Sunday, March 6, 2011


 Hello Everyone:)

How was your weekend?
We  had a busy one.  Meet the O'Gradys, our BFF's.
 That is Michael, Sarah, Robin, Erin and me in the back. A while ago Robin called to ask if we would be interested in doing a Shamrock and Roll 5K.  I said yes right away....then I asked Don;)  He said yes too. It took place in New Haven, CT. What a beautiful city, filled with the most gorgeous buildings and history. Don't mind the horns on Michael, he always dresses like that;) lol Actually, see all of the green. People get dressed up for St. Patricks Day, some in full costume, to come out and run.
There were over 1600 entries, mostly runners, some walkers. We were walkers. It was our first 5K. Michael, Erin and Sarah ran. Don and Joe, (not pictured but Joe is the cutest 9 year old ever,) walked and ran ahead of us. When Robin and I would run to catch up to them they would run up further. Finally, we just let them go as we had lots to talk about and that was taking up valuable chatting time;) By the middle of the race it started to rain... then pour...hard. lol We were so wet. I can't wait to see what the photos look like of us crossing the line. It really was a lot of fun. Next year I am going to run it and keep Don in the dust;) Cause that's how I roll. Oh and Michael came in at 24 minutes. He's the man!

It was also Maci's 3rd Birthday this Sunday. We went over Nicole and Manny's house for cake, Red Velvet Cake. She is just so cute. (Can you tell I'm the Grammie, or Mia to Maci)She was so shy while we were singing Happy Birthday to her and didn't know to blow out the candles.
She received 1 toy for her birthday and all the rest were clothes. Her favorite thing to do ALL DAY LONG is to change into different outfits. She wears a skirt every day. Even if it means wearing it over pjs. She picks out all of her own outfits. I think we may have a little fashion designer one day:)

And for the rest of the night I kissed THESE PINK CHEEKS!!!!They are the absolute best cheeks to kiss. Fibi is 1 1/2, but thinks she is as old as her sisters:)

So, What did you do this weekend? Did you do any running or kissing of pink cheeks:)I hope it was fun whatever you did:)

'Till next time.....
~Debra xxx


  1. so glad your day was better than mine. Love the name Fibi. :D


  2. Your weekend makes me smile. Thanks for sharing. I was kissing grandchildren's cheeks too.

  3. Oh fun....sweet cheeks are the best!


  4. Oh wow, Debra, how amazing!!! And what precious little ones you have on here---how beautiful!!! (And future bloggers, I'm

  5. OH I am so jealous!!! Those little girls are SO beautiful!!! And those curls! The photo of Maci in front of her cake is just precious. I hope I have some little granddaughters like you someday in my life. Looks like you had a fantastic weekend. Audrey and I are headed out your way soon to look at a horse for her at a place called "Another Farm" in Woodbury.
    Have a great Monday.

  6. Sounds like a blast Debra. I was thinking of heading into New Haven but remembered the race and opted out. Those streets get crazy busy. Such a great big Happy 3rd to Maci. Rowans 3rd was 2 weeks ago and she just wanted to sing Happy Birthday all day. Oh to be 3 and carefree again!!!! They are beautiful.

  7. Oh your granddaughters are so adorable!! Sounds like you had a really Blessed weekend. Really like your blog!!