be SURE you linked up over at Kathleens via the McLinky. I think that's why I missed you cause maybe your weren't there?????? Give Fergie a big ole hug for me. TTYL

  3. I love that chair and pillow. All wonderful shades and personalities of whites portrayed in your pics. Thanks for sharing.
    Cindy at Lakewood

  4. So glad you found my I can visit yours. I love that chair. Isn't burlap great....and I am into twine these days, too.

    Gonna run visit your website now....Love the name of your blog :)

  5. Came back to tell you that I am in love with your website......those pillows are wonderful.....your style is great.

    How lucky to be working with your daughter! My daughter and I both love Vintage and are going to try and sell at a local Antique month.

    Be back soon~

  6. I know, I know, I'm supposed to be studying, but I just had to comment on your gorgeous whites!

    I just LOVE your chair and pillow in the first pic, wow! So talented.
    And those metal flowers are wonderful, I would've snatched up all of them! :-)

    Back to the books!

  7. Wow, those metal flowers were a great find! Love your pics. Have a great day.

  8. Oh - how I LOVE Fergie!! Not sure if I commented on her before!! I used to have an English bulldog, Winston. She just stole my heart. Okay, I LOVE your chair - it stole my butt! :-) I did one like that when living in Texas and your chair brought back memories. I used to do lace around the edge just like that and how I miss it. Your style is great and now if I can figure out how to get Fergie to sneak over the chair so I can keep them both.... hahahaha.


  9. Love that white lace trim on the chair! Thanks so much for your sweet words...

  10. Wow Debra!!
    Everything looks amazing. How great are those metal flowers? You have everything I like!!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  11. OK Debra,
    I am so copy cating the flowers on the sofa thing OH MY too cute for words. Love this post as usual. Congrats on the queen mom:) I can see why she thinks you are the greatest, your beauty spills over on your pages.

    Have a great week

  12. Oooohhh, that chair and pillow! just gorgeous! Love all your photos, but the flowers are wonderful, I've never seen them before!

  13. Hi Debra! Thanks for stopping by Sassafras Stuff today and leaving a kind little comment! I so enjoy meeting new friends in blogland!

    This is a great post! Those metal flowers are perfect displayed in that bowl. And the burlap chair!! Oh how I love it!!

    It is nice to connect with you!


  14. Hi Debra ~ You have such fabulous stuff for us this week. I love love love the chair ~ and your doves. How wonderful. I think need some birds, its so quiet here in CT in the Winter~I miss their songs. Thanks for stopping over and hope to see you soon.

    xoxo Dee

  15. Hi, Debra,
    I did enjoy your whites so much!! Each one is so elegant and charming. Your little bird is so sweet. I would love to see her on her swing!! Thank you so much for stopping by Bunny Cottage for a visit. It really brightened my day! Vicki

  16. Hi, The chair is gorgeous. What a wonderful idea. I might have to barrow it. Thank you


  17. The crown pillow is awesome. Love all your whites today. Hope you are having a wonderful week.


  18. I love that burlap chair so much...beautiful!

  19. you have some great things, that chair with the burlap and lace is amazing. the metal flowers are gorgeous too!

  20. gosh! there is too much to love in this post! the burlap is beyond! the metal flowers for $1...i'm jealous! the millinery flowers pinned to the sofa are too cute! and i love those tiny bowling and sell everyone i can get my hands on!

  21. Debra ~
    Oh meee Oh myyy
    I love every bit of it!
    Especially the burlap chair: Beautiful!
    Nice post
    Have a great day :+D

  22. Lots of pretty, pretty things here Debra! Thanks for stopping by to introduce yourself. I hope to visit you again soon.....

  23. Debra!!!
    I love your site for all things French, Burlap and Twine... It looks as if we have alot in common...Keep up the great design work, and your passion for burlap. I will be keeping my eye on you.