Friday, October 28, 2011


Hello Everyone:)

Do any of you paint? Or do you collect other peoples paintings? I am a self taught painter. Or at least I like to think I am;) lol
I do like to scour markets and tag sales for paintings done by others. Usually flowers and people speak to me.
I have many hung up on the walls like my own little art gallery. Some lean against furniture and yet there are a few on shelves.

This is one of mine. See, I told you I was self taught:) Roses are my favorite thing to paint, which is strange because when I use pastels I tend to do only portraits. Pastels I understand how to use.With paints I am still learning. I wish I had more time to practice my painting. The more you do something the better you become, right?
 This is another one of mine. Don't ask me what style I paint in. I have no idea. Do you? It may just be my own. I'd love to know.
 I fell in love with this painting of a little girl. She is so sweet, don't you think? Most of my paintings are not framed. I like them that way.
This painting of a beautiful woman, I did frame because I just happened to have a great old frame to fit her. Love the colors in it.

 This is the second picture I've ever painted. I love old cars and trucks and a photographer friend of mine gave me a picture of this old truck that he photographed, so I decided to try my hand at painting it.
 Here are a few more I have acquired. The pink roses and the white ones are mine. I believe the child is a very old painting.

I painted the top one and bought the bottom. See, I told you I like painting roses;) So what have you self taught yourself to do?

'Till next time................
~Debra xxx


  1. I love your artwork! I love roses too and yours are very beautiful.

    Hugs XX
    Moore Whimsies
    (I'm having a problem posting)

  2. Those are beautiful paintings of roses! Me and my husband like to collect paintings of paintings of places we've been to. We mostly can't fine painting thy we like so I taught myself to make our photos lIke painting through image editing software.


  3. Oh my are quite a wonderful self-taught artist. I both...collect and paint. I work in pastels as well....but it seems as though I can NEVER make myself take the time to do it. Kind of pathetic isn't it. I'm retired with all the time in the world....what's that about? LOL LOL



  4. Oh wow, Debra, you are so talented!! I knew your decorating was amazing--I didn't know that you paint!!!

  5. You have been hiding a great talent from us, Debra!!! You definitely HAVE IT!! I suggest you find more time to devote to are good!!


  6. You have a talent for painting. Love your style and I think I would call it the Debra style. Your truck painting is wonderful

  7. What a wonderful hobby and pastime. I envy everyone who can paint though darling daughter says everyone can - just differently. I do not believe her- I cannot, but you can!

    I love that you collect art, I would have so much fun wandering through your home exploring all the hidden treasures..

    Have a great weekend. Bundle up. Is it snow yet?

  8. I love & collect other people's paintings and I love your roses! I wish I could say I'm a self-taught painter but truth be told I can't even make a stick man stand up straight. <:-0


  9. Oh Debra,
    Your art is stunning!!! I would love to have one of your rose paintings, they are so beautiful, and that painting of the old truck, AMAZING!!!
    You should sell your work!!
    So beautiful my friend, truly!!
    Have a glorious weekend.

  10. Debra you have a wonderful talent!!! Your paintings are really beautiful! I do paint, but nothing as great as these. I used to embellish furniture when it was more in style. I never kept any I did though. Usually people would bring their pieces to me and I made a little money doing it. It was great fun, but then I found other things to take it's place. I have been itching to do more canvas painting. I have a few, but they aren't great.
    It was fun seeing more about the Debra I adore!
    hugs for the day...

  11. My gosh Debra I didn't know you painted those. You could sell those...if you could part with them.

    Ok this snow is getting to be a little much!!!
    doesn't the weather gods know I have a Halloween party to go to....haha


  12. Gorgeous artwork! I love your style, whatever you decide to call it. ; )

  13. I taught myself to paint roses by copying others but like handwriting, it seems to morf into your own style. I liked this on one..and that on another...
    I have not painted in awhile..and certainly nothing like you are capable of doing..but it works for my own needs. But yes, I still find paintings by others and treasure them.
    You are very, very talented. I like showing your blog to my family and friends.

  14. Hi Debra,
    Happy Halloween to you and Nicole--and of course, the kids!!! I just linked up for Tuesday's Bloggers' Bodega--and Wed. is my Victorian Christmas with tutorials and a giveaway. Thank you again so much for the interview, my friend--you rock!

  15. Wow, you're paintings are wonderful. I'm a self taught artist as well. I illustrated the pictures for the picture book I wrote "Picky Eater that Peter" but I feel the same about my art. I know I could improve with more time to practice. Seems to me that you don't really need improving but could have a lot of fun doing more.

  16. Lovely work!
    I think I could paint if I tried - and I love oil paintings framed and not. This is a great post -
    speaking of - SO glad you got a kick out of hubbies costume. Stop by again!
    Bonne Weekend!

    The Parisienne Farmgirl

  17. Well you are a little vixen for sure! How could you hid all that talent? They are gorgeous!ove how you have displayed them.

  18. Hi Debra,
    Oh gosh, I am so sorry about your loss of electric--this is unreal! You must have been freezing. I am so glad you have the lights and everything else back on. I just linked up to your beautiful Blogger's Bodega.

  19. Thanks for your sweet comments; your blog is wonderful!