Monday, October 17, 2011


Hey Everyone:)

How was your weekend? Mine was great. Went to the flea market, did some things around the barn and went for Chinese food at my Son Deg and Marci's house. Delicious!!!

I checked my email and guess what!!!!!

Revi from
Revisionary Life gave me an AWARD!!! She is so sweet:) If you haven't checked out her blog you are missing some fun.

Now I am supposed to list 7 things about me that you may not know. Hmmmmmm
Well, here goes...........

1.  I used to own a Pet Shop. Loved it but working 7 days a week was a killer.

2.  I witnessed the birth of my three grand daughters. Is that too much info? Nicole and I were actually able to be silly and laugh during the births. She had great Doctors who laughed along with us. But I think I can deliver the next one myself.

3.  I always have projects going on and have the messy house to prove it. Happiest when I am creating.

4.  I love chocolate peanutbutter ice cream, is there any flavor better?

5.  When I do something I am committed. I put my all into it whether it be a relationship, a project or eating chocolate peanut butter ice cream;)

6.  I am a news junkie and love listening to talk shows all day while working or cleaning my house. Love to learn what others are thinking.

7.  Don and I are getting bikes in the Spring and will be cycling together next year. Get ready for lots of funny photos. I'm already stressing about what I will wear because in this little town, bicyclists are very serious and wear those stretchy pants. You know the kind that just look like you want to drive up beside them and pinch their butts. lol Well, Don and I will not be wearing that look. It would be totally inappropriate for young children to see;)So I will be doing some research on the right look for us.

Hope I didn't bore you;0

Now the hard part.  I am supposed to pick 15 of my favorite blogs. I struggled with this so much. I finished my list and came up with 32!!!!!! It's like picking my favorite child. I can't do it. The ladies I follow are all so sweet and funny and inspirational in their own special way. I learn every day. Then there is the "What if I forget someone". Seriously, I will lose sleep over this part. I love that Revi was able to pick her favorites. She is kind and brave. I am honored and humbled and really appreciate the award. I hope she will not be upset that I just can't pick.


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`Till next time.........

~Debra xxx


  1. Congratulations for the award mon amie! :)


  2. well you are surely versatile...and kind and funny and sweet and giving and clever and talented and.....well, you know.....and a good mama and a good friend and a good cook oh goodness I just can't stop! lol

  3. Congrats on the award. You deserve it. I love learning more about you. Good luck with the biking.

  4. Congratulations on your award! Your blog is so very deserving of such an award! Have you ever tried homemade peanut butter ice cream?? It is the most unbelievable smooth ice cream and we put chocolate chips or peanut butter cups in it. It's to die for! Have fun with your new bike.