Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Well, it is here.  My fabulous kitchen cabinet! Don and my son-in-law Manuel picked it up on Saturday. They tore out the old cabinets, replaced the floor and installed it ONE day!!! That alone was a huge surprise;) What a great job they did. THANK YOU !!!!GUYS!!!!You are the BEST!!! The gentleman that we bought it from said it came out of an old Victorian home. And he says he has a warehouse full of old furniture. Hhhhmmmm.

I am keeping the color and am going to replace the glass door knobs with clear glass ones. And that is it. I love it just the way it is.  I have much more storage, more space and it even makes the kitchen look bigger:)

Look at those  chippy, imperfect drawers!!!! So beautiful.

So much room for my plates, bowls etc. Don still doesn't understand why we need all of those plates. Isn't he adorable:)

I even love the draw pulls with the paint on them. They are staying:)

Wire basket and old kitchen piece filled with herbs and spices.
Vintage silver vessels hold my forks and spoons.

Every time I look at it I smile. It is just what this old barn needed.
What is your favorite piece of furniture in your home?

'Till next time...............
~Debra XXX


  1. That is scrumptious and I love how all of your items go perfectly.....in an imperfect way.

    I think that is a wonderful old piece and I would smile too..anytime I walked by it.

    Good work men...in one day~WOW!!!

  2. It's just gorgeous! You cand build a whole room around a grand piece of furniture like that. :-)

    My fave piece is Big Orange Betty, my 7 foot kitchen cupboard. I blogged about her, you can read about her if you search my blog.

    Have a great week!

  3. OMG!!
    Every time I look at it my heart beats faster.
    It's awesome!!
    A very lucky find.
    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Bonjour Debra,
    It is beautiful. All your pretty plates looks right at home. You do have great guys there - and so fast.
    Enjoy your new treasure.

  5. What a great cupboard, and it looks great in your kitchen! It looks like it holds tons, and I can see why you love it - you must be walking on air! And you say the seller has a warehouseful - you go, girl!

  6. just found your blog. what timing! I loooovvve that kitchen cabinet. yummmy!! and everything in it......more yummy!

  7. Oh it looks great...lots of character!
    Cindy at Lakewood

  8. Love it Debra! What a fabulous color! And so much storage! Yay you!!


  9. Debra~~~

    I am so envious of your cabinet and everything in it. We are two peas in a pod! It is gorgeous just as it is!!

    My favorite piece is an old Hoosier cabinet I bought for the lakehouse. I love it.


  10. Oh. MY. Word. That is a treasure...I would do a whole kitchen remodel to fit that in...that will hold some serious dishes:) Can you tell? I *love* it!

  11. Debra I'm in love. Can a person be in love with an old cabinet? yep, I'm in love for sure! This is just amazing, you lucky girl you!

  12. What a beautiful place for all your treasures!!!

  13. I LOVE it! It's perfect. I would definitely smile everytime I walked by that beauty.


  14. OMG!! I can't stand it ~ I love it so much. I would take that one with me to the grave ~ its big enough. Im going to see Alice in Wonderland on Sunday ~ but I will try to head on over to your show in the morning. Thanks for letting me know ~ Good Luck.

    Dee xoxo

  15. What a fabulous piece...everything in it is wonderful too!! Bravo!

  16. I am SOOOO jealous.Seriously,that is incredible.Just gorgeous.You have used up your happy quota on this one.It just isn't fair;)
    jk,I hope you enjoy it! HWW!

  17. Hi Debra,

    Just jumped over from Carole's blog, and I'm hooked - added your blog to my blogroll immediately. :)

    Your cupboard & it's contents are gorgeous, and I'm looking forward to visiting often!


  18. Wow, I saw the post when you bought it. It looks so amazing with all of your cool stuff in it. You have some really great collections & what a showcase for them. Your house looks really wonderful, show some more! Lisa

  19. Debra..It truely is a "Dream" cabinet..How gorgeous is that!!! I love the chippy paint the color and the sheer mass of it..all your stuff looks wonderful in it..you really are lucky to have that piece..I would be staring at it all day and not cooking...Oh..My husband says the same thing about my dishes.. he doesn't understand why we need so many ...LOL

  20. Thank you for your sweet comments...Actually my favorite piece of furniture is in my sisters sunroom...Darn! I dream of having that piece. It's an old wardrobe looks like someone tried to strip 100 layers of paint and stopped....Just my style. Maybe one day I'll snap a shot and post it. God Bless you, sweet ladies!

  21. oh, oh oh I LOVE (yeah I sort of shouted that) it. Soooooo absolutely wonderful. No wonder you were so excited. I want to just step into the photo and come over to eyeball it, (and the rest of your place for that matter.) so excited for you and happy too! Thanks for showing it. all us girls can hope for a piece like that someday!!Yes??? How's Fergie handling all the uproar? goodness. give her a hug.

  22. OMG......LUV that cabinet Debra! There is a shop around here that sells pieces like that, but whenever I go there they are always sold. Thanks for shopping w/me today and BTW I love your chandelier:-)....xo, Janet

  23. Don't you just LOVE getting new storage things. So you can fill it up with stuff.LOL That is one beautiful hutch. Great find!!



  24. Now THAT is an AWESOME statement piece!! I'm so glad it found a great new home with yoU!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  25. I am smiling for you this morning as I see your wonderful new addition. And I loved the bin pull on it too. Have a wonderful weekend! I saw your photo over on someone's blog I was at this morning. Someone who had met you at a sale you were part of. Mom and daughter are so cute! xoxo

  26. it's absolutely perfect! the chippier the better! congrats! i know you will arrange and rearrange for the ages!

  27. Oh, Debra, that is a wonderful piece!! I am so glad you got it and already have it installed into your home. I love your dishes in it. I, too, am a dishaholic! My favorite piece of furniture is an antique iron bed in my guest room. I hope you have a weekend full of fun and laughter, dear friend! Vicki

  28. Hi Debra, give me your email address and I will try to send a invoice your way...Hope that works..Tiina..

  29. That is the the Most Fabulous Cupboard I have ever seen ~ What a Treasure, I bet it is So Heavy ~ Love the way you have all your "Stuff" inside.... Your One Lucky Gal~
    Have a Wonderful Weekend

  30. Ooohhh that is one fabby cabby! Lol! I LOVE the way you've displayed all your plates-n-stuffs too! I almost purchased a similar one at a moving sale and I could just kick myself for passing on it! Oh well tomorrow is always another day! *winks* Vanna

  31. absolutely gorgeous- lucky girl you are!

  32. Oh Debra,
    That cabinet is so amazing, how delightful for you!!! Oh my what a statement piece, you must be over the top excited. I am so happy its here and you are smiling when you see it. So nice to hear from you always.

    Have a terrific weekend

  33. This piece is gorgeous! I just love the chippy paint. Have a great weekend!


  34. Debra, Sorry its been a while since I visited your blog. I was under the weather too. Really makes you appreciate being well again. Love ,Love the cupboard. Would love all those goodies in my shop.What did you end up putting in the drawers? I love the old drawer pulls too. I have reproduction ones in my kitchen.If I wasn't so far away. I would love to come to one of your shows. XO Chrisy's Cottage