Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Greatest...

yes you... the greatest mom in the whole WORLD! Here is the Queen picture I promised to put up for you. I bet your wishing you never told me I can post on your blog. lol
Your blogette friends should know how fabulous I think you are every now and again ;-)
Love you,
nicole xoxoxox


  1. You're blessed with a sweet daughter, too!

  2. Nicole I think your queen mother is very blessed to have you. I think your mom is awesome too.

  3. Ah, how nice...just gotta love daughters!

  4. Oh my, that picture is great! I will be copying it to my files for future inspiration. And your White Wednesday post blew my socks off! Where to start...The metals flowers, $1. are you kidding me? I would have bought all he had, & I love the way you displayed them. The chair covered in the burlap bag, beautiful. Then putting some vintage millinery on the arm of the sofa elevates ordinary to extraordinary! Love it all! Lisa

  5. I love this post, I love my Mom too, and think she is so great!

  6. I have a relationship with my daughter just like this...we are each others' best friend ...
    My younger daughter has an english bulldog AND I have an oline antique site ... so we have ALOT in common

    I will now "follow" you

  7. What a sweet daughter you have. My mother and I were like that, best friends and we did everything together. She's in Heaven now but all those precious memories just came flooding back - thank you!
    I found your blog via City Farmer. I'll head over to your Etshy boutique now and I'll be following along.
    Bonne week-end!

  8. My daughter is only 4 but this post is so sweet and making me think about the future.

  9. How I hope my little Roro grows up to be just as sweet ~Thinkin' I'm the Queen. Hey ~ I hope the Antique Show was a huge success. I couldn't get away from the SuperBowl crazies @ home :(

  10. I think your pretty fabulous too and so is your daughter Nicole. You're even sweeter in person.
    I loved your booth and am so excited I got some goodies from you. Let me know when the show in Middletown is.
    btw I can't believe there was a huge explosion there?

  11. That is just a wonderful thing!