Friday, April 16, 2010


Do you love pillows as much as I do? Whenever I am in a store, you can usually find me looking at pillows. They are a quick way to brighten any area.

I found these beauties at Home Goods and are now my very favorite:)

     The one in the middle is from Pier 1, the other two I made.

Cheerful pillows in our bedroom. Who wouldn't wake up in a good mood with such rich color smiling at them?

I put pillows everywhere. I love to create new ones. All sizes. I tuck small ones is baskets, on shelves, layer them against larger ones. I like to experiment with different kinds of fabrics and embellish them with the unexpected.

How about you? Are you a pillow lover too?

Have a extraordinary weekend!



  1. The last picture is LOL funny!!!

    Love all the pillows. I am a pillow nut, too and want to start sewing some of my own. Currently I am in need of something with yellow for the new family room redo. Hope I can find something bright but classic.

    Hope you have a great weekend, Debra! :-)


  2. I'm a pillow freak too! I have them stacked everywhere and yet I still make more. I love your collection of pillows. They are lovely, and the ones you have! Love them!
    It is so good to come by for a visit. I have missed you.

  3. Oh, yes, I am right with you on pillows. I always say a girl can never have too many pillows. Yours are all so pretty and cheerful. I love everything about them! Have a beautiful weekend, my friend. Love and blessings, Vicki

  4. I love pillows also..soo much so i have had to stop collecting them and I only get pillow covers..earier to store folded..I also have made some...I lov eyour pillow you made! beautiful.

  5. Hi Debra and thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. It's lovely to meet you!

    Yes yes yes - I love pillows! However unlike you, I couldn't make one even if my life depended on it.. :)

    Lovely pics and such a great shot of that baby.

    Hope you are enjoying a fantastic weekend too!

    xx Charlotta

  6. Do you know how much I love that brown settee of yours? oh wow, it's just gorgeous and the pillows you've made are really yummy. I love them too. Isn't it funny how men just don't "get" our love for pillows? oh well.
    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  7. Good morning friend.....I, too, am a lover of pillows. I'm sure I have far too many.. every time we have friends over, they never can sit on my sofa until the move a truckload of the things.

    My husband just shakes his head and laughs as I tell everyone to just throw them on the floor out of the way. LOL LOL


  8. Hi Debra, Thank You for your birthday greeting. That was nice of you. I had a great time We had gone to Palm Springs for the day. Are those your featherd friends on your blog screen? I was thinking of getting two hens. I found a great hen house on Saturday. If you want to see a pic of it the photo is on a blog called She had gone to the same spring open house. She was also intrested in the hen house but did not purchase it. Have yourself a great day...Julian