Monday, October 25, 2010


Hello Everyone:)
Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Ours was great. For one, our doors are back on the house!!!!(see last post lol). We went to a Halloween party which gets better every year. And we did the markets. You know I love my markets. Wait until you see what I found!!!!!!Next post:)
I have had requests to see more of the rooms in our house. Thank you for that:)  As many of you know, we live in a 1700's barn, fun, fun, fun, to decorate. And decorating is my passion, so I am deeply flattered that you are interested. You may want to grab a cuppa as this post is a little long, a mini book;) I hope you get inspired:) Click to enlarge photos. So..........
Welcome to the library...

The floor plan to the barn is of course open, but this is the first room you see when you enter. That is not a dining room table, it is my library table. I was given an old door to make it. I painted it "that green" and explained to Don what I wanted and he made this fabulous table. HE is the best:) We topped it off with vintage photos and glass to cover it. It is a great place when I am doing paperwork.  I have eight chairs that I have tied a cream colored tulle around. The chairs are all different and I paid $5.00 or less for each of them. So you see, this is a do able project and it doesn't have to be as large as a door you can do the same with a shutter too. How cool would that be?
We have an old fashioned feed and lumber store in town. I just love the place. Upstairs is where they sell tag sale things. I bought this wonderful, already white, table there. But I love layers and linens so I layered it.  Love the look. The large wooden bowl is full of twine, white and brown that I am always refilling because there is always a need for me to use it.
It is always nice to have a cozy warm fire to sit by.  Here again I have layered mirrors and my whites in front of that. The candle holder at the bottom is from a Church a reminder of Catholic school. Everything  here is from my treasure hunting at markets and tag sales.  Love it....................

This little settee is from an Antique shop. I covered it and just love it. But it needed something else so I draped an antique tablecloth over it and some cushy pillows. Perfect:)

Don and I and some friends stayed overnight at an old Inn here is CT one weekend and I fell in love with their red walls. The day we came home I was at the paint store buying red paint for the library. Paint is not expensive and really makes a statement. It is a great back drop for more books. Have I told you how much I LOVE BOOKS!!!!!!!I love the way they look, feel and smell:) I read and reread them all of the time. There isn't many nights you won't find me reading or drawing. Such a wealth of information. So much inspiration and knowledge just waiting to be enjoyed and absorbed. Fabulous!!!
Most of the photos are of my family. I cherish all of them:) I love the patina silver gets and kept finding these great coffee pots, etc.  I like how they look with the photos and red walls. Sometimes I will take about 5 of them and put put them in the kitchen farm table and fill them with flowers. I like to use the old things I buy.

Here is one of my cozy sofas. It actually has a white slipcover on but again with the layers. I love to see the beauty of handmade crochet pieces, don't you? The pillows, I made. They were some of the ones I sold on More books and fresh flowers finish off the table.

This chair I have to say is one of my favorites! I got it for free. I posted before and after photos of it in the past. I painted it,recovered it in a nubby fabric and then added vintage lace. I stuffed the seat extra and it is so comfy. I layered it with a vintage tablecloth and some of my handmade pillows. Since I have never taken a class to recover furniture, and I am always finding something to recover, I am happy with the results. I love a challenge!!!!!!!....and a free chair;)
OK, so what does someone do when they have a ton of books, in book cases, on the floor besides chairs, stacked everywhere......they buy another table for them of course:) I mean after all this is my library, right?
I hope you have enjoyed this little tour today. I loved having you over:) Stay tuned for more rooms...

'Till next time........................
~Debra XXX


  1. AWESOME visit...woohoo..enjoyed the tour...thanks for sharing all your pretties and finds. Loved it. Loving that red as much as YOU! Hi puppies!! Have a great day...HUGS>.

  2. What a beautiful tour!!!! I loved every bit of it. Have a wonderful week Debra!


  3. What can I say but....beautiful! I thoroughly enjoyed every photo! I LOVE books too so it's a joy to see a room crammed full of them. Really beautifully done - love the layering. Although I don't use lace, crochet etc in my home I think I probably would if it was just me! I love that look. Anyway, absolutely gorgeous and worthy of a real book!


  4. What a beautiful library. I love that you are surrounded by your books, with a crackling fire, and a cozy chair, it doesn't get much better. Have a great week.

  5. Debra & Nicole, Thanks for the tour. You must hate to ever leave your home. The library is wonderful! Love all the rooms!! ~judy~

  6. I'm in love with your library!
    Its beautiful..Love the layering! Its looks soooo cozy...just like a library should!

  7. I loved this tour.....I see that you subscribe to the "more is more school of thought" (O:(O I do as well .... now find as I am of a certain age....with all my "stuff" i can never seem to find anything or remember where i put anything....ALAS....I'm going to begin my downsizing project..........soon.....not saying how soon.....but soon!!! LOL



  8. good gravy woman... i'm SO moving in...

    seriously - just make room for me now. LOL

    ;-D robelyn


    Debra, you have got quite a knack for pulling it all together. . . . . it's a gift, I tell ya!!

    BEAUTIMOUS!!!!! Can't wait to see more rooms :)

    xo P

  10. I was looking at your post early and was interrupted!! Now, I'm back. Oh,I just want to jump right into your photos and see first hand the beauty and loveliness of your home. You really know how to create lovely vingettes and make everything so comfortable and welcoming.
    Books everywhere!!! I love it and all your lovely laces and vintage linens....of my!


  11. OMGoodness! What a wonderful room! Thank you so much for sharing! I wanna see more now!

  12. That bookcase is stunning and perfect mixed with the table and chairs.
    I would love to have a candle altar. I just keep missing them by "this much" when I see one!
    Poe would be proud of your library.

  13. Fabulous! I love your decor.

  14. You know something, your home is just like a beautiful dream!
    So lovely. :-)


  15. That is a beautiful room with all your treasures! And the pieace on the large table is a great find. I luv the tour of that room. Thanks for stopping by today....Julian

  16. Wow!! What a great room. I adore all of your books! Love the round table stacked with other accessories. Thank you for swinging in to say hello, so I could come find your great blog..
    hugs ~lynne~

  17. Love the feminine sashes on the chairs. Great idea ~ xox Alexandra

  18. Oh how I would love to have a library like yours! I could spend the whole day in there, that's the only room I would need. I love it!
    Hugs, Cindy

  19. Now THIS is my idea of heaven here on earth!! Truly stunning! Can't wait to see more pictures soon!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents