Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Well, because it's White Wednesday and I have something sooo fabulous to show you:)

                                                                                            Photo by Suzy

This gorgeous pink and white millinery hat just took my breath away. Yes, sad but true, hats will do it to me;)
Click on it to see just how beautiful it is. Just jam packed with gorgeousness! AND it was made in Paris!
I was in the kitchen and kept smelling this wonderful scent but couldn't find it. lol, It was these lillies! When I bought them they were closed up. Beautiful and they make the whole kitchen smell like Easter. I need to get some of these for the garden as soon as I find out what kind they are. Does anyone know?
 OK HERE IS THE FABULOUSNESS I was talking about.  WOODEN LOCKERS!!! They came out of an old School house. I have been looking for  metal lockers for a while now but haven't found any that spoke to me. Well, these yelled to me from across the flea market field. They have a little shelf in the top each one and and small hooks for coats and hats. They are white and chippy. I can imagine little children putting their tiny books, pencils and coats in them. Aren't they great? Have you ever seen wooden ones before? I think once I clean them up they are going into the first floor foyer. I'll post to show you how they look when I do. Right now they are in the middle of my library so I need a plan asap;)
 AND look at the gorgeous Wedding Gown! I wish I had a gown like this when I got married. It is so fluffy and wonderful. It even came with extra buttons. And for $10.00 I had to bring it home;) Also brought home my weekly flowers. My favorite flower guys won't be back until next Spring. I'll miss their sunny personalities  and their happy flowers:)
Old hinges and even a lock for tiny fingers.
 Love how the black is coming through on this locker.
Now don't forget to head on over to Kathleen at Faded*Charm for more White Wednesday. She has the best White Wednesday bloggers. I am  going to head over to visit with you too:)
'Till next time............
~Debra XXX
I just had to share this you all of you who like to burn candles. Have you tried Better Homes and Gardens Scented Wax cubes from Walmart???? $2.00 and the yummiest scents ever.
I dropped a bag of radishes and the dogs quickly ate as many as they could get a hold of. Well, lets just say I'm burnin' candles, incense and wax cubes. And they will NOT be sleeping in my room tonight;)


  1. I want those lockers!! What a great score! They will look fabulous just about anywhere. I have room in my kitchen!! ;-)

    The wedding dress is gorgeous. I love how the light is hitting it just so. Beautiful. And only $10.00. Wow!

    Very funny story about the dogs...I've been down that road!


  2. I don't think I've ever seen wooden lockers!!! What a find!! Those are certainly FABULOUS!!

    Love the Paris hat too!!

  3. White Wednesday on Tuesday? That makes me smile too! You picked up some nice stuff!

  4. Hey I was just coming over to comment on your previous post and you already popped up another one....crazy girl. haha
    LOve those lockers and to find them wooden is even better!...the flea GODs must watch over you!!!

  5. To funny about the dogs! :) The lockers are fabulous! I love all the crusty goodness!

  6. What wonderful white Wednesday finds. I especially love the hat. Gorgeous photographs.

  7. Whoa doggies! Not sure I'd be lighting matches after that little episode.

    Wood lockers? Never seem them but now am lusting after them!


  8. Debra
    What a FIND with those lockers!!! They are so unique. I'm sure that you will have such fun with them. Thanks for always leaving such warmth on my blog. xoxo Kate

  9. That French Millinery Hat... F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!!! *me swooning* I also adore the dress and I don't believe I've ever seen wooden lockers so that was quite an unusual and fab 'score'!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  10. You funny girl...and those poor, poor dogs.
    I can't believe those amazing lockers. Never have I ever seen wooden ones before! You always find the great stuff Debra.
    I love the wedding gown, can I borrow it next time I decide to get married???LOL!
    hugs yo you...

  11. first...i didn't know dogs liked radishes. that is sooo funny!!!
    second....oh my gosh...that wedding dress is wayyyyyy too sweet! the lockers are bad to the bone and that hat is PHAT.
    i can barely see glimpses of your library in the background. i'm so nosy. i just love your house, so i am always trying to see around stuff so i can drool. hahaha.
    thanks for sharing the wax cube tip. awesome post.

  12. Oh. My. Gawd. . . .


    Did you get them at the E.T.??? Weather was iffy so I didn't go * boooooooo!

    GORGEOUS!!! :)

  13. Wonderful photos of your latest treasures! NICE tip on the candles too;)

  14. I am crazy for those wooden lockers! Can totally relate to the dog story. I have Bassets that swarm the kitchen and just stare at the floor while I cook. They don't realize I drop the food. They think it magically appears in that room. lol

  15. Lucky you...finding those beautiful old schoolhouse lockers! I am one of your newest followers!

  16. Such gorgeous, gorgeous finds! ADORE the lockers, can I just say how jealous I am?? XX!

  17. The wooden lockers are fabulous! A real find! I can honestly say I never even thought they made them out of wood... imagine the person who crafted them so long ago... now there's a story! Going to be following along (I'm looking forward to seeing these lockers all cleaned up and placed in your foyer!)

  18. Who would have thought lockers could look so good????

  19. Those lockers are a great find! I like them just as they are. Happy WW!


  20. The lockers, the dress, too fabulous, but LOL the dogs, the radishes!

    I too have pooches with odoriferous issues that can clear a room in seconds. The hilarious part is when the "sound" occurs they jump up and look behind them startled and searching for the offending party.

    Hey, it's cheap entertainment....


  21. Those lockers are AMAZING! What a great score. So happy you stopped by my place. Happy to have met you ladies.

  22. Hi Debra
    Thank you so much for visiting over at my place :-)
    Love those wooden lockers - awesome
    ~ Tina

  23. I love the lockers also. Wood? Never seen them in Ny! Great find Girl! Can't wait to see the finished look. Hugs, Liz

  24. What great lockers! They don't make them like they used to.

  25. Those lockers are wonderful and I love how you softenend them with the wedding dress! Happy WW!

  26. I have never seen them but I do love them. I am visiting from Faded Charm!

  27. I can't pick a fave...everything is just 2DIE4!! Wonderful treasures, lucky girl! Thank you so much for the visit and the sweet comment!!!

  28. LOVED all your beautiful finds...AND I WAS laughing out loud....(the radishes..) OH MY Goodness...shriek!!! Yeah...no furbabies sleeping with you tonite... Thanks for telling about the wax cubes...I'll have to try them...but hopefully not for the same reason you were using them...My three dogs can get into some messes too...believe me!!

  29. Oh Man Debra ~ First of all ...hahahahaha about the radishes ~ poor puppies. I will definately be gettin' me some of those cubes. Chesca has been pungent lately. Now - those locker, what a find. How big is your bathroom? Im thinking open door in center for pretty vignette ~ towel storage ~ fluffy white robes. Too pretty. Have a wonderful Halloween weekend my friend. Dee XO

  30. It might be dirty but those lockers are gorgeous! Enjoy the weekend ahead, Kellie xx

  31. Wow! I've never seen wooden lockers before. I love them.....what a find! And the patina is so perfect.

    Enjoy them.


  32. Hi Debra, no wonder u were smiling so big. Love those lockers and the old hat. I got a burner and "Pumpkin Pie" scented wax fro BH&G at Walmart is wonderful. It's just like Scentsy but cheaper! judy

  33. Wow! Those lockers are amazing! I have never seen wooden lockers before either.

    I love your blog and am your newest follower :)

  34. The light hitting the gown is magnificent! xox Alexandra