Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hello Everyone!!! Gosh I have missed you all! Thank you for the get well wishes. You are so sweet:) And HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY to you too! I am cooking corned beef as I type this. I told Don that the later he is coming home, the less corned beef there will be;) I have a feeling he will be home early tonight.

This is my White Wednesday photo this week. Yes, only one.  I picked up this very cool vintage pie safe.  It has a door that slides open and closed and holds our yummy baked goods. I have never seen one of these, have you?

Now you all know how much I love silver plated trays, sugar bowls, creamers....I use them for so many things in all of my rooms. They are just so versatile. We just got a 'lot' of them in and boy are they pretty. We have a showing coming up and we will be bringing them (unless you see something you can't live without, just let me know). Here are a few samples.

This one is engraved. This would make a great pencil holder on a desk.

I would put some Spring flowers in this one. Spring starts on Saturday and my garden is starting to show it.

This is a small butter/cheese set. But I would put chocolates in it and put it by my bed or in my guestroom for visitors.

Cotton ball holder

Q-tip, or makeup brush holder.

I love this one with the initial. A single rose is all it needs. 
We also have some new vintage linens too for the show that I am washing right now. What we don't sell will be put on  Doing the shows is a lot of work for one day but it always looks so pretty when we are done setting up.  This show we will be doing a Spring color theme so it should be pretty and cheerful.

On another note Nicole has started her own blog - see my side bar.  Stop by won't you and show her some love:) I talk about how fabulous you all are and she wanted in on the fun.

I am on my way over to see your blogs now.  Don't forget to visit Kathleen at Faded Charm for more White Wednesday.

'Till next time...


  1. ...ooohhhh, love all the silver and white crinkle shreds!!! xo

  2. Your pie safe is awesome. I have know idea what was done with them or what to do with one now, but it is cool looking!!

    I also like all of your silver plate. I love it also, as receptacles for all sorts of things, some of which you suggested.

    Enjoy your corned beef tonight. We had ours Sunday.

    Happy St. Paddy's Day! :-)


  3. love the detailed engraving work on the last piece!

  4. that little pie safe is too cute! and your silver-plated pieces are fabulous! can't wait to hear more about your show!

  5. That pie safe is great!!!...but I LUV the silver, I have it everywhere too :)

  6. My favs are the pie holder and the cheese holder.. I love anything domed..

  7. Debra,
    I sooo love the pie holder its too darling. The silver pieces are so elegant and full of charm. I can't imagine a day without stuff like this. Have a wonderful week and I bet you are still enjoying that amazing cabinet in your kitchen:)


  8. I love that pie safe! I've just started buying silver and I'm zoned into it everywhere I go now. Corned Beef...yum! I bought one and didn't get it made yet...maybe tonight.


  9. H Debra,
    Glad your back and feeling better! Your photos are wonderful. The details really pop off the page.
    You put a lot of effort to making your booth look good but it pays off I'm sure. WIsh i could go.
    I'll be over to visit Nicole...just ran inside for a minute!!! haha


  10. So glad you are feeling better, that sounded tuff. Love all your silver! Can't beat it... I especially love the initialed ones.

  11. that pie safe is sooooo cute and love all your silver-plated pretties. the butter/cheese set is my fave: I'd certainly have the perfect place in my home for it!

  12. That pie safe is darling, I love it! And all your awesome silver, too. :-)

    Have a fabulous Friday!

  13. Debra you have some awesome tarnish going on here. I love this silver! And that pie safe is to die for! I'm so glad you are feeling better...good enough to eat corned beef!
    I gotta go see Nicole now

  14. Lovin your designs and the pie safe is way COOL

  15. Hi There! Glad to see that your back. And that is a great post of vintage silver. I never had thought of useing them for cottonballs or q-tips. Thank's for the great idea. Mom will like that. Have a good weekend, Julian

  16. Love your silver!!

    Thanks for coming by for a visit.

    Off to see more.

    Blessings on your day

    barbara jean

  17. Hi Debra ~ Im so glad your feeling better. I love that pie safe ~ I think one of those will be on my Brimfield Wish List this year. Im going to hop over to Nicoles now. So glad you are back ~ we missed you.

  18. Okay, I am dying for the pie safe....I am thinking of all the things I would do with it... fold up my linen napkins and store them in them and set it on the counter...fold up my flour dish towels in there on the counter, use it as a spice rack - next to my vintage stove...hold all my French soaps next to my tub, a great place to stash all the vintage perfume bottles I wish I still had when I sold them in my store, a fruit bin for the counter, a make-up bin, a place for my nail polish, oh, yeah, I guess I could put pies in there, but that wouldn't be too practical since I like key lime pie your set up...thanks for sharing.

    Elizabeth :-)