Sunday, October 10, 2010


Hello Everyone:)

How was  your weekend? Ours was great. The weather here in New England is crisp now and the leaves are turning lovely shades. There is nothing like Fall in New England. Beautiful foliage, apple picking and lots of pumpkins and gourds. And the air smells so yummy.

Some of the flea markets only have about another month to go. We went to two of them this weekend and boy did I score:) We woke up early and it was still dark.I wanted to share with you what I found.

 I bought 4 of these wagon wheels. I don't know what it is about them, but I just love them.
                                    This very loved bird house complete with a nest inside came home with me.
                                                       It is a little white barn.
 OK, THIS is the best deal of the weekend!!!!!! I know you have seen  some of my vintage dress forms before but I have  found another unique one. Well, it is unique to me.

 LOOK, she has a butt!!! Have you ever seen one like this? The gentleman who sold it to me said it was used to make fitted skirts. I just love it.
 It is complete with the cage at the bottom and the peddle to raise and lower it. Now I have to find the perfect place to put her:)

 My favorite flower guys were there selling gorgeous flowers as always. Just look at these roses. I wish you could smell them. My granddaughter told me that they were delicious:) I will smile every morning when I come down stairs  and see them. I really miss the guys during the winter. Their personalities are are so cheerful, they really make my day:)
 This great ironstone pot is another find. It is perfect for my weekly flowers. Love the handle.

 These two silver crumb catchers were too pretty to pass up. They have lots of detail.
 Sorry, this photo is turned the wrong way. But these brushes are also a favorite find. They are old large wallpaper brushes. Again, I don't know why I love brushes so much, I just do;) I have never seen little brown shoes like this, usually white so I brought them home too.

 Have you ever seen these pin cushion dolls? They are soooo pretty. She will sit on the shelf with my other 5 girls.
 Again with the sideways photo:(  The is a very old wall pocket. I think I will fill it with cuttings of ivy.
An ironstone pot, old clock, mirror, and millinery flowered hat. I have collected different hand mirrors for a while now. I am planning on hanging them all on a wall. I want to re-wallpaper the one wall in my bathroom
and then I will hang them.

As you can see, it was a very successful weekend:) Now I have to find fabulous places to display everything. That is something I totally enjoy. It is a good thing that I have my trusty cart to hall everything to the truck;)

What did you do this weekend????? I would love to know:)

'Till next time......
~Debra XXX


  1. Hi Debra,
    I love all of your vintage finds. The mannequin is too cute! I can't imagine being lucky enough to find all of these lovely treasures!


  2. Ok I'm completely jealous...I love that dressform! no really I'm happy for you. I did no fleaing at all this weekend but I did enjoy the weather while working....oh and we did sit at on the beach wall for a few minutes watching the sun go down....that was fun!

  3. Hello Debra, You found some great treasures! And I do luv the vintage bird house that is a cute one indeed. Have a good week....Julian

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Debra... I'm drooling over your dress form, she is magnificent and aged to perfection... and the butt, I agree, that is a rare form find... I think most of my forms are buttless *wink*. The other finds are delightful too and the color of your Roses is perfect for this Season.

    Looks like your weekend was as fab as mine, I too went Treasure Hunting and came back with some scores that put me in 7th Heaven.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. Debra, wish I lived where u do. Such unique things. That dressform with "Butt" included, is something I have never seen. Cool Finds!!! u must be estatic. Thanks for the entertainment. ~judy~

  6. Great Finds! Love your dress form. I have one similar, but, I've never seen one with a bootie before! Thank you for your sweet comment!
    Have a lovely day! Cheryl :)

  7. Never seen a mannequin with a butt! How cute!

  8. Yes it was an absolutely gorgeous weekend in New England!! Love all your treasures...especially the mannequin!

  9. I love the doll pin cushion! It's so adorable! I just hope nobody is feeling the poke when you leave your pins on it. Kellie xx

  10. OMG, did you ever find some great stuff.
    I love the wagon wheels, so cool!
    The dress form, amazing, it's just like mine.
    Yay for you.
    I wish it was crisp and cool here.
    Not yet!!
    It's almost the weekend again.
    Have a happy one.

  11. Hi Debra ~ Schwing!!! What a haul. Everything is so great - but that curvy dress form ooh la la. Its raining today and I missed my flea - I hope I get to one this weekend. Im feeling the winter withdrawals already.

  12. how funny...your form has a butt. that is so funny.
    she is a looker!! they would have needed a much bigger form and butt to make me a fitted skirt. haha.
    everything is so lovely that you found. i love the pin cushion. i would love a home tour of your living room and dining room. is that where you took the photo of your new girl? very fun!!
    enjoy the leaves and the cool air.
    take care