Monday, March 29, 2010


Have you ever regifted?  I haven't...until now.  Remember Don had given me a calendar of Basset Hounds, ( I had lost my Barklee a few months before) for Christmas with  a note saying to find another one who touched my heart?  Well, I was so touched and thought that was one of the most sweetest gifts he could give me. I really miss my 'B'.

Then I began to think about it.  We used to have a  long haired Sheperd that Don just loved. His name was Remy. He still mentions him from time to time. Sooooooo I decided to regift my Christmas gift. It was the only logical thing to do. I did some research and actually found a breeder here in CT. We had many, many conversations. Finally she decided to give it a go.

Fergie was just giddy with excitement. She waited and waited with anticipation of her new baby brother to arrive. She has been waiting for about 10 weeks now. The breeder wanted to make sure we were qualified to be the owners of the new pup so she came to our home. She  was happy by what she saw:)

 I would like to introduce you to 'Dante'. The newest addition to our menagerie. Just look at those paws! We met his father, he is a giant. Dante is a long haired German Sheperd and will be very large too:)

Aren't they adorable together? He is a little ball of fluff. Fergie has been having so much fun playing with him. Our home will never be the same. And Don is very happy.
The End


  1. This is the sweetest story I have ever heard. Regifting a puppy!! Now I know that if I ever want a 3rd dog, all I need is to give my hubs a calender!!

    Your new pup is precious. I am so glad they both get along. Are you ready for 80 plus pounds of fur??!!


  2. OMG!!!Debra ~ He is adorable - yes, look at those paws. I looovveee shepherds - all kinds. My husbands sister in MD. had a HUGE ol' girl named Shotzy just like yours. Massive sweetheart of a dog, long hair and all. Best of luck with Dante ~ best re-gifted story ever!!! I can't wait to meet him.

    Dee xoxo

  3. I think it is so sweet that you did this for your husband. I love shepards, we have had two in our thirty-seven year marriage. They were actually our first son's dogs, but I loved them so much. You are going to have such fun with this pup.

  4. Oh, how adorable! Can't resist a little fuzzy face.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  5. I am in Love!!!!! What a face!!! oh how I wish I could smell that puppy breath!! My favorite endorphin producing scent.. My parents used to breed Shepherds...I love the, loyal and loving..You are so Lucky!!!

  6. Oh my gosh they are so sweet together, that was so wonderful of you to get the puupy for your husband, Dante is precious!

  7. What cute pups! I bet the little one is a hand full. So cute they both are. Have a good Easter...Julian

  8. are right! Your home will never be the same again....just better. He is adorable. I think big dogs are the sweetest little pups. I remember when our Ben, a golden retriever, was a pup. It was just like holding a baby in your arms. I love Fergie too. What a sweetie xoxo

    P.S. I could not get to you blog or website thru the comments section. Have you changed settings?

  9. what a totally adorable little puppy!! They do look so cute together! Sorry to hear about your bassett hound. My dad always had bassett hounds & lost his last one a few years ago. They at one time had puppies...12 little bassett puppies! Can you imagine how cute???

    Thanks so much for stopping by & leaving such a nice comment regarding our bedroom makeover! It was a lot of fun & we are really happy with it!

    Take care & enjoy that puppy!


  10. Oh friend......there is nothing as great as a new puppy!!!! Well, maybe a new grandchild...but that is another story.

    Good for you!!!



  11. we have a miniature english BD in our family, too

    gotta love em to death!!!

    sounds like a happy home
    I loved our chat earlier

  12. How adorable! What a pair these two will make, watch out for your shoes! ;-)

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!