Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hello Everyone!

Thanks for stopping by.  Today I have decided is 'Teal Thursday'. I love, love, love all shades of white. I have rooms dedicated to it. But I need color too and Teal is one of my many favorites. I have an eclectic way of decorating but it all works. How do you decorate?

I found this huge sign at the flea market. We almost didn't get it in the SUV. Here are some of the fans I collect. I love the different shades they came in and the different styles of the blades and cages.  I would love to have them all wired together so that I can just flip on a switch in the summer and have them all cooling the house. Besides moving around the air, it would look really great too.

Some of my linens.  If I find a linen that I love and it has a few light stains on it, I just dye it. They come out so pretty and you can coordinate it to your own decor.

My sofa with comfy pillows and a quilt to keep warm.

This old cabinet was perfect just the way it was except for the knobs.  I changed them out and now it is perfect!

A painted teal chair near the phone and a pillow that I made.

I bought this pretty wreath from Homegoods and have it up all year long. I just love the colors.

Do you have teal in your home? I'd love to hear about it.

'Till next time.....


  1. Hi,
    Wow, I love your decorating. That sign is pretty great. Glad it did fit in your car.
    I don't have teal, but I do have a little of the bluish greenish color. I have a very eclectic house. I think you would like it.
    Love the fans!
    Have a great Valentine's Day weekend!

  2. I don't but now I want too!
    That sign is wonderful..good thing it fit :)

  3. Debra,
    I do love Teal!! It's funny how people will call a color Teal, and it is never the same shade with any person! But I do love the color blue-teal that is in your photos. YES! I love pretty much every shade of blue. So, I'm covered if you say blue! Your photos are a delight. WHAT....A...SIGN... You would be surprised what I have fit into the back of my van with the help of a screwdriver and some dismantling. well..maybe you wouldn't be surprised. Men shake their heads in amazement when they see determined women accomplish the impossible... {:-) Love the fans.
    Enjoyed my visit.

  4. All your teal is just delicious!! I don't decorate with it, but I sure wear a lot of it lately!! Love all your timeworn furniture, those gorgeous knobs and that wreath and telephone chair and pillow!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  5. Well I just love everything you have!! the worn woods and the color Teal.. which comes out on my screen as a yummy shade of Turquoise..Which is one of my favorite decorating accent colors, that and Aqua..,,all their shades! I have a passion for White..My bedroom is in all shades of white and cream..but when you want a pop of color there is nothing like a little warm wood and aqua with it!!!

  6. I love all of your blue. It's one of my favorite colors. Your blog is great and I love love the name!

  7. Debra, everything looks fantastic. I love and I need colors

  8. This is stunning! I love the linens stacked so daintily in the cupboard...

  9. Yup ~ I have to agree. With me the teals start to come out as soon as I hear the first Spring Songbird. Thats just the way it works out. I love it and you gave me some wonderful ideas. Maybe you should start a Turquoise Tuesday :) Count me in!!!!!!!!

  10. Hi Debra,
    Wow have you got some awesome teal pieces in your home. I love the chest with just a bit of teal paint left on it. Well actually, I could steal any of these pieces and you can bet I would get them all to fit in my car! The fans are absolutely genius.
    Oh and I wanted to tell you that your WW post was so beautiful. You have such an amazing eye for finding treasures.

  11. I just recently started using more teal too....or turquoise like I like calling it....same difference. I used a lot of it at Christmas this year and I liked the change.
    Your pieces are super. Love the idea of having all the fans going at the same time too.

  12. You have many beautiful teal pieces! I like the fans, also; I only have 1 old fan and I have it on our front porch every summer.

    We have used sage green a lot in our downstairs, but upstairs, I just love the color on our bedroom and bath walls, which is a light blue that sometimes looks green (or is it the other way around?), very soft and goes well in our old house. I recently have been loving robins egg blue and may put a little touch in the bathroom as we finish it.

  13. i love your touches of turquoise! i do the same thing but usually with green or pink! the santa fe sign is fabulous and your fans are darling! love it all!

  14. I love teal, turquoise, ocean blue, tiffany blue! Thanks for sharing these. I like the blue glass hardware. I've tried dying things a few times but experiences were so bad I haven't tried since. But I'm prone to user error!