Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hello Everyone:)

Hope you are all having a great day! The sun just came out!!!!!!!! That makes me so happy:) You have no idea.
 I am also happy to report that Nicole, Manuel and the girls were able to move back home. They have been cleaning up from the flood and decorating as if they just moved in. Nicole is thrilled with the results and told me she hasn't felt this creative in years. Their home looks so pretty and I am going to do a post on it.
 It was fun to have them here. We shared lots of laughs and fun and even the stomach flu;) Eeeewww ..really. The girls can laugh and run around nonstop all day. I wish I could bottle up some of their energy:0
 So.... it is back to blogging.  Have you gotten your roses yet? Suzan ,of Old Grey Mare Primitives creates these beauties and they are a must. She has them in other colors too:) I am either going to put them on a top I am making or on a pillow.Hmmm... I just may have to order more....
 I purchased this fabulous sign from RU PIPER DESIGNS. Isn't it great?Now all we have to do is hang it;) They sell many different kinds of signs and other things. Don and I are going to London and Paris this year so I am hoping to see many of the places on this sign. Check them out, you'll be glad you did. I
OK.......Look at this gorgeous, to beautiful to just put on a gift, yes I am being stingy, tag!!!I am going to put this into a shadow box frame. Cindy from Whimsical Musings Magazine surprised me with it:) Look, she even put a 'D' on it!  And I love the ribbon. She is a talented artist and features artists and other lovely blogs in her on-line magazine. Stop by to see her and say Hello from me;)

Well I am off to do some things around the house now that the sun has perked me up. Hope you are enjoying the week. What have you been up to?

'Till next time.............
~Debra XXX


  1. Yep, I have gotten my felt roses too. Aren't they just so awesome. Suzan said mine were made from an old family blanket. Isn't that the best way to preserve it and recycle things?
    I love your new sign...and I'm feeling a teeny bit jealous of your up-coming trip.hehe
    I LOVE that tag! So glad that you and your family got together...sounded wonderful...all but the flu. I hope you are all better by now, because soon we will be working in our gardens and we will need all our strength for that huh? I can't wait to see more pictures of your gorgeous garden this year Debra!
    Sending hugs...

  2. I love the felt roses and I just might have to order some. Love the great sign too.


  3. I love the roses! Suzan is fabulous at all she does. I have some of her hearts. I love your new sign, too...thanks for all the links! I would hang on to that pretty tag, too. And I am so excited for you on your summer trip!! Yay!


  4. Ooh! A fun summer trip you have planned! Love Suzan's roses, Cindy's tag and your new sign. Glad Nicole and family are getting back to normal.

  5. I knew you'd love Z's roses.Happy to hear that Nicole and the family are doing well and that she's looking at the whole thing as a positive. That's your girl.....always seeing the good in everything.
    Cindy's goodies are just the things we gals love and that sign is too cool. Love his esty site....will have to go back when I have more time to shop.
    Isn't today glorious. Now if only we can get this weather later in April I'll be so grateful.


  6. It is amazing what the sun can do for your soul!! Happy to hear that your family can go home ~ glad you enjoyed their stay too!

    Love the treasures you are sharing...I must get some of those cute roses!

  7. Thank you for posting on my blog and welcoming me to blogging! How sweet! Your blog is awesome. I love all your vintage finds. I will be a regular here! Have a great weekend!

  8. Hi Debra, what lovelies you are sharing today, whenever I receive a gift tag that beautiful I end up keeping it to use in vignettes too. Thanks for stopping by... WOW you have a pair of Sconces like the ones I've been coveting in Melrose Vintage... lucky Girl!!! *jealousy rising within me, winks* I've been lusting over that pair for months but alas, don't have a Grand lying around waiting for such an indulgence. *darn LOL* If they did Layaway I'd be paying on them forever-and-a-day so I suppose I'll have to be content to photograph them and pretend... unless I receive an unexpected windfall that is... hey, if you're gonna Dream, Dream Big, right? *winks*

    Glad the Flood cleanup in going well, I can't even imagine going through something like that. Believe it or not here in the Desert they have Flood Zones and folks have been flooded if they build in those areas that are prone to Monsoon flooding. Dry Washes here can turn into raging rivers in moments during the Monsoon Season and catch people off guard. I think we skipped Spring here and went straight into Summer, it's been in the 90's all week.

    Today is our Anniversary but alas, The Man isn't well and will probably spend all day at the VA Hospital again Bless his Heart.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  9. Hi Debra, Yes, I have gotten my roses only made from a different material....old porcelain roses. :) Looks like you have been quite busy with lots going on. Love that tag and it will be beautiful in a shadow box. Have missed your visits. xo

  10. You've got some really unique pieces there! Have a great weekend!

  11. hi! The sign is just perfect. I may have to look into one of those as well... I'm having wayyyy too much fun in this Mini, but I guess you know what that's all about! Those roadsters are adorable. Thanks so much for stopping by today! -diane

  12. Hi Debra,
    Oh, I love the roses and that sign--and oh my gosh, I was so surprised to see the tag! That was so sweet of you to post it!

    I hope that things are coming together for Nicole and her family...sending hugs your way!