Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Happy White Wednesday Everyone! (I am a little early, I know;)
I am joining Kathleen over at Faded Charm Blog today. Be sure to check her out and find more inspiration.

 We are fortunate to have Chestnut beams throughout the barn. This beam is over the sink. I collected some pretty vintage jars, married them with bottle stoppers and placed them in the kitchen. A very easy inexpensive way to decorate any windowsill. This carved angel was only $5.00! Isn't she great?
 I love white vases and buy them when I see them. I get my flowers every week from 'My favorite flower guys' Joe and his Dad. I enjoy picking from a great selection of flowers  and then deciding on which vases I will use for different places in the house.
 I bought these great vintage patina house shutters. I love the different shades of green and blue. Don was sweet enough to take off the pantry door and replace it with these. I attached some pretty lace at the bottom with Velcro. Velcro is great because I can just take off the lace to wash it when I need to. It also adds some charm to the doors, don't you think? Oh, and there is my 'white' ruffly apron hanging besides it.
 A vintage vase filled with dried flowers along with a vase with a glass ornament placed on top. Some ornaments are just too pretty to put away. I enjoy some of the more unusual ones all year long:)
 I found two of these screen cones at the flea market. I decorated it with vintage lace and millinery flowers. I I put some light green flowers inside to dry. Love the look. I am going to make one for our boutique soon. (Enlarge it for a better look)
 This is just the cutest little drying rack. It is only about 14". Being so small I was able to attach it to a beam in the kitchen to display some of my vintage doilies.
 This is a new line of lamp shades that we will be making for Maisonstgermain.com. They are all different and made of vintage lace and gorgeous millinery flowers. We are STILL working on our new boutique site and hope to finish SOON. It is really a lot of work changing over hosts. I am sure those of you who are on line know exactly what I mean;) But so worth it as it is a passion of ours.
            The light looks so pretty through all of this lace!
                                                       So Romantic.

And last but not least, some white flowers wrapped in linen, tied with jute and place inside of a wire basket to hang on my mantel.

Now I am heading over to your White Wednesday Blogs. I am always inspired by them as you are all so creative:)
'Till next time.....
~Debra XXX


  1. I'm with you, I too like white vases. They make such a statment when all together. I've actually have started to let go of a few but I still have a collection going.
    Happy White Wednesday!

  2. Your angel is unique and I love your collection of bottles and stoppers

  3. Oh Debra
    I am so in love with the angel and those wood beams!!! The bottle collection is gorgeous. I love old bottles and stuff like that:) Have a beautiful WW my friend.


  4. Oh my gosh--everything is so pretty, but I want that carved angel. What a deal!

  5. Such a gorgeous WW post! Love it all!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  6. Oh so Pretty...most especially your Angel. She is just lovely.
    So glad you stopped by for a visit.


  7. Debra, What a beautiful post. I like all of it. The vintage bottles with stoppers are beautiful. I'm off to explore more of your blog!

  8. Love all your pretties!!! Thanks for sharing all the great finds and the inspired fix-ups!
    Awesome...hugs to you and the doggies.

  9. I can't even pick a favorite photo, I love it all! Theresa xoxo

  10. I do believe the shutters are the best ever! Love them! ~Mindy

  11. I love those lampshades! They look so romantic...but everything you posted does! Marcia

  12. debra, i love this post... fabulous whites! You are so lucky to have those beams! I've always wanted a home with exposed beams (or a barn)...thank you for visiting my blog. :)mercedes

  13. very pretty things, I love all your white vases

  14. I Love all your white vases! We have a weakness for vintage pottery over here :) Thanks for shareing!

    ~xoxo The gals at Everlasting Blooms

  15. Debra, I don't even know where to start here. I have gone back and read the posts that I have missed...and have determined that I am in love with your home! When I saw that pretty chair that you have placed in your guest room and that sweet little nursery, I knew I would love it there.
    And this post...well, just so much beauty. I love how you wrapped the flowers in linen. Can I use this idea here in my house? I love it. And then the bottles and carved angel on the beam is wonderful. The thing I love the most (okay, I love it ALL the most) are the shutters you put on your pantry in place of the doors. That is genius!
    Debra your home is just as lovely as you are, and it reflects your spirit perfectly!

  16. The lampshade covers are so pretty and I love the way you have used vintage laces and doilies.

    The shutter doors are fantastic. I love them.

    I like everthing you have shown us today. The cones of flowers really is the prettiest ever!


  17. LOVE your Angel shelf and Bottle collection. I too have a collection of White Vases, so versatile and beautiful in their simplicity. The doily lampshade is a great idea... I have a ton of old doilies and have been so inspired by how others are using theirs to repurpose into clothing and decor. Future projects are now envisioned for my old doily collection! *smiles*
    Thanks for your kind words to my Blog post today... I finally motivated myself to work on some Art and it actually alleviated some of the stiffness in my hands and creating ALWAYS makes me feel SO good!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  18. grrrrrrrrrrllllllllll.......... i am drooling over your screen cone!! That is just BEEEEEAUTIFUL the way you fixed it up! Love the lace!

    And the white vases... and the wire basket on your mantle... augh!

    ;-D robelyn

  19. Oh Debra just adore that painted door. The lace really is a nice touch. The lace lampshade creation is wonderful.....I'm sure you'll sell a ton in the shop.
    Hope you and Don have a great weekend,

  20. Hi Debra ~ Having seen all your white vases in person, I can honestly say you have an amazing collection and they are so perfect in your gorgeous home. Im very late here - but Happy WW anyway!!!